Slender Man Will Not Be on Season 6 of ‘American Horror Story’

Slender Man Will Not Be on Season 6 of ‘American Horror Story’

The Slender Man internet phenomenon was originally rumored to be the theme for Season 6 of the popular FX anthology series American Horror Story, but that rumor has been shot down.

As confirmed by E! News, the Slender Man mythology and themes will have no presence in Season 6 of the show, but there are many themes that the season can still choose from.

As with every season of American Horror Story, it contains a different theme but usually brings back the same troupe of actors. There had been a rumor floating around the internet for a few weeks now that Slender Man would be that theme. As a matter of fact, some websites were actually reporting on the Slender Man theme for Season 6 as more than just a rumor, but rather as what fans should expect next season.

In an Us Weekly article, the publication referred to the Season 6 theme of AHS as something that “will likely be about Slender Man.” That article was published just yesterday.

Perez Hilton also reported today that not only could Season 6 of AHS be about Slender Man, but it could also be inserting other “urban legends that could appear.” That publication even went as far as to say that “there wasn’t any uncharted territory left” for the anthology series to focus on as a season theme. But that also couldn’t be farther from the truth.

American Horror Story has a plethora of themes and potential storylines that it can pull from besides Slender Man. If they were to simply pull out material from the film vaults, then they have over a century of that material to go with, including AHS: Castlerock, AHS: Texas, AHS: Cult, AHS: Shapeshifters, or even American Horror Story: Wolves. The sky is the limit when it comes to horror themes. Slender Man is a fairly new addition to the horror realm.

American Horror Story has been a hot topic of discussion lately, with Lady Gaga coming off a Golden Globe win for her role in the series. This marked her first major debut in a TV show, and fans were quite taken with her performance. Gaga herself has been a big name since her debut in the music industry, becoming one today’s biggest stars. She went as far as to insert herself into the fifth season of the show by getting in contact with American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy, who was instantly smitten with the idea.

Even though Slender Man will not be the theme for the season, the internet mythology will still hold close to horror fans imaginations by constantly being referenced in many different forms of social media, homemade videos, and actual crimes.

Back in May of 2014, according to the New York Daily News, two pre-teen girls led a classmate into a wooded area near their home and reportedly stabbed her 19 times with a knife. They claimed to do so in order to win the favor of the fictitious character known as the Slender Man.

The victim of that brutal Slender Man stabbing miraculously crawled out of the woods after being left to die. She was later found and taken to a nearby hospital, where she underwent six hours of surgery and has since made a recovery.

Although the Slender Man mythology led those two girls to that heinous act, the mythology of the character and his online presence has since been something of a legend. Fans of the genre have been intrigued by the creepy Slender Man, and he has shown up in various forms of popular culture, including books and short stories, most notably on Creepy Pasta.

Although there has been confirmation that Season 6 of American Horror Story will not be about Slender Man, there has been no official word yet from the series producers as to what the theme for the season will be. They do already have a theme set for the season, but it will not be announced until March.

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