There Will Definitely Be A Sequel To 'Labyrinth'

‘Labyrinth’ Sequel Will Now Happen Following David Bowie’s Death

A sequel to Labyrinth, originally starring David Bowie, will now happen. According to reports online, this will definitely be a sequel and not a remake of the classic 1986 movie.

Two years ago, The Jim Henson Co. had stated that there would not be a sequel to the movie, starring both Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. However, the company has now had a change of heart, and the new project will include Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman, once she has finished working on the script for Captain Marvel. This is positive news for many, who know that Perlman has a grasp on the fantasy world, according to Vanity Fair.

There Will Now Be A Sequel To David Bowie's 'Labyrinth'
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The main apprehension for the movie may have been linked to the fact that Labyrinth originally bombed in the box office. It only became a cult hit due to the inclusion of Bowie and his iconic songs. For many at the time, the movie took too many storylines from classic fairytales, among other complaints.

Labyrinth was also Henson’s last movie before he died. With so many now viewing it as a firm favorite, many did not want to see it ruined through a poorly planned sequel. The good news for those fans is that Henson’s daughter, Lisa, will produce the sequel, currently called Labyrinth 2: I Still Know What You Did Last Laybrinth.

At the moment, plans surrounding the Goblin King are unclear. Bowie played the role, and many will not want to see the King replaced. It is possible that the movie will pay homage to the late singer, who passed away just two weeks ago. There is also no confirmation that Connelly will reprise her role as Sarah, who originally had to go into the labyrinth after her baby brother, Toby, was stolen by the Goblin King.

There were originally talks to reboot the cult movie. It seems that too many people would be upset with that, considering Bowie cannot reprise his role. A sequel makes sense, since it can mean a new character can be created.

Some fans are worried that Perlman will not be able to deliver a smash hit, despite her excellent work on Guardians of the Galaxy. Previous 1980s movies have already been rebooted and failed, including Jem and the Holograms and Point Break, according to the Daily Mail. Sequels also tend to be poorer quality compared to their originals, which will have many Labyrinth fans apprehensive about the news.

Despite the news that there will be a sequel, there is no news on any release date or prospected time for casting and filming. The initial news is just that the movie will be a sequel rather than a reboot, and it definitely is happening.

Jennifer Connelly May Return For Sequel To 'Labyrinth'
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For those who have not seen the cult classic yet, the story surrounds a 15-year-old girl who feels the world is completely against her. Throughout the movie, she complains about how life is not fair, and even blames her baby half-brother for some of the issues. She goes as far as wishing that the Goblin King would take her brother away, but when he does, she has a change of heart. It is up to her to save her brother—and she only has until the clock strikes 13.

Along the way, she meets three companions who help her storm the Goblin City and the Castle to save her brother. In a Wizard of Oz twist, it ends up appearing all as a dream, until her companions and those she meets in the goblin world pass from the labyrinth into her own world and party in her bedroom—a party that it seems her father and stepmother cannot hear.

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