The Arcade Hotel Just For Gamers Has Opened In Amsterdam - Europe Has World's First Mecca For Gaming

The Arcade Hotel Just For Gamers Has Opened In Amsterdam – Europe Has World’s First Lodge For Gaming

Amsterdam has a hotel that’s dedicated to gamers. Called The Arcade Hotel, the establishment offers gaming consoles as one of the primary facilities that’s extended to the patrons.

Europe now has one of the first gamer-centric hotels located in Amsterdam. The Arcade Hotel, as its name suggests, is a hotel that has been designed specifically for gamers. Players of all ages, provided they are legally allowed to rent a room or accompanied by their parents, can find everything gaming related in the lodging. Interestingly, not just the new-age gamers, but those who grew up in the golden years of gaming too, can find something they like. This is because alongside modern games, the hotel also features classic gaming consoles.

The Arcade Hotel opened its doors to the public this past weekend, reported Slashgear. The opening ceremony included local gin tasting, street food and an outdoor FIFA tournament. The hotel is located in the De Pijp area, which is slightly away from the primary reason Amsterdam is famous as a tourist destination. Apart from the standard amenities one expects in a hotel, the lodge includes rooms that offer retro gaming console, which are included by default in the overall package.

Hotels across the world have never considered gaming consoles as a must-have addition to the rooms. If you are persistent and provided they have one lying around, they might allow you to rent a console, at an additional cost of course. Across the world, gaming consoles are considered as a luxury, which the hotels may extend to their patrons, but The Arcade Hotel has as many gaming consoles as it has rooms and then some. Moreover, the gaming consoles aren’t charged extra. Speaking about the establishment, the hotel’s owner Daniel Salmanovich had the following to say.

“I am remodeling this hotel into a special place for people who love gaming. I wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friend’s home.”

Besides a gaming console in each room, there’s a large lobby that allows gamers to play multi-player games and hold small tournaments. Besides a large number of handheld consoles too, the lobby hosts an impressive collection, no, library of comic books. The vast assortment of comics with an equally large genre can keep a gamer occupied in case he or she needs to take a breather from gaming and aching fingers. The library includes comics from Dark Horse, DC, and many more publishing houses.

The Arcade Hotel sits just far enough away from the cheap madness of Amsterdam’s obvious tourist spots in the up and coming De Pijp area, reported VG247. The owner promises he wants the hotel, “to become a welcome retreat for like-minded gamers looking for some familiar RnR after a day exploring the city.”

As The Arcade Hotel caters primarily to gamers, there’s no early checkout. Understanding the fact that gamers could be spending the night gaming, the hotel allows checkout at late as 1 p.m. According to Tech Spot, currently the hotel offers just about 36 rooms in single, double, twin, triple and groups of four formats. Pricing for the rooms starts at just a smidgen over $80 (75 Euro), which is certainly a lucrative offer, especially considering all the gaming gear that’s been offered at no extra charge. The cheapest room costs just 64 Euros – around $70, while the most expensive one, called the “Love Shack de luxe en Spa Bad” is all yours for 177 Euro – $192.

To book your personal gaming arena in Amsterdam, head over to the website that describes the place as:

“Thelonious Monk meets the Eames couple meets Marty McFly and they all have a drink with Captain Sparrow. Gaming, mid-century design and a lot of heart & soul under one roof.”

Cashing in on the fact that hotels have never truly cared about offering gaming consoled, the concept is much more appealing for gamers who are looking forward to meeting like-minded people.

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