Harry Styles

Party Time! Harry Styles’ Plan To Plough Kendall Jenner And Pals With Tequila At 22nd Birthday

It’s hard to believe Harry Styles is only twenty-one — the media seems to have been covering the handsome 1D star forever.

Tatler has just added Harry to their list of “important people.” The magazine’s editors would not disclose how they decided who would make the list, but encouraged readers to voice their preferences by tweeting, as reported by Sugarscape.

Harry came in at number 89 of “The Tatler List: The People Who Really Matter.”

The editors had the following to say (they even gave a shout-out to Harry’s “intimidating” fans.)

“With an army of devout (slightly intimidating) fans, four albums with One Direction and a string of celebrity girlfriends, it’s hard to believe this man about town is only 21. Likes fried food and twerking. “

It seems Harry Styles will be seeing in his 22nd year in style, and with the help of a lot of tequila.

Video has emerged of restaurateur Rande Gerber (who is also the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford) filling up Styles’ car with crates of tequila.

It seems Rande and Harry have been friends for a long time. After they were spotted dining together in Malibu (along with Harry’s mom Anne Twist and his stepfather Robin Twist), Rande helped to load Harry’s shiny black vehicle up with a very thoughtful gift: crates of tequila Harry can use to get the party started when he rings in the big two-two.

TMZ reports that Harry will celebrate his birthday this weekend at an L.A. estate. Mirror reports that Kendall Jenner has been spotted in L.A. in the last few days. It is rumored that the supermodel will attend Styles’ bash, however, it is also rumored that she has entered the relationship with the heartthrob cautiously because she “fears getting hurt.”

Perhaps Rande Gerber’s tequila will loosen the “serious” brunette beauty up, and she will relax enough to enjoy the night with the charming One Direction star.

Harry caught fans’ attention when he stepped out with Rande and co in a blue shirt that caught the blue tones in the star’s ever-changing greenish-blueish-grey eyes. Harry was also spotted wolfing down some healthy greens in Rande’s restaurant, Cafe Habana — it looks like the fit 1D star is keeping to his strict health regimen. Harry is known as the most health-conscious member of One Direction and is sometimes lightly ridiculed for his love of kale and green vegetables.

Harry has dined at the restaurant before. Fans recognized the pot-cluster wall feature in some of the shots and realized that the 1D hunk was in the same place just last January. Perhaps Cindy Crawford’s husband gives Harry a discount or some specially-prepared health food if he asks nicely.

Harry’s distinctive tattoos were on display. The photographers at Club Habana managed to get some great shots that capture all the nautical-themed tattoos on the singer’s left arm. The sailing ship above Harry’s elbow, the anchor on his wrist and the mermaid on his forearm are all captured in the following shots.

In other Harry Styles news, the One Direction star was photographed rushing across a lawn in Beverly Hills today.

Styles emerged from his vehicle and broke into a run, checking his phone as if he was expecting an important message or needed to double-check confusing directions. Perhaps the long-haired hunk is finalizing the details of his birthday bash, which will probably be held tonight. It looks like Harold has decided to secure those pesky last-minute details himself, rather than relying on the aesthetic judgement of an assistant or party-planner, who could very well pick the wrong napkins or select a table display that would make pretty Kendall wrinkle her elegant nose.

Good thinking, Harry! The hunk showed his usual unique sense of style, selecting a silky white shirt, unbuttoned to show fragments of his tattoos and stretches of his tanned chest. He finished the look with his trademark boots and skinny jeans, and let his hair flop about in the messy waves 1D fans have become accustomed to seeing.

Will Harry Styles have a happy birthday?

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]