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Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola Defends Drita D’Avanzo After Revealing Carla Facciolo’s Secret

On the latest episode of Mob Wives that aired on Wednesday night, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola let it slip that Drita D’Avanzo had told her that Carla Facciolo’s ex physically abused her. Big Ang’s revelation, which happened during a group outing with Carla, Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, and Brittany Fogarty, infuriated Carla, who took it as proof that Drita was never a good friend to her. Yet according to Big Ang, Drita didn’t tell her Carla’s secret with malicious intent.

As the scene aired, Big Ang posted a tweet in which she defended Drita. Big Ang wrote that Drita always came off as loyal and concerned when it came to Carla. Big Ang also said that Drita didn’t tell everybody Carla’s secret but rather confided in her as a friend.

Carla obviously doesn’t see it that way. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she agreed with a viewer who tweeted that Drita telling others her secret shows that she doesn’t know anything about loyalty. As for the ex who abused her, Carla tweeted that they’re actually good friends now.

It doesn’t seem as if Drita is letting Big Ang’s slip affect their friendship. As the scene of Big Ang defending Drita aired, Drita posted a tweet that encouraged Big Ang.

On Wednesday’s episode, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola met up with Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, and Brittany Fogarty for some drinks. The talk quickly turned to Drita D’Avanzo. Renee revealed that Brittany had told her a few days earlier that Drita told her that Renee was the cause of all of the problems. Karen, who earlier had an ugly confrontation with Drita over Drita calling her fake for now being friends with Carla, chimed up that “Drita’s nuts.” Carla nodded in agreement.

Big Ang, in an attempt to explain why Drita is so disturbed by the fact that Carla, Karen, and Renee are now good friends, reminded Carla that she was used to a lot of drama with Karen and Renee. Renee and Carla said that they made up and moved past their drama. Big Ang told Carla that she was very close to Drita and that Drita always stuck up for her when she had a problem. Carla disagreed, saying that she stuck up for Drita, but Drita never stuck up for her.

In her interview, Big Ang said that she always thought that Drita defended Carla. Big Ang said that when Carla was going through bad times and Karen and Renee were talking badly about her, Drita always stuck up for her.

Back at the drinks scene, Big Ang said that she remembers Drita telling her about what was going on between Carla and her boyfriend. Big Ang said that Drita felt bad. Carla said that it was her business if she wanted to be with a guy who wasn’t the best in the world.

“That beat you up,” Big Ang added.

At that moment, Carla erupted.

“Wait a second. She told you that? Beat me up?” Renee said that she heard that also. Karen said that she did too.

In her interview, Carla said that she told Drita something in confidence about an ex of hers, but Drita just turned around and told everybody her business. Carla added that every time she turns her back, she’s hearing some new thing that Drita said about her behind her back.

When Big Ang told Carla that Drita was being sincere about her, Carla shot back that Drita’s not sincere.

On the first three seasons of Mob Wives, Carla Facciolo and Drita D’Avanzo were good friends. Carla didn’t appear on the fourth season but came back on for a few scenes towards the end of the fifth season. Much to everyone’s surprise, Drita gave Carla a cold response when Carla showed up. On last week’s episode, former cast member Love Majewski claimed that Drita encouraged her to physically attack Carla, which viewers saw happen at Drita’s birthday party on the third season. So far this season, Carla is still trying to figure out the exact cause of Drita’s problem with her. Will Mob Wives viewers finally find out what happened between them? As the Inquisitr previously reported, Carla tweeted last week that she will explain more as the season progresses.

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