Convicted Killer Derrick Todd Lee

‘Killing Fields’ Suspect Convicted Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee Dies

If you are watching Killing Fields on Discovery, then you know that serial killer Derrick Todd Lee is one of the suspects they have been looking at in the murder of Eugenie Boisfontaine. Derrick Todd Lee was convicted of serial killings in the same area. Now, the Advocate is sharing that Derrick Todd Lee has passed away while in prison.

This could mean that detectives will have a harder time ever finding out who killed Eugenie. If Lee was the killer, they will never be able to get him to confess or even question him one more time, which could possibly mess up the entire case. On the flip side, there is also a good chance that people who were in jail with Derrick Todd Lee and know a lot of information will be more willing to speak out now that he has passed away.

Derrick Todd Lee was sentenced to death but was appealing this and trying to stay off death row. His death now brings this long appeal to an end. The mother of one of his victims Carrie Lynn Yoder is speaking out about how glad they are that this is over. It has been very hard on them going through the appeals during this case.

“The appeals process has been very, very hard on us. It just seemed like it was going on and on and on. It’s over, and we couldn’t be happier. Every single hearing, every single time we heard something from the district attorney in Baton Rouge, it brought everything all back. There’s no bringing out daughter back, we know that, but this is a relief that we don’t have to go see him die.”

Derrick Todd Lee passed away today and there is very little information out about what happened to him. He was linked to the death of seven different women between 1998 and 2003. Lee was also a suspect in other cases, such as the one for Eugenie Boisfontaine from Killing Fields. Lee had been at the hospital being treated, but they have not shared what he was being treated for when he died this morning. It does sound like this information may never be released due to privacy laws. Everyone is still curious about what happened to Derrick Todd Lee.

Starcasm shared all about how Derrick Todd Lee could have been the one who killed Eugenie Boisfontaine from Killing Fields. It turns out that Lee was working in the exact same area where Eugenie’s body was found. He worked there just a few days before her body showed up. Also, several men did report that they saw a man who looked like Derrick Todd Lee in the backyard of Eugenie’s house. It was described that he was prowling around in the area. Knowing that Derick Todd Lee killed several other women, it is possible that he was involved in this death as well. On the show Killing Fields, they are still trying to do whatever they can to prove who killed Eugenie and with a few episodes left maybe they found out already.

Do you believe that Derrick Todd Lee could also be responsible for the death of Eugenie Boisfontaine? Are you shocked to hear that he passed away today? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Killing Fields on Tuesday nights on Discovery. This series is showing all about two detectives working hard to solve a cold case from years ago.

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