"The Voice" wins at Critics Choice Awards.

Critics Choice Awards Honor ‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Has ‘Hissy Fit’ Over Gwen Stefani As Christina Aguilera Fumes

The Critics Choice Awards honors the best and the brightest of television and film, as well as individual accomplishments. And this year, in the category of Best Reality Show, Television Competition category, the Critics Choice Awards chose The Voice, reported In Touch.

Broadcast on NBC, The Voice has contrasted with American Idol for showcasing the exchanges among the four coaches as much as highlighting the singers competing for the honor of being named “The Voice.” Last season, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani filled the coaching chairs on The Voice, and their playful banter helped boost the profile of the reality singing competition enough to take home the Best Competition Reality Series honor at the 21st annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday.

The coaches did not attend, so the producers, Lee Metzger, Mark Burnett, and Audrey Morrissey, expressed their appreciation to the Critics Choice Awards decision makers for the honor. The last season of The Voice featured the singing talent of Jordan Smith, who won the competition, as well as the flirty fun in which Stefani and Shelton engaged, to the delight of viewers.

However, it’s Christina Aguilera, who has been a long-time coach on The Voice with an occasional season off, who will return next season rather than Blake’s girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean that the No Doubt front woman is off The Voice, according to Radar Online.

Some of the coaches plus host Carson Daly show the glitter and glamour of "The Voice," which won at the Critics Choice Awards.
Two of the coaches plus host Carson Daly and executive producer Mark Burnett show the glitter and glamour of “The Voice,” which won at the Critics Choice Awards. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Instead, Gwen will take on the role of mentor to Shelton’s team on The Voice. The arrangement that puts a rocker in the role of mentor to a team known for its country music mania may not seem to make sense, but a production insider on The Voice told Radar that the management of the show felt compelled to do so.

“Bosses working on the show were really left with no other choice,” revealed the insider.

The Voice brouhaha began when the news broke that Christina Aguilera was replacing Blake’s rocker girlfriend. The country crooner was furious.

Did the country crooner throw a "hissy fit" over "The Voice" decision to bring back Christina Aguilera instead of his girlfriend?
Did the country crooner throw a “hissy fit” over “The Voice” decision to bring back Christina Aguilera instead of his girlfriend? [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
“[He] threw a huge hissy fit,” said the production insider. “He told them that he was considering leaving if they didn’t bring her back.”

And that’s how the producers developed the plan they’re regarding as a “win-win,” added the insider. With viewers getting to enjoy seeing their hook-up getting hotter, The Voice will provide Christina with the coach chair she wanted while keeping the lovebirds happy, pointed out Radar‘s insider.

“America loves him so they came up with a plan to bring Gwen back on as a mentor on Blake’s team. It’s a win-win situation… their mentoring sessions will give fans a glimpse inside their relationship.”

Christina Aguilera Irate About ‘The Voice’

Coach Christina Aguilera, Coach Blake Shelton and Coach Adam Levine get ready for a new season of "The Voice."
Coach Christina Aguilera, Coach Blake Shelton and Coach Adam Levine get ready for a new season of “The Voice.” [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]
But how does Christina Aguilera feel about this new arrangement to have someone who was a coach re-appear as a mentor? Aguilera is furious, revealed a source cited by Radar.

Christina feels that The Voice belongs to her, and that’s why Aguilera was so adamant about returning to the show. As evidenced by the recent Critics Choice Awards honor noted above, the chemistry of the coaches on the most recent season boosted the ratings, but the producers encountered an obstacle when it came to Christina and her view on The Voice.

“Christina said that it was her show and gave a really big spiel about how she thinks that Gwen used [her romance with Shelton] to try and stay on the show,” said Radar‘s source. “Now people are dreading [the return of Aguilera].”

However, part of the dynamic of The Voice is to change coaches occasionally when it comes to which chair is filled by a female singer, pointed out the insider. And regardless of how Aguilera feels, or Shelton’s wish for his girlfriend to return as a coach and have there be five coaches, The Voice producers currently plan to maintain the status quo.

“They have been switching the female judges on and off for over three seasons now,” added the source. “It has more to do with just keeping it different by changing it up. As of right now, there are no plans to make it five judges.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]