‘GTA V’ Tips To Help Fans Become Online Crime Lords With The Recent DLC Update

After launching the last major update for Grand Theft Auto V late last year, Rockstar Games has now taken time to explain exactly what was added in the “Executives and Other Criminals” update for GTA Online.

In order to give players all the information they need to get the most out of the newest features from GTA V‘s latest free DLC offering, the developer compiled a handy list of tips and pointers for fans striving to run their own criminal organization in GTA Online as well as those who would simply prefer to earn money as hired muscle.

“Whether you’re an established magnate in need of a reliable protection detail for your empire, or an ambitious upwardly mobile employee eager to earn some hard cash no matter how dirty the work – we’ve assembled the following keys to success to help you make your mark.”

As The Inquisitr reported back in December, the “Executives and Other Criminals” DLC gave wealthy GTA Online players the ability to temporarily become crime bosses with the ability to pay other users for protection. Gamers gained access to an assortment of new free-mode challenges by taking on either the role of employer or their hired help.

“VIPs and Bodyguards are defined roles of employer and employee – who work together to succeed in VIP Work and VIP Challenges as well as escorting the VIP through the dangerous and unpredictable streets of Los Santos.”

Once their criminal organization is created, players can compete with rival gangs in limited challenge for dominance over individual GTA Online lobbies. Only six such VIP-run organizations can exist on a single map at any time.

GTA Online VIP boss
VIP players control their own crime organization in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]
Forming the backbone of every one of the these player-controlled gangs is what’s known as a VIP. Users must have more than $1 million in their in-game bank account before getting the option to become a VIP. After deciding to become a crime boss, VIP players will be allowed to give their underworld organization a name.

“As a pocket-padded VIP, you can indulge in the lap of luxury or wreak criminal havoc, safe in the knowledge that you’re in the care of experienced, well-armed bodyguards, personally selected by your good self in true executive fashion.”

According to Rockstar Games’ latest helpful tips, GTA V users can keep their VIP status for four hours. Afterwards, players will have to wait a full 12 hours before they can become a VIP again once that times runs out.

GTA Online Bodyguard player
Earn extra money in GTA Online by becoming a bodyguard for hire [Image via Rockstar Games]
Since random free-mode events will challenge gamers to take out these top dogs in GTA Online, VIP users can choose to hire up to three players to act as their personal bodyguards. After agreeing to their employment, bodyguards can receive regular payouts as time passes.

“As the Bodyguards, get paid for doing what you enjoy – exercising decisive action. By becoming a Bodyguard, you can rely on a steady, periodic salary of GTA$5,000, on top of any additional cash and RP for taking on VIP Work and VIP Challenges that happen within Freemode.”

It is in a bodyguard’s best interest to actually keep their VIP alive in GTA Online since the mercenary role exists only for the employer’s protection. As a result, the maximum amount that bodyguards can earn goes down five percent every time that their VIP is killed.

In addition to receiving cash payments in free-mode play, bodyguards also receive a portion of their VIP’s earnings while engaged in any GTA Online mission. Bodyguard’s that stay near to their VIP will also be rewarded with extra RP while on duty.

GTA Online player-owned yacht
GTA Online’s new Yachts function like apartments [Image via Rockstar Games]
Earlier this month, Rockstar Games also explained how fans can keep unwanted visitors off of their new personal yachts. A post on the developer’s official support website detailed the process for kicking unauthorized players off of the player-owned super boats. Rockstar also reminded fans that they can turn on their yacht’s automatic defenses to ensure that unwelcome users keep off their property.

The ability to play as either a VIP or Bodyguard is now live in GTA V. Which one of the new online roles do you enjoy more?

[Image via Rockstar Games]