Jodi Arias Prison Life

Jodi Arias’ Prison Life Revealed: Friend Talks About ‘Dog Cage’ Life Arias Faces Behind Bars

Jodi Arias is living behind bars, according to a friend who paid her a visit. Arias was convicted for the gruesome 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, and is serving time at Perryville Prison in Arizona.

Radar Online reports that a visitor who went to see Jodi Arias shared what he witnessed at the maximum security prison she’s serving time at. Rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams calls Arias a “little sister” and claims that the conditions she’s living in at the prison are like a “dog cage!”

Williams said he’s been to the prison “two or three times” and is sharing what he knows about how the convicted killer is doing.

Jodi Arias’ friend says her visiting days are Thursday from 7 to 10:30 a.m. She has two guards at her side whenever she goes anywhere and wears shackles. Williams says that she’s treated like a death row inmate even though wasn’t given a death sentence.

Upon a lengthy security process and surrendering all personal belongings, Williams leaves by bus that takes him to the Lumley Unit. Once there, he’s subjected to another security check and is escorted to a room with other visitors where he can have conversations through a glass wall via telephone with Jodi.

Williams expressed concern for the surroundings that he saw Jodi Arias residing in.

“When we have our conversation it is like she is being held in a dog cage,” he alleges. “It looks very inhumane. She is in a small metal cage which is like a small room when she is talking to me. Her hands aren’t cuffed but I can’t see her feet. She is in a single cage all by herself. There is a whole row of cages for the prisoners.”

Arias’ visitor claims that Arias is allowed only phone visits, but might be able to meet with people face-to-face in February. He doesn’t think this is bothering the convicted killer much. He said she’s actually gained 4 pounds since she’s been in prison.

“There is no way anyone should look this good in jail,” Williams joked.

The devoted friend went on to say that she maintains an exercise regime and wears a ponytail each time he visits her.

Jodi Arias’ prison life is good, when it comes to buying food at the commissary. Williams says that she is “well taken care of, but doesn’t have a [prison] job.” If there’s one thing that doesn’t sound bad about how Jodi lives in prison, it’s how she eats. Just last week she ate a chicken fajita dinner, Williams shares.

When it comes to socializing, Arias “has no friends,” Williams claims.

“She keeps her distance. Jodi has a lot of fan mail. She gets about 60 to 70 letters a day. She doesn’t have a lot of time to do stuff. She is still drawing. She is a busy girl,” Williams reveals.

Jodi Arias is says Alexander family are "victims," too (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin).
Jodi Arias says the Alexander family are “victims, too.” [AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin]
The rapper wrote a song and produced a video that promotes awareness of PTSD. He believes Arias suffered this after being abused by Alexander, which is an argument that the jury rejected when she was found guilty of murder. After watching the video, Arias wrote a letter stating that PTSD is more common than people realize. Williams supports this and insists “Jodi was a victim of domestic violence” and that she’s “not the monster everybody thinks she is.”

Williams pushed back at claims made by Jodi Arias’ former attorney, Kirk Nurmi. He claimed in a book he wrote that Arias treated him more like a “boyfriend” while working on her case and that she was a difficult client. Williams claims that all of these claims are “bulls***,” and that they “don’t get along.”

As Daily Mail reports, Nurmi wrote the book, Trapped, in which he claims he tried getting himself dismissed from the case several times because he was uncomfortable with his “very disturbed” client’s “inappropriate” and intimidating conduct.

What does Jodi Arias have to say about Alexander’s family? Williams reveals that she told him “the Alexander family are victims too,” and that “everybody was a victim and nobody is winning.”

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