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Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Heating Things Up, Buying House Together

Things are really heating up between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik of One Direction. It sounds like these two are getting pretty serious and they are even looking for somewhere to live together. Starcasm shared that Gigi and Zayn are on the lookout for the perfect house to buy together. Of course, Gigi and Zayn have plans to stay in New York. They have now been spotted out looking at various houses together, but it doesn’t sound like they have settled on the perfect one just yet.


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Gigi Hadid had her own place in New York City and she actually just sold it. That shows that she is going to need a new place to live and soon, so of course it should be with Zayn. Gig actually sold her $2.3 million Manhattan apartment. It was 935-square-foot and now she will be moving on to something else. Gigi only paid $1.9 million for it and even though she tried to get more out of the house, Gigi still made a profit. When she bought the apartment, Gigi used her money from her trust fund to pay for it.

There is no word yet on where Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are going to live together, but they were spotted looking at a $6.49 million apartment smack in the middle of downtown Manhattan. This sounds very nice and has a floating tub, chef’s kitchen, and more. They have actually looked at more than one place though, so who knows if Gigi and Zayn will pick this one.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik do seem to be moving in with each other pretty fast, but they are both doing great in their careers and can afford to buy another place if things don’t end up working out. Sugarscape shared that things are going really good for them and that Zayn has been giving Gigi all kinds of gifts to win her over. It isn’t like he is spending a ton of money on Gigi though. Instead it is things from the heart. A secret source shared the details about what he is doing for her with Hollywood Life.

“Zayn writes poetry for her and paints graffiti on his outdoor walls as gifts for Gigi. He’s full of surprises and being with him is always an adventure. He’s more exciting than her last boyfriends.”

Gigi Hadid dated Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson both for a while, but things just didn’t work out for either one of them. Things seem to be moving with Zayn Malik a lot faster than they did with the other two. Since Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are already trying to buy a house together, it is very obvious that they are really serious. Zayn must have found a way into her heart that the other two just couldn’t do. So far, it looks like they are the perfect match.

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Today, Gigi Hadid is busy celebrating her mom Yolanda Foster’s birthday. She sent out a very sweet message to her mom. Yolanda has been through a lot the last year with her divorce from David Foster and also with her fight with Lyme disease. Luckily, Yolanda has her daughters and son by her side helping her though it all.

What do you think of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik already looking to buy a place together? Do you think that these two are moving too fast? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Zayn and Gigi and how these two are doing. Hopefully they will share with fans that they are moving in together and what kind of home they find.

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