Anna Duggar To Attend Amy Duggar's Wedding Without Josh

Amy Duggar King Says She ‘Knew Nothing’ Of The Josh Duggar Molestation Until News Report, Calls Josh A ‘Fraud’

The Duggar cousin Amy King has spoken out on her new blog regarding the scandals that plagued her family in 2015. Amy outlines all of the things that 2015 taught her including the fact that her cousin Josh Duggar was a “fraud.” Amy reveals that despite being so close to the Duggar family and frequently spending the night in the Duggar family home, she “knew nothing” about the Josh Duggar molestation scandal until it was reported in the news. Now Amy is speaking out about the “rage” she felt as a result of the Duggar family’s dark secret and how she plans to overcome the scandals in 2016.

Amy Duggar Talks Josh Scandals
Amy Duggar King says she is closer to Anna now than ever before. [Image via Amy Duggar King/Instagram]
Amy Duggar King posted a new blog titled “Changes” to her personal blog this week revealing some of the trials she was subjected to in 2015. In the blog post, Amy discusses all of the scandals that plagued the Duggar family, including herself, in 2015 and how she dealt with the betrayal. Amy says that 2015 began with a “scandal” involving the fact that she was born out of wedlock. Amy says that she doesn’t even understand why the revelation was news as babies born in Hollywood are always celebrated whether they are born in or out of wedlock.

“A report was leaked that I was born out of wedlock (even though I really don’t understand why that made headline news but for some reason it did) In Hollywood they celebrate a new baby, regardless if they are married or not! I mean really? I can’t apologize for how I was born and I wont even try to!”

Amy says after the initial birth scandal, her boyfriend (now husband) Dillon King was in an automobile accident. The accident, according to Amy, was the result of a drunk driver and left Dillon with a broken femur. She discusses the care that was required for Dillon during his recovery months and credits that recovery with the pair’s growing relationship. Amy says that she learned more about love in those months caring for Dillon than any other time in her life.

“I learned a lot about love during those hard months. I learned that love isn’t holding hands on a beach, staring into each other’s eyes. No, love is all about thinking of someone more than you, it is a selfless act.”

Cousin Amy and Jinger Duggar
Jinger Duggar hangs out with cousin Amy King. [Image via Instagram]
It seems Dillon felt the same and asked Amy to marry him shortly after his recovery period. Amy says this would be the happiest and saddest times of her life thanks to her cousin Josh Duggar. Amy says that while she was happily preparing for her wedding to Dillon King, it was revealed that her cousin Josh Duggar had molested some of her cousins and had been unfaithful to his wife Anna Duggar. The Duggar cousin reveals that she “knew nothing” about the molestation until it hit the media.

“I knew nothing of the molestation charges, and I had no idea what the Ashley Madison site even was? I was completely shocked just like the rest of the world; the only difference was I was being fitted for my wedding dress with tears running down my face and a glass of wine in my hand as the news broke.”

Amy Duggar got asked about her pregnancy just after returning from honeymoon.
Amy Duggar on her wedding day. [Image via Amy Duggar/Twitter]
Amy says that millions of questioned flooded her mind as she experienced both sadness and rage regarding Josh Duggar’s double life. She says that Josh Duggar was a “fraud” and that she doesn’t even know the person that was revealed in the media following the many scandals. However, Amy says she went on to have a fantastic wedding and that she is now closer to Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, than ever before.

“Anna and I have gotten a lot closer this year, I’m grateful for that family love/friendship.”

What do you think about the revelation that Amy Duggar was unaware of the molestation scandal in the Duggar home prior to the media reveal? Should the Duggars have disclosed the molestation to Amy and her mother since Amy spent so much time in the Duggar home?

[Image via Instagram/Amy Duggar King/Twitter]