Mother and daughter killed in Minford, Ohio; both shot

In Small Town Of Minford, Ohio, A Mother And Daughter Are Found Shot To Death In Trailer

A mother and her teenage daughter were found shot to death in their mobile home outside Minford, Ohio, Monday, and police have no leads, no suspects, and no idea why the pair were killed.

The victims are Candace Newsome, 48, and her daughter Kristina, 16, the Columbus Dispatch reported. The deaths are being treated as a double homicide.

The mother and daughter were discovered dead by a relative. According to the Portsmouth Daily Times, an unidentified man had come upon the grisly scene on Monday morning, then went to the nearby home of a family member. That person then headed to the Newsome’s trailer.

That’s when she found Candace and Kristina, dead, and called 911 around 8:30 a.m.

“They assumed that they had been murdered,” Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said. “A preliminary investigation indicates that each one of those victims was probably shot. We can’t verify that yet, but we are in the process of doing that now.”

Both had reportedly been shot to death. Donini confirmed that the mother had been found in her bed, and the daughter was killed while attempting to run away from the scene.

WOWK reported that the mother was murdered, possibly execution style, and that the crime was possibly committed up to 12 hours before the bodies were discovered outside Minford, Ohio.

Both mother and daughter have been taken to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office for autopsies as the investigation, which will be conducted by the county sheriff with assistance from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, works to determine exactly what happened on the Blue Run Road.

“We are questioning, backtracking to see who was at the house last (Sunday) night,” Donini recounted. “We’re going to interview every one of them. We don’t have anybody that we want to name at this time.”

Mother and daughter killed in Minford, Ohio; both shot
[Photo By WOWK Screenshot]
Officials believe that they were the only two who lived in the Minford trailer, and that the girl’s father doesn’t live at the same residence. According to WSAZ, evidence suggests that the shooting wasn’t a surprise, since it appears the girl did attempt to flee before she was killed.

And local station WOWK has reported a detail that other news outlets have not corroborated, that sheriff’s deputies are reportedly quite familiar with the trailer just outside Minford, Ohio. Further, though neighbors said Mrs. Newsome was friendly to everyone, she apparently had a dark side.

Detective Dan Malone told reporters that Candace was allegedly dealing Oxycontin and Oxycodone.

Meanwhile, Kristina’s classmates at Minford High School returned to class after winter break to news that the teen had been brutally slain in her home. Neighbor Rikki Blanton said she would “help anybody” and was a “beautiful girl.”

“Immediately I thought of all the kids coming back from Christmas break,” noted Erica Parsley, whose son goes to school with Kristina. “This is something that kids at such a young age shouldn’t have to go through, the murder of a friend. It just breaks my heart for all the kids.”

Nearby, back at the crime scene in this small town in southern Ohio, Candy’s brother, Brian Keith, is full of regret. On Sunday, he heard strange noises coming from her trailer; he lives just over a hill behind her mobile home. Now, he wishes he’d done something, and is frantic following the news of his sister’s death.

“I should have went over the hill and looked. I wouldn’t care if they shot me or not. I’d have got to them. When you shoot a little kid, that’s pitiful.”

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