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‘Making A Murderer’ Defense Fund Donations Up To $3,300 For Steven Avery And Brendan Dassey [Video]

The Netflix series titled Making a Murderer hit the airwaves on December 18 with a big blast of 10 episodes in its first season, and slowly snowballed from there. Now, Making a Murderer is seemingly everywhere, with people binge-watching the Making a Murderer series and turning to the web to try and help the men at the center of Making a Murderer.

Not only did a juror from the Making a Murderer trial come forward to say they believe Making a Murderer subjects Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were framed, as reported by Today, Making a Murderer viewers are donating money to the Making a Murderer defense.

Making a Murderer has put the spotlight on Brendan Dassey and his uncle, Steven Avery. Steven and Brendan were blamed for the death of a photographer who freelanced for publications like Auto Trader. Dassey was a 17-year-old when he was charged in 2007 with the death and sexual assault of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. Teresa died on October 31, 2005. Steven was a 44-year-old when he was found guilty of Halbach’s murder.

However, the Making a Murderer documentary sheds light on the 18 years Avery served in prison for a rape that Steven was later exonerated for. Making a Murderer also casts doubt on the evidence that convicted Steven and Brendan of the sexual assault and murder of Teresa. With the lawyer Len Kachinsky’s Making A Murderer actions described as lazy and lackluster at best, Making a Murderer brings serious questions as to whether or not Avery and Dassey were framed by the police.

In heart-wrenching Making a Murderer scenes, Avery’s vial of blood evidence is shown apparently tampered with. Along with Dassey’s forced confession, the events are causing Making a Murderer viewers to seek justice. Making a Murderer makes it clear that Brendan’s understanding of his confession wasn’t clear.

As such, TMZ reports that a Making a Murderer defense fund has collected $2,100 via the website set up to help the Making a Murderer subjects. More Making a Murderer donations totaling $1,200 were sent to the Avery home.

Making a Murderer has obviously struck a chord with those who want to see justice happen, and sorting out the proper means to donate monies to the Making a Murderer investigation effort is critical.

Registered on December 28, 2015, the Making a Murderer website linked to by TMZ looks like the most legitimate means of giving to the subjects of Making a Murderer. According to the publication, the family set up the site with help from “Anonymous.” The website looks like the most thorough Making a Murderer website, because it has the entire trial transcripts.

Other sites on GoFundMe show Making a Murderer researchers collecting funds, with Daniel Luke writing that he’s given up almost everything to be in Manitowoc, Wisconsin — the location of the Making a Murderer events — to turn over all the unturned stones in Making a Murderer.

The Making a Murderer family is upset that someone else has set up fake sites to collect money, but it’s not known if this Making a Murderer site with Avery’s name is the one to which they’re referring. That Making a Murderer website sells merchandise from the Making a Murderer show.

The family of the subjects of Making a Murderer think the fake Making a Murderer websites asking for money are the reasons why donations were slowly rolling in — but now say they are seeing more Making a Murderer donations as news of the viral Making a Murderer documentary spreads.

The donations to the Making a Murderer website will help with Brendan’s legal fees, since he has a lawyer. Avery is his own lawyer. They’d like a private investigator for the case.

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