Louis Tomlinson and Johannah Poulston

Louis Tomlinson: Secret Charity Efforts Show He Is Truly Prince Charming

Louis Tomlinson has been drawing a pretty bad rap in recent weeks. Some sections of the media have accused One Direction star Louis of being a deadbeat dad, of being a habitual drunk, and of having been kicked out of a London comedy club. It has even been claimed that Louis’ band-mates ignored his birthday on Christmas Eve. Tomlinson is well used to being the subject of a host of rumors, but even Louis must feel that it is currently open season on him.

The media is always hungry for a story about Tomlinson, or indeed any member of One Direction. On the whole the stories in the past have tended to focus on who Louis may or may not be dating. There have of course been negative stories in the past. The claims that Louis and Zayn Malik were smoking pot whilst on tour and rumors about cocaine use are examples but in recent months things have taken a darker tone.

It is probably fair to say that the way Tomlinson is portrayed changed after Dan Wootton’s infamous article in the Sun back in October. One Direction fans will need no reminding of the vitriol that was thrown in Tomlinson’s direction, but here’s a summary for those who have not followed the story closely.

It is claimed that Louis and Harry Styles had a huge fall-out back in 2012 and that as a result they barely talk to each other. Wootton claims that bitterness and jealousy between Harry and Louis, combined with Tomlinson’s drug use and bad decision making led directly to One Direction deciding to take an extended break. Wootton even claims that Tomlinson is unpopular at music label Sony, and that he manipulates those around him.

“Frankly, Louis is a little s*** who’s managed to annoy a lot of people over the last couple of years. He’s made some ridiculous decisions, like refusing to let 1D perform at the Brit Awards because they wanted more time off.”

“But he’s played a clever game as he surely knows he’s not the most talented member and doesn’t have a strong singing voice, so has set himself up as the business brains. He even managed to convince Cowell to give him his own record label at Syco to keep him happy.”

Since that article was released the vast majority of media coverage about Tomlinson has had a negative tone. No one, probably not even Tomlinson’s mother, would claim that Louis is perfect but it seems a shame that his good works are not reported more. After all surely good journalism should aim to tell the truth, be fair and accurate and where possible to tell both sides of a story.

It seems that Tomlinson’s mother is feeling the pain of the way Louis is being portrayed. Just last night Johannah Deakin tweeted that Louis is a “super kind” guy who sent home almost half of his first wage when he appeared on X-Factor.

As Tomlinson developed from X-Factor hopeful into an international star he has maintained his caring nature, but now that he is rich and famous, he does it on a much larger scale. Louis also works hard to keep his kind deeds confidential. Of course some news about Louis generosity does get out. The Mirror reported back in August that Tomlinson had donated an amazing $3 million of his own money to “Believe In Magic,” a charity that tries to make dreams come true for terminally ill children.

Louis enlisted the help of Liam Payne to host a Cinderella themed ball for the children and their families and as a result helped the charity to raise an amazing $7.5 million.

According to the Hamilton Spectator Louis’ mom was pointing out that Tomlinson loves to help people, especially children and he does it for them, not for a headline. Louis even asks people to keep quiet about the things he does. Over a series of social media posts, Johannah told of how Louis carries out research to try to provide little gifts for some of the children he meets through his charity work.

“A beautiful boy, no longer here, was his guest at a gig. He [Louis] left him a microphone toy on the bed of his hotel as a surprise & one for his twin brother & a present for his sister. Not silly flash items but things that he has researched that they would like! Too many of these stories to tell you about. In 5 years I have never spoken to the press or waxed lyrical on social media! Thank you to all the lovely people that look out for him. You really have no idea how much he appreciates you all [sic].”

No one would claim that Louis Tomlinson is an angel; like the rest of the human race he has his faults. Tomlinson is however generous with both his money and his time. Those that have come into contact with Tomlinson through his work for charitable causes will tell you that Louis is a regular Prince Charming.

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