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‘Shades Of Blue’ Actress Jennifer Lopez: ‘Oh Sh–, Here We Go!’

Jennifer Lopez isn’t a stranger to television, and the actress says that’s exactly why she felt hesitant about taking on another hour-long television drama. The Shades of Blue actress says the script was really “that” good. On the heels of The Boy Next Door, Lopez already finds herself back to work and on the smaller screen, but Jennifer says it’s worth it for such a promising new series: Shades Of Blue Is The Project That Jennifer Lopez Just Can’t Lose

Lopez. Liotta. De Matteo. The #ShadesofBlue team arrives in ONE WEEK.

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Two years ago, Lopez pitched the idea for Shades of Blue to NBC with the idea that she would lead the series as producer. Never let it be said that network executives are too quick in making up their minds. When NBC did get back to Ms. Lopez, they seemed eager to get Shades of Blue in front of audiences, but with one condition.

“I definitely wasn’t looking for an acting role on TV,” says Lopez. “But NBC’s response was really strong, and they were like, ‘How are you not playing this role?'”

This hasn’t been Jennifer’s first experience with network television. She previously starred in the 1993 series, Second Chances, but that drama was short-lived, with only six episodes. As a result of such a sudden failure, Ms. Lopez was understandably reluctant to return to the small screen and she might not have, if the material hadn’t been so compelling. “I was like, ‘Oh, s—, here we go,'” Jennifer recalled. “It’s a hard gig, the hour drama. But there’s one reason why I did it: The material was so good.”

It’s been long enough that both Lopez and the nature of television have changed, so she may find success in this new series. Since Second Chances, Jennifer has certainly grown as an actress and with such films as The Cell (2000) and Parker (2013), she definitely knows how to deliver suspense and intrigue. What is Shades Of Blue About?

A concept exciting enough to draw Jennifer Lopez back to our televisions must really be something worth viewing, but what is the plot?

The actress, who also functions as executive producer on the series, says there’s a clue in the title and that the show explores the shades of grey between right and wrong. Lopez plays Harlee Santos, a single mother and F.B.I. agent assigned to an anti-corruption task force, while Drea de Matteo plays smart-mouthed detective and Ray Liotta stars as Harlee’s boss.

Ms. Lopez says she was determined to give her Shades of Blue character an authentic look, so fans won’t see Jennifer in her usual sexy outfits for this series. Instead, expect sweatshirts and jeans, or other toned down looks, outfits one would expect of a cop from the Bronx.

There have been changes behind the scenes as well. Jennifer and her seven-year-old twins have relocated to New York, where they plan to stay until filming on Shades of Blue wraps up. In the interim, she’ll be jetting back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, so she can continue with her judging duties on American Idol.

While she is excited about Shades of Blue, Lopez says she’s still pursuing film projects and her music career. “I don’t have to give up one thing for another,” says Lopez. “I’m doing stuff I’ve never done,” she says. “It’s good.” It certainly does seem to be good for the Shades of Blue actress. In January, she’ll be starting a six month residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Ms. Lopez is also co-starring with Simon Pegg and Melissa Rauch in Ice Age: Collision Course, which is due out on June 30 in theaters.

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