Britney Spears Experiences Stage Disaster During A Show In Las Vegas

Pop diva Britney Spears had a minor stage mishap when she got stranded atop a tree during her show in Las Vegas on Saturday evening.

According to TMZ, Spears got stuck to a prop tree when she was performing her hit single “Toxic” at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The 34-year-old songstress was supposed to soar over her fans but her harness did not work properly, rendering her unable to climb down the tree. However, the show carried on and the pop singer tried her best to conceal the trouble she was having onstage.

A video of her performance showed Spears clad in a tiny red costume while she sings a slowed down version of “Toxic” on a platform connected to a tree. However, the harness which was supposed to send her flying over the heads of her ardent fans, failed to lift her up so the singer tried to cover up the whole mishap with her signature dance moves while stuck up on the tree. She remained composed as she waited for the problem to be resolved.

Fortunately, a member of the technical staff rushed to unclip her from the malfunctioning harness. She then ran downstairs to join her backup dancers for an electrifying dance number after her rescue.

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This recent blunder is nothing new for the professional singer. Spears has faced numerous stage disasters in her concerts before, including one in October where she experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Spears’ body suit came undone mid-performance; luckily, she was saved by her roadies who zipped her tight costume back up.

In April 2015, Spears injured her ankle while entertaining her fans during her Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The singer did not stop despite the injury, although she later discovered that she tore some ligaments in her ankle. This led to the cancellation of her Las Vegas shows.

“Well, I actually wasn’t doing anything that hard,” Spears said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “I was just kind of bopping around. And I’ve done like eight years’ worth of shows. Plenty of shows! And I’ve never actually fell onstage, so it was really kind of embarrassing. But yeah, I fell down and I got up, and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

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It seems like Spears has met yet another minor accident at the start of the year. Aside from the stage mishap in her Planet Hollywood show, the mother of two also ran into a pole and bruised her forehead. Oops!

The “Toxic” hit maker shared a selfie on Instagram showing a round bluish bruise on her forehead. Spears wore a black leather jacket and her blonde mane was tied in a high ponytail while pouting at the camera.

“Good morning 2016!” Spears captioned the cute snap. “Don’t mind the little bruise on my forehead… Ran into a pole.”

Good morning 2016! Don’t mind the little bruise on my forehead… Ran into a pole????

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Spears, however, still has plenty of reason to celebrate despite her technical gaffe as her shows earned positive reviews. Las Vegas Sun journalist Robin Leach reportedly said she “proved that she’s still reigning royalty in the music world.”

She renewed her Las Vegas residency in September of 2015 and she will be entertaining her fans for two more years so she has a lot of opportunities to make up for the recent stage disaster. According to reports, the “Toxic” singer performs more than 20 songs every show and earns $15 million per year.

Indeed, Britney Spears remains the pop royalty every female pop singer of this generation wishes to be.

[Image by David Becker/Getty Images]