Exile Pitbull: Internet Bands Together To Send Rapper To Kodiak, Alaska

Want a chance to meet Pitbull? Want to exile Pitbull to a remote Alaskan location? The famous rapper teamed up with Walmart for a poorly thought out promotion and it may land him in Kodiak, Alaska.

The contest asks Pitbull and Walmart fans to like the store on Facebook. The store with the most new likes would get a visit from Pitbull.

Pitbull said in a press release:

“I’m excited to find out which local Walmart store has the most new likes so I can share the experience of using Energy Sheets® with my fans.”

That’s when the internet had an idea:

Let’s pick the most remote location and send Pitbull there!”

Writer David Thorpe heard about the contest and took to Twitter to ask his fans to vote for the Kodiak, Alaska Walmart.

Thorpe’s idea was then taken up by social media sites like Reddit, and as of now, the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, has more than 37,000 likes.

Thorpe sent out a series of tweets asking users to choose Kodiak, Alaska.

A spokesperson for Walmart said that Pitbull is definitely hoping that somewhere like Miami pulls through in the end but assured Pitbull fans in Kodiak, and Pitbull anti-fans everywhere else, that if Kodiak wins the rapper will be heading to Alaska.

The spokesperson said:

“I know Pitbull is hoping his Miami Walmart shoppers start liking their Facebook page. He’s definitely coming to Kodiak if Kodiak wins.”

The contest ends on July 15 so there’s still plenty of time to vote and exile Pitbull. You can vote for your favorite Walmart here.