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Waiting topless – it’s a job [Video]


Several of months ago when the story about the coffee shop in Vassalboro, Maine hiring women to serve coffee while going topless there were more than a few people expressing their outrage. Then on June 3rd when Grand View Topless Coffee burned to the ground some were rather suspicious about how it happen.

The only thing that was never asked it seemed was way the women were willing to server coffee topless. Until now (NSFW as there is some showing of women’s breasts) –

While the fire is still being investigated the coffee shop has reopened in a tent on the property.

hat tip to – Briget Ganske/Salt Institute for Documentary Studies/The Sunday Best

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2 Responses to “Waiting topless – it’s a job [Video]”

  1. Rudy G

    more power to them, love that free spirit, if i lived near i will come and say hi, but i am to far,in any event , best wishes for all you brave woman.!

  2. abacus1

    i know not many will see my comment, but the ones who do it is very important to be at the protest this August.
    national go topless protest day
    august 23rd 2009
    Major protests like this might be the only way to stop the legal/religious discrimination against women.
    Even men can come support.

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