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‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ Spoilers, Season 32 Tidbits: What Can Fans Expect As Season 31 Wraps?

It’s time for the Season 31 Survivor finale, and another player is about to be crowned the winner. There has been a lot of buzz about this Second Chance season, and now everybody is anxious to see if their predictions about the final Tribal Council are correct. Viewers will also get a sneak peek into Season 32 of the show, which is set to air next spring. What Survivor spoilers are available for the December 16 Season 31 finale?

Heading into Wednesday’s finale, six castaways remain. This last episode of Season 31 will feature four Tribal Councils and supposedly a shocking twist that has never happened before. Host Jeff Probst teased via Entertainment Weekly that this ending would be historic, unpredictable, and phenomenal, and viewers would be left satisfied by the end. Is the actual show going to be able to live up to the hype?

While there don’t seem to be any Survivor spoilers out at this point regarding the supposed big and twisty shocker, there has been a bootlist floating around for a while now. There were definitely some errors in the middle of the list, which had been a potential issue noted from the get-go. However, the beginning of the bootlist was spot-on, and five of the six supposed finalists are still in the mix at this point.

Fans will have to tune in to see if the final three end up matching the Survivor spoiler bootlist. There is speculation that Tasha will fall short of the final Tribal Council, and that perhaps Kelley will get to that final vote instead.

Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy of 'Survivor 31'
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The general consensus over at Survivor Sucks seems to be that as rumored, Jeremy Collins will take home the title of Season 31 winner, though the poll at Buddy TV points to Spencer as the champion. Fans will be anxious to see if these supposed shockers play a part in the final tally of votes and the determination of the winner.

What about Season 32? As many fans know, the Spring 2016 season was actually filmed before this Cambodia Second Chance season, so those players have been waiting a long time to see their season air. This one is slated to premiere on Wednesday, February 17, and the theme is said to pit brawn against brains against beauty, a theme that has been done on the show before.

Season 32 is shaping up to be a dramatic one, as Reality Blurred teases that there will be three medical evacuations. This season was also filmed in Cambodia, and Big Brother fans will recognize one of the castaways. Survivor spoilers tease that Caleb Reynolds from Season 16 is in the mix of things. Caleb was a fairly controversial Big Brother contestant at times, having had some early social media posts come back to bite him and an unsettling fascination with fellow BB16 houseguest Amber become a major distraction.

Survivor spoilers detail that Reynolds will be playing against former basketball player Scot Pollard, veteran Kyle Jason, poker player Anna Khait, professional bodybuilder Cydney Gillon, and a host of others. How does Caleb fare? Some Survivor spoilers point to Caleb being one of the medical evaluations, due to heat exhaustion, seemingly prior to the merge. However, viewers will have to tune in this spring to see if that tidbit is accurate. Rumors indicate that the other two medical evacuations come after Tribal Councils, so they don’t necessarily impact the game.

Will the rumors about the final three in Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance be accurate? Who will win the season? Fans cannot wait to check out the final Tribal Council, and everybody will have to stay tuned for additional Survivor spoilers as the Season 32 premiere draws near.

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