Jimmy Kimmel John Krasinski prank

Jimmy Kimmel And John Krasinski Christmas Pranks Get Out Of Hand: Bottomless Santa, Reindeer Poop, And More [Video]

John Krasinski and Kimmy Kimmel have been pranking each other for years, but this Christmas they went all out.

“I was under the impression this year that it was my turn to do something to you,” Kimmel said.

“This is my greatest joy about this year’s prank is that we alternate and this year I robbed you of the joy,” Krasinski said.

Then they cut to a video showing John’s elaborate Christmas prank. While Jimmy is busy working in his office, a half-naked Santa is hoisted outside of his window.

“Ho Ho Ho,” the Santa says to an obviously embarrassed Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m your secret Santa.”

“That was much more graphic than it appeared on television,” Kimmel says to the studio audience.

Jimmy Jimmel John Krasinski prank
Jimmy’s bottomless Secret Santa outside of his office window. [Photo via YouTube]

It looks like Jimmy thought that was all Krasinski had planned, but the actor had much more up his sleeve.

Cut to another flashback clip, and we see Jimmy in his dressing room after taping Monday night’s show. He hears some strange noises in his bathroom and goes to investigate. When he opens the bathroom door, he smells something “weird” and finds a reindeer tagged as a present from his “Secret Santa.”

“That thing crapped all over my bathroom,” Kimmel says, reflecting on the scene.

Jimmy Kimmel John Kransinski prank
Jimmy finds a reindeer in his office courtesy of John Krasinski. [Photo via YouTube]

You would think that would be enough for John Krasinski, but he really went all out with the pranks this year. As we cut back to the flashback video, we see John Krasinski decorating Jimmy’s office like a Winter Wonderland and dressed up like the Nutcracker. John lies in wait in Jimmy’s office in his Nutcracker costume until Jimmy gets back to his office. John surprises him, but Jimmy seems more disappointed that there’s no card in the envelope that he left him.

Jimmy Kimmel John Krasinski prank
John Krasinski dressed as the Nutcracker. [Photo via YouTube]

“Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Alright, clean all this up,” Jimmy says.

But if you think that Jimmy would sit idly by and let Jimmy steal his chance at a Christmas prank, then you’re wrong! Jimmy definitely got his revenge.

“Well done. You went to great lengths but I do have a little something for you,” he remarked.

The video cuts to a clip of jimmy cutting out pictures of John Krasinski’s face and creating flyers for a yard sale. We overhear Jimmy telling John that he included his actual address on the flyers and posted hundreds of them up all over Los Angeles. What makes it worse is that the flyers say that the yard sale starts at 6 a.m.

Jimmy Kimmel John Krasinski prank
The yard sale flyer. [Photo via YouTube]

John tries to make it seem that he’s unfazed by the whole thing, but he really looks like he’s screaming on the inside.

“You know when you forget to laugh because all you’re think about is ‘this is going to be so awful.'”

But that wasn’t even the worst part.

“Oh and I have one other thing for you,” Jimmy says before dropping what looks like a barrel of eggnog on a very unsuspecting John Krasinski.

Jimmy Jimmel John Krasinski prank
John smears eggnog all over Jimmy. They’re even for now. [Photo via YouTube]

But John kind of has the last laugh after when he runs over and gives Jimmy a bear hug, smearing a whole lot of eggnog on the late night talk show host.

As Us Weekly notes, Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski have been pranking each other for the last four years. Last year, Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, got in on the action. As this article on Mashable recounts, last year John gift wrapped Jimmy’s car three times. The kicker? They also stuffed the car with thousands of Christmas tree decorations.

“I have to hand it you that is very impressive. You son of a b***h.”

But it was just payback for the previous year when Jimmy gift-wrapped John and Emily’s entire house and booked Carolers to welcome them home.

[Photo via ABC/Screenshot]