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Cashier Refuses to Accept Food Stamps For Cigarettes, is Fired

cashier fired food stamps cigarettes

Food stamps have strangely emerged as one of the wedge issues of right now, in a time where many more Americans are forced to rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, due to a decade of economic hardship across the country.

Yes, as increasing numbers of Americans receive food stamps, so too does our national ire for those lazy layabouts who have been downsized and foreclosed upon and hit hard times increase. What food stamps can buy, what invasive pee-in-a-cup procedures can be forced upon people and generally beating upon the poor has become somewhat of a horrifying national pastime, with those who are lucky enough to be a paycheck away from the poorhouse often leading up the festivities.

Comments on food stamp related articles seem to evoke a comic-if-not-so-tragic, Jonathan Swiftian response of increasing cacophony, with commenters suggesting “why stop at food stamps? Drug test people who get child support too!”

Anecdotal tales of welfare recipients living large on champagne and lobster inevitably follow, or often a supposed sighting of a poor person having the nerve to buy a birthday cake, because, I suppose, poor kids don’t deserve cake even if some beleaguered family scrimped and budgeted to allow the $15 on the SNAP account to allow it. I never.

Alas, in New Hampshire, you’re allowed to even purchase smokes with your meager allowance — and one fed-up cashier refused to accept EBT benefits for a purchase, and was summarily fired. The irony is almost too much to bear, as nearly all cashiers are nearly poverty-line themselves — yet this one felt such righteous indignation at being asked to do the job she was being paid to do, which is basically the only responsibility adults have besides raising kids and paying bills that she jeopardized it to make a point about other poor people.

Food Stamps More Popular Than Ever

Cashier of six years Jackie Whiton explains that while her bosses and lawmakers had other policies in place, her own personal feeling on food stamps should have superseded that, and says:

“I gave two weeks notice and tried to bow out gracefully,” said Jackie Whiton, of Antrim. “But the next day, I was fired.”

You can read the full story over at WMUR — but you do realize that if we stopped hand wringing about what poor people scrape together to eat each month, we’d have like a ton more man hours to dedicate to actually doing and making things ourselves?

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230 Responses to “Cashier Refuses to Accept Food Stamps For Cigarettes, is Fired”

  1. Denise Hopkins-Cook

    Anybody with a brain knows that Food Stamps can't be used to pay for cigarettes.

  2. Budd LaFever

    I don't care HOW the tabbaco industry lobbies or WHO accepts their BRIBES. The stamps say "FOOD". Unless you can demonstrate to me the value of eating a pack of cigarettes, then you have no case for allowing this.

  3. Bryan Kuhn


  4. Jamie Larson

    misleading article. read the WMUR article: they said the customer was not using food credits but cash assistance on an EBT card. The clerk had no way to tell. Using "food stamps" or food assistance credits for cigarettes is illegal in their state.

  5. Budd LaFever

    Wine and beer are BOTH foods and we do not allow "FOOD STAMPS" to purchase them. Yet we allow the failing tobbaco industry to corrupt a program designed to help people who have low incomes. This is a JOKE!

  6. Joann Dunn Morgan

    The purpose of having "food stamps" is for FOOD to feed the family…..not for cigarettes, that cause lung cancer and other related diseases.

  7. Bev Seeley


  8. Margaret Dudley


  9. Margaret Dudley


  10. Linda McCall

    I'm a smoker, and food stamps are to be used for food not cigs. I also think chips and diips should not be bought with food stamps. I think toilet paper is a need not chips. But you cant buy toilet paper hummm. The system is messed up.

  11. Alice Wilcox

    Are we really serious? Cigarettes? Some people always have to push the river and challenge every possible situation. Let's not continue to sound so stupid as too ask such crazy questions. Review: FOOD STAMPS– THEY'RE FOR FOOD- MONEY, FOR CIGARETTES……. USE IT!

  12. Margaret Dudley


  13. Layla Dow

    I know a family of 4 that only gets $289 each month for food. How does anyone have enough left to buy anything else? It is virtually impossible to feed a family on such a small amount unless you eat a lot of rice and beans!

  14. Margaret Dudley


  15. Bryan Kuhn


  16. Cathy Miller

    None of us should be relying on our government for food, jobs or anything else other than protection ONLY! We need not vote for politicians and rely on them for our livelihoods. I have a friend named Jill Reed that is running for U.S. President this year. Please send me a friend request and then check out my timeline OR you can check out these 2 websites for more information. Here they are: and This is what all Americans need right now. She is not a D or an R. She is an independent, and when she gets voted into office, this will make all the people rich, including the poor! What are you waiting for? Check this out NOW! You'll be glad you did. Thank you, and please don't hesitate to send me your comments. I would like to know what everyone thinks about this. Have a fun and beautiful day!

  17. Jeni Robin Benham Keller

    The case is, they recieve cash and food stamps on these cards to pay for living expenses. Which I think is crap! Anyways, she was probably trying to use her cash portion to pay for the cigs, and I agree with the cashier in the fact that our tx dollars should not go towards her habit. Fact of the matter is, they should have to do community service of 40 hours a week to receive these benefits. They should also be subjected to drug tests every month to keep these benefits. Lazy is not a disability. They shouldn't be able to lay on their back, and continue to make babies that they can not afford. After two children being supported by welfare, mandatorily tie their tubes!

  18. Samantha Purkey

    Well the article does not state that they tried to pay for cigs with foodstamps just that they wanted to pay with their EBT card which has both food stamps and cash benefits loaded on them. Just clearing that up.

  19. Shiloh Cesnik

    Food stamps wont buy anything other than food! Other assistance money can be put on the same card, and that's money for there personal use. So the issue would be what people can do with their public assistance money, not food stamps!

  20. Ryan Carranza

    If the law states you can buy cigs with food stamps, then she should be fired. I don't think cigs should be allowed to be purchased with food stamps, but the law is the law.

  21. Rebecca Ashworth Mazeau

    I live in texas this is not aloud. I don't know if this story is for real or not my hubby is from NH he said he never heard that.. if that is there law there it needs to be changed I smoke but I would never use foodstamps for smokes. it's for food not for your habits..

  22. Bryan Kuhn


  23. Chris Claggett

    OK there is a major misreporting of information here. The EBT card in question has the ability to have food stamps and cash loaded on it at the same time on the same card. More than likely the customer in question used their EBT Cash to buy cigarettes. In Oregon, you can not buy cigarettes directly with your EBT cash, you have to get cash back similar to an ATM withdrawal and then purchase the cigarettes in a separate transaction. I would willingly wager that this is more likely what happened and the cashier was feed up with the loophole, thus her refusal to sell the cigarettes. I agree that this should not be allowed either.

  24. Jackie Benoit

    I don't know who these people are trying to fool! YOU CAN NOT USE FOOD STAMPS FOR BEER OR CIGARETTES! It's only for food! If I was that girl I SUE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Please people in America wake the FUCK UP!

  25. Sue Cerón

    Food stamps should be for food only, no snack foods and sugary drinks. People that WORK have to be drug tested, why can't people on welfare be tested too? Stores take food stamps for anything so they can make a buck. The system is a mess!

  26. Malissa Manney

    NY doesn't allow any such thing. The computer systems in the stores would automatically separate the totals. But, if NH allows the purchase of alcohol/tobacco with FS, then that is the fault of the state and its lawmakers, and the person buying them is entirely within their rights. The cashier has the right to be butt-hurt about it, sure…(ridiculous that its even allowed) but as a customer service rep of that store, she deserved to be fired for trying to prohibit the sale of anything without lawful reason and for upsetting a paying customer (whether paying with FS or otherwise, a store doesn't care how they make their money)…its was not her place to make that decision.

  27. Tracy Lynn

    Okay, there is a difference between FOOD stamps (EBT FOOD account) and an EBT CASH account. When a customer swipes their benefit card, they have to select which account they would like to use, EBT Cash or EBT Food. If you use an EBT Cash account you can buy anything you want. EBT Food accounts are used for food, drinks, candy and anything edible. Cash accounts are for any and everything else, even cigarettes. Whoever wrote this article is obviously not a professional journalist.

  28. Paula Qualls Gurley

    In Oklahoma you can't buy cigarettes with food stamps, and I have a hard time believing you can anywhere else. If you can, they whoever made that decision needs to be fired and run out of town! I don't have a hard time with people getting food stamps as long as it goes on food. BTW, if Mom and Dad are so broke, you can buy a cake mix and frosting for a whole lot less than paying $15 for a store-made cake. I know because as a SAHM who didn't get food stamps I made plenty of birthday cakes at home. They were delicious.

  29. Crystal Risner

    I work 40 hours a week and I get 298 dollars in food stamps a month for me, my 7 yr old son and my little brother whom im raising because our mother was stupid and went to prison… I pay all the bills in my house and buy all the toiletries. When do you think I should do these 40 hours a week community service? I would never have the time. The fact is other people screw up the system for those that need it. I work, dont do drugs, and care for a child thats not mine so that he wont go into the system. Im sorry but your comment was not thought out very well.

  30. Erika Divaa Hill

    Let me get this straight… You can buy cigarettes on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but you can't buy the toilet paper you'll need after ingesting said nutrition? ok… seems legit o_0.

  31. Scott Maher

    I have seen people buy lots of shit with food stamps…or the ebt card…and in some places even get cash back…what a joke

  32. Betty Schlereth

    I have no problem with people using food stamps, in general I think the ones who get them are in dire need of them. However since when are cigarettes a food product? Ever try to eat tobacco, you'll be puking in a matter of minutes. It use to be you couldn't buy toilet paper, deoderant, or even soap and shampoo with food stamps. But now you can buy cigarettes? Come on I think the goverment needs to rethink that one. So in my opion I think the cashier was right, even if that state does allow the use of food stamps to purchase cigarettes.

  33. Kimberly Gonzalez

    Can't believe they allow people to buy cigarettes with food stamps! Should be FOOD only..BUT,(BiG BuTT here)If anything was allowed, I can understand : tooth paste or toilet paper, even soap to wash a stinky a'rse or clothes BUT CiGaReTTeS?—am I wrong here? #### but if it IS allowed,, then the cashier should have done her job and rung em up! She not getting paid to judge……

  34. Debbie Shepherd

    I worked in the grocery industry for 10 years. Mostly in large stores, where I held supervisory positions. Things must have changed dramatically, as food stamps were never accepted as payment for ANY non-food items, consumable by humans. They couldn't be used for cigarettes, for pet food, or for anything like paper towels or cleaning supplies. Only for food. I understand in my state, someone receiving stamps can get a stipend for products needed other than food. I don't know the law in the state where that cashier worked, nor am I current with the laws in my own state. But I would support the cashier completely! I hope she has filed for unemployment benefits!

  35. Shelly Chapman

    What part of FOOD stamps is smokes? Kids can't eat them or have them so if you need smokes get a damned job! If you need food stamps fine not a problem but you also need to still get a job and improve your situation. Glad the cashier stood up to the system sorry you lost your job.

  36. Greg Layman

    Having never been on any of these programs I can not speak from experience. I do not understand the cash on the EBT myself. Is this something they put on themselves or is it a form of welfare? As for the food stamp portion of the EBT, cigarettes can not be bought with it. This is from the USDA web site itself:

  37. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    And how can someone find employment while doing 40 hours a week of community service? Many recipents of FS do have full-time jobs, but do not earn enough for food. Also, if we are drug testing every person that receives any type of social serivices, does that mean I can drug test Grandma because she gets Social Security? I don't know about IL, but in WA we have a cap of 5 years that you can receive welfare in your lifetime. It is not something that you can pop out babies and milk forever. While attending college, being a single mother of two, and working two part-time jobs I was on FS. It is something that I needed and I am grateful the system was there. I realize people can abuse the system, but this is true of any system with financial gain. There are far larger insances of the American tax dollars being used for someone's financal gain, can we say JP Morgan Chase.

  38. Henry Avellaneda

    We taxpayers should be supporting any vices cigarrettes or liquor! Food stamps are supposed to be used for essentials!

  39. Henry Avellaneda

    Food stamps are not provided to support vices!

  40. Brandy Brixey Brownell

    Part of my childhood was spent on food stamps so I am not prejudiced against families who genuinely need the assistance to feed themselves. Regardless of my current financial situation, this article and the idea that anyone would even attempt to purchase cigarettes with food stamps makes me see red and want to spit nails. I honestly hope this article was written with a sarcastic undertone because anyone who feels that this cashier was not justified in denying the customer the ability to purchase anything other than food with food stamps, is part of the huge problem our nation faces with public assistance. I have nothing against a family who receives welfare of any kind. I have a problem with people who take advantage of it and those who apply for it under false pretenses. The key word in "food stamps" is FOOD.

  41. Jacqueline Thoennes

    Boy, food stamps have sure changed. Since when can you buy cigarettes with food stamps? It's for food period! It's a bitch to try and qualify for food stamps as it is…no wonder the system is cutting back…..

  42. John J Council

    Millions of people work and get food stamps because they make so little. Fully 60% of Walmart employees are on fs or eligible. Says a lot I think. But hey…vote for the Mormon Moron and lets see some real cutbacks on the safety nets.

  43. Bryan Kuhn

    this is very true the government has to subsidize employees of these "job creators" because they wont pay a fare wage or give any benefits what so ever to employees while there corporate profits are higher than ever don't wait for a trickle down its not coming stand up and take back what is yours

  44. Cathi Wagner

    EBT (electronics benefit transfer) has both money and food on card. One is not able to purchase cigarettes on the food portion of card. One can purchase cigarettes, beer, etc.. on cash side of card.

  45. Cathi Wagner

    EBT (electronics benefit transfer) has both money and food on card. One is not able to purchase cigarettes on the food portion of card. One can purchase cigarettes, beer, etc.. on cash side of card.

  46. Lindalee Marsh-Upton

    @Budd LaFever, wine and beer are NOT food. They may have ingredients that are in the food pyramid but alcoholic beverages are not considered food!

  47. Lindalee Marsh-Upton

    @Budd LaFever, wine and beer are NOT food. They may have ingredients that are in the food pyramid but alcoholic beverages are not considered food!

  48. Sandra Hoyt

    omg. so ridiculous. Cigarettes are allowed on food stamps. Really? Its these scumbag people that ruin it for people who really need food stamps for their children. Cigarettes are an disgusting habit and should be purchased by people who can afford them if at all. Its an activity like drinking. You cannot buy alcohol if you cannot afford it. People who think they are entitled make me so sick – its disgusting. And then they drive their shitty cars and throw their cigarette butts out the windows like the world is theirs to litter and pollute. I could go on and on. but enough

  49. Valerie Morton

    If it's not FOOD, then you can't use food stamps. Something is backwards about this story.

  50. CJ Russell Modisette

    There is no such thing as 'all the people rich'. 'Rich' is a subjective term. How about trying for 'all people have enough to live & get a few extras'?

  51. Mary Mayple

    BS The governor of MA stated that women should be able to get their nails done. It is Obama buying the election on the backs of the sappy taxpayers. I am a siingle mom of 3 who never took a dime and has not had my nails done in 15 years.

  52. Cassie Proctor Allen

    I live in GA and am currently on FS. I just graduated from college with a BAchelor's degree and am seeking employment. I have been on FS while in college and am a single parent whom does not receive the child support as ordered. I will cancel my FS as soon as I am employed. In GA you cannot use FS for anything but food, and I am shocked that it is allowed in other states. I assumed that FS were only for food everywhere . I agree with the cashier, she should NOT have been fired! That is dumb. FS are for food ONLY.

  53. Mary Mayple

    How about all the people get jobs, and if you refuse they should make institutions for the lazy and not let them live better than the taxpayers.

  54. Carrie Sue Faccone

    Ok, I lived in New Hampshire and was on EBT (no longer called food stamps because they are no longer paper but a type of credit card) I was on them for a short time after my husband passed away, and you can not buy, liquir, cigs, beer or food that is already prepared so this headline is bull.

  55. Melinda Ross

    buying cigs with food stamps does not sound right. I have friends who have been or are on food stamps and they actually have strict guidelines on what you can use them for. Your not allowed to purchase alcohol, pet food, paper plates and those types of things. You also cannot buy prepared foods like those little roasted chickens at the deli section. It is really common sense. Food stamps buys food. Nothing more, nothing less.

  56. Jo Marlow

    Food stamps are for food NOT cigarettes. Some people just abuse the system to much

  57. Karen Bostic

    Amen people always wanna point the finger and say what people getting assistance should do that is until the failing economy takes their job, their house and their friggin livelihood!! Not all people on welfare are some lazy baby momma that just keeps popping out babies and are using the system! I have a college education and kids and cant find a job after being downsized due to the economy so because people like them put the real lazy asses in the white house I am suppose to suffer?? You know what I pay my taxes too so since you want people to do community service and you got all the time in the world to criticize those of us that are trying you do the community service and by the way get a friggin life with all the ignorance that you are spitting maybe you should get the government to send you back to school!!!!

  58. Pamela Duffey

    Social Security is not a social service…it is a fund paid into to support people in their "golden years". I agree with what you are saying…just wanted to point that out…the system is seriously screwed up…no doubt about it.

  59. Amanda Peterson

    I think the cashier showed a lot of integrity. You indicate she was a poor person judging another poor person. I am guessing she was not on food stamps herself, was working her butt off to get by without them. But the one on food stamps can afford whatever she wants…including smokes. There is NO incentive in the system for these people to want to get off the food stamps. The cashier had integrity. The other one didn't.

  60. Budd LaFever

    Bryan… First of all. You use all caps to scream your message, which by the way, is nothing more than a rant. Who is "THEY"? And on what continent is the country of "Corruption" located? How are they planning to "STEAL THIS COUNTRY"? By the use of very large tug boats or perhaps by the use of some telecanisis given to the country of Corruption by some alien who learned how to use the force when he was a practicing Jedi under Yoda? You talk about the ignorance of other people, when all you need to do to address ignorance is talk to yourself in a mirror. I will have to overlook what you have mumbled on here since you seem to still be in high school and therefore have not learned anything about the really real world yet. BRYAN!!

  61. Budd LaFever

    Margaret Dudley > I keep seeing you and your buddies using the term "THEY". Who is "THEY"? Answer that and I will consider what you have said. Don't answer it and your rant is useless.

  62. Maria Ann Smith

    EBT benefit cards are not only for food stamps, but receipients also receive their cash benefits on the card too. So therefore, the foodstamp part of the card cannot be used for anything other than food. The network system will not allow it. But, unfortunately no one can tell them how to use their cash.

  63. Maria Ann Smith

    Jeni, you are so right!!!! The system is there for people who need help, not to live the rest of their lives on. If I can't afford to have another child, what makes them think that I should pay (taxes) for them to have as many as they want. If they can afford Air Jordans and Smart Phones, they can afford to pay their own way. I know Rockford well, and I know how irked you can get with those people.

  64. Jennifer M. Howe

    I agree with the cashier. Cigarettes are not FOOD. They will not feed a hungry child. These people cry poverty , collect welfar, food stamps and anything else, yet they still find money to pay for their iPhones and the monthly bill that comes along with it. You tell me something's not wrong here.

  65. Janice Southard

    Wow! Please don't get caught up in all these false statements that get repeated on Facebook! First, people cannot buy cigarettes with food stamps. it is not allowed, so cashiers cannot get fired for refusing, because there is nothing to refuse. Second, many people who receive food stamps work hard and that is why as a nation we have and continue support these programs. Third, News videos and clips like these are looking for people who do not check facts to jump on board support their statements. Fourth, why say things that will hurt others. I have struggled to make ends meet in my past and if I would have been eligible for assistance I would have gladly taken it! Fifth, Families who receive food stamps do not live well…they still struggle to survive. And 40 hours volunteers work? You have got to be joking. I worked full time and cared for three children when I was suddenly on my own to support them. Each case is different and should never be stereotyped by outsiders as lazy!

  66. Ed G Power

    B LaFever: Wine and beer are not food, unless you're an alcoholic. I'll have a beer 'with' my food, but never consider it food.

  67. Budd LaFever

    Ed Power> On the thought of wine and beer not being food, it is purely academic. By that I mean it depends on "WHO" is doing the considering. But I'm sure that many Europeans could argue the point much better than I. I don't know exactly what comprises a "food", but since wine and beer contain hops, malts, grains, fruit juice, sugars and carbohydrates (calories), both are consumed orally, not inhaled (as are cigarettes), both release their sugars which in turn are utilized by the body to produce energy, I personally would differ with you on whether it shouldn't be considered a "food". I too very seldom drink beer or wine without consuming other food. But that does not change what they are. In ancient times before the refrigerator, or "ice box" were invented, people fermented "foods" as a way to keep and preserve them. I think that the reason behind not allowing foodstamps to be used to purchase these things is a issue of morality more than anything else. But I would like to point out that the Pilgrims who came here to America and put in at Plymouth Rock, did not do so because they were blown off course and feared not making it to Virginia as we were taught in grade school, but according to the Mayflowers ships log book, they put ashore because they ran out of beer and wanted to stop and brew some. You can see for your self by going to the Smithsonian. So with that… I rest my case.

  68. Leighanna Boekeloo

    This story is misleading! You cannot get cigarettes anywhere with "foodstamps". It is all on what is called an EBT card. For people that qualify, they can also get the option for cash on their card and they can purchase cigarettes with that.

  69. Aimee Boswell

    I hate to rain on your parade, but if everyone is rich…That doesn't make sense. If the rich got richer, then the poor, even if they still had money would still be poor, compared to the rich. Today, depending on where you live the minimum wage is close to $10 per hour. Now, 30 years ago $10 per hour was some money. Ok, then you can look at it this way instead. If your friend took our budget we give to other countries and say, oh, gave every US citizen one million dollars, what do you think might happen? Utopia? No, lol, far from it. Actuit woudl destroy this country faster than it took the mortgage debacle to take down this country. Sure, a few hundred thousand folks would pay off their homes, keep out of foreclosure and pay off their debt. And for a few months to a year, they will live pretty well. BUT there will be a side effect, a pretty nasty side effect actually. First who would work any menial jobs if they all had a cool million? Baristas, garbagemen, fast food workers, cashiers, etc… NO ONE would work for $10 per hour if they could suddenly go buy a house, cars etc…FIrst everything would be at a standstill, which would devastate our GNP then the worst part, the inflation. If you could buy 5 homes for 1 million, then even the cheapest shacks would be worth $750K. And on up, 2006 would have NOTHING on 2013.. It is called supply and demand. Now if your friend says no no no, we would make sure that every citizen had EQUAL amounts, and that everyone had the same amount of pay, then that is communism. Yea she doesn't stand a chance

  70. Rebecca Ashworth Mazeau

    yeah reasked my hubby don't think he was paying attention the first time go figure. lol anyway yeah he said yeah you can in NH just can't buy beer.. that is crazy … needs to change that law..

  71. Jeni Robin Benham Keller

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but as someone who has worked in grocery stores and watched the welfare abuse, I can say it is a system that is "being worked". (And not in a literal sense!) Have you been to a grocery store on the 1st of month lately?! If so you would notice the amount of junk such as pop, snack cakes, candy bars ect. being bought on tax payers dollars. I have seen the balances on their cards and some are getting an amount in the range of $750.00 a month! Thats why they sell it 50 cents on the dollar. Because they dont need it! So I challenge you to go to an Aldi on the 1st of the month, or be at Walmart at 11:59 P.M. as midnight makes the 1st, and watch the carts full of crap that they are getting. Then look at their Jordans, or their bling bling! Then watch the Escalades and Denalis they load these free groceries in to. Then maybe you will understand why I get so pissed. Not to mention those with a Link or Snap card are eating way better than my family- who both my husband and I work, do! We have to budget our groceries because we pay for school, we pay for utilities, we pay for healthcare, we pay rent. We dont get waivers for our childs education. We dont get LIHEAP. We dont get Medicaid. We dont get Section 8 housing. And Social Security or SSI has the same deceptive people abusing that system too! I went to get a SS card when I got married and stood in line with perfectly capable of working people and heard them comparing stories of what lies they were telling or gonna tell to get a check. Its a damn shame that people are blind to the liars and system abusers! I understand that people fall into hard times, but welfare should not be their retirement plan! I am not writing this in hopes of getting "likes" or replies, but to help open the eyes of those naive enough to believe that the world is all puppy dogs and rainbows. And when our country is milked dry and there is no assistance programs for the truly needy, people wont say "why are we as a country broke?" Or wonder why taxes keep going up!

  72. Sandra Perkins

    With our kids starving, there's no way buying smokes with stamps should be allowed, I've been smoke free for almost 3 years because of of a number of reasons, one of which is price, they're too expensive, QUIT.

  73. Jen Rutkowski

    The article states that cigarettes CAN be bought with food stamps in New Hampshire. I am just glad that tax dollars can be used for a cigarettes and I am sure tax dollars will be paying for the medical bills in the future.

  74. Aimee Boswell

    I would prefer not to have to live in San Francisco, the higher wage evens out with the high cost of living. Here in the Central Valley it is about $8

  75. Maybe AB

    I don't think food stamps should go for anything except food. Since when are cigarettes deemed "good for you"? It's the same thing if I give someone a gift card. I always try to make it for a store that doesn't sell tobacco or alcohol, like a dress shop.

  76. Richard Ellwyn Maslen Hogenson

    He had an EBT cash Card. It can be used like an debit card. It is not a food stamp card. The customer was right and the cashier was wrong. The company was right to fire her.

  77. Scott Sullivan

    If people like Kim LaCapria are okay with our money paying for someone else's cigarettes or beer or other b.s. then let her voluntarily give her money to the food stamp program. Myself, I would love it if I could opt out. You can't feed the animals in a park because they are concerned about the animals getting used to it and not being able to take care of themselves. Yet here we are giving handouts to people that don't need it. I don't owe anyone a damn thing or a damn dime. Neither does anyone else. I hope the cashier in this case is rewarded with a great job by a company that understands personal responsibility and working for a living.

  78. Linda McCall

    In Idaho, it's a right to work state minimum wage is $7.25. At my job I do make $9 an hour, but i'm part time for now. It sucks. I was unemployed for 1 1/2 years. Tried every job I could to apply for. I had not been without a job that long since I was 15 years old.

  79. Lynne Elliott Richards

    This story is really messed up. This is taken directly from the website: "You cannot buy any kind of beer, alcohol or wine; any type of tobacco products; nonfood items like cleaning products, soap and paper products; drugstore medicines such as aspirin, cough syrup and vitamins; items to preserve food such as jars and freezer containers; any "hot" prepared foods that are ready to eat; and foods not for people such as pet foods.". Do your own research everyone.

  80. Cathy Miller

    You are right. Currently, not everyone is rich, but when my friend Jill Reed is voted into office as U.S. President with the Prime Law added as an amendment to our U.S. Constitution, this will make everyone rich, including the poor! How about all people create their OWN jobs and stop relying on our politicians to run our lives? Let me ask you all this, then. How would you feel if you NEVER had to pay TAXES again so that the government could spend our hard earned money ANY WAY THEY WANT! Why should one man control another? Think hard about these things before you reply again. Please check out the Prime Law. Thanks to all and have a wonderful day! :)

  81. Crystal Risner

    We would all love to help out by volunteering but our lives are preoccupied by our own needs. So i guess just because I am on food stamps doesnt mean I need to take a drug test nor do community service to receive help from social services

  82. James Johnson

    Lynne..Notice that is only for the food stamps portion of the law…the EBT card includes both food and personal benefits assistance.

  83. Cathy Miller

    Above, what I meant to say was, if we don't have to pay taxes any more and quit looking to BIG GOVERNMENT to supply us with things like food stamps, contaminating our food, which makes us all sick and then have to run to the doctor to get pharmaceutical drugs that cause horrible side effects, including DEATH in some cases, don't you people believe we would all be better off? Also, when we have a protection only government, like the Prime Law states, we will be living much better lives! To vote for a D or R this year is to have more of the same thing. Jill Reed—NOT JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN!!!

  84. Aimee Boswell

    Wow….I never said everyone was currently rich….apparently you did not read my post but just blearily wrote your post. I can almost hear your voice in a pretty monotone as I read your words. How do you pay for fire, police, emergency services without taxes? Who cleans the streets, puts in new bulbs when the street and traffic lights go out. How do the roads get repaved and potholes filled without taxes? I work in renal, without (medicare and medical which are funded by money taken out of our paychecks) these people will die. Or do you suppose only the incredibly wealthy should be allowed to live? They also will die without many pharmaceuticals that you rant about. Sis I live in the real world not in the utopia where you apparently live. SMH

  85. Jonny Jumprope

    this website should be fined for false info IMO notice how FOX news reported this story as true.. FOX = news for the ignorant masses..

  86. Carolyn Cooper

    I don't think this story is possibly true.. Food stamps cannot be legally used to buy cigarettes.. If this company told her to do it, then she should file a law suit against this company and turn them in for the mishandling of govt benefits..

  87. James Johnson

    Carolyn you are correct Food Stamps can not but the EBT card noted in the article includes non-food stamp money benefits which can be used for tobacco but not alcohol.

  88. Cathy Miller

    Well, Aimee, there is a TON of information that has been suppressed from the masses for thousands of years. There are a lot of scientists that have found CURES for everything that ails us. The FDA, however, rejected these things because then all of the people in health care industry would not have jobs. The pharmaceutical industry would not have BILLIONS of dollars to live off of. Our food has been genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, etc. Also, when I was a little girl, the cows, chickens and other farm animals were NOT given ANTIBIOTICS or GROWTH HORMONES. Our food and the prescription drugs are what is making us all get diseases and causing HORRIBLE side effects, including DEATH! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I REFUSE to take any prescription drugs. There are things in nature, such as plants and GRASS FED meats, that we can use to heal ourselves. I believe Natural Alternatives and Organic Foods are the best way to go. Also, people will be HAPPY TO PAY the government when they realize that our new government has a Prime Law in place. Have you even read what this states? Why should one man control another? By the way, I know it sounds like a Utopia, but this is reality. Also, I did read your post, but I don't believe you read about the Prime Law, either. If you did, then maybe(?) you don't understand it. No, I DO NOT believe that ONLY the incredibly wealthy should be allowed to live. I DO believe, however, that ALL HUMANS should have the right know the things that the government has been keeping from us and be able to be CURED!!! I also live in the real world!!! I love all humans!!! As far as the roads getting repaved, etc. that will still happen. Those people will still have jobs. What if you don't have to pay taxes any more? Would you still be willing to just give money to the government and not have to worry about the IRS taking it from you? The federal government currently spends taxpayers money for WHATEVER THEY WANT TO SPEND IT ON! They all are self-serving and just want to line their own pockets. Have you ever noticed how many times our U.S. President takes luxurious trips, even when he/she doesn't really need to? What about wars, too? We are in other countries sticking our noses in where they don't belong! Plus, a lot of our military are KILLED or come back with PTSD or severely wounded! Have you any idea how much money is being spent on THOSE THINGS? Lives are precious commodities. What about the soldiers' families that are left behind? Believe what you will, though. You have a great day.

  89. Kris Van Sickle

    Let the tobacco industry shrivel up and die already! Ciggies killed my mother and (for all I know) my father! Ciggies aren't food!

  90. Rita Frita

    Maybe you feel that food stamps shouldn't be used to buy cigarettes, and that's fine. You don't have to agree with it and I think that's justified. But if the guy is allowed to buy cigs with it, then it's not the cashier's place to try and pass judgement and give him a moral lecture on him while he's shopping. You know what she's there to do? Ring up the groceries. I think she deserved to be fired. If she doesn't like it, there are other things she can do, like complaining to the government (which she is now doing) instead of being rude to the customer.

  91. Bryan Kuhn

    my god is a gathering of stupidity thats the problem in this country people dont bother to hear the facts only the first sentence and run with it AGAIN THERE IS NO STATE IN THIS COUNTRY THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BUY CIGS OR ALCOHOL WITH FOOD STAMPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. John Mark Sappenfield

    Chips and dips are food, Sherlock. They aren't hot,prepared foods. You must not know anyone on food stamps. My wife and I have. Chips and dips are cheap foods. You can't eat toilet paper, maybe you do, though.

  93. John Mark Sappenfield

    Q. What will your food stamps not buy?
    A. You cannot buy:
    • Non-food items
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco and tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, snuff, and chewing tobacco

  94. John Mark Sappenfield

    Q. What will your food stamps not buy?
    A. You cannot buy:
    • Non-food items
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco and tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, snuff, and chewing tobacco

  95. Jay Evans

    If it’s ok to use that card to buy smokes than who in the hell this lady think she is to say no. She deserved to be fired for not doing her job & ringing up the product instead of trying to force her own judgment as to what people can by. She is a prime example of “Not Playing Your Position”. Obviously she thought she was the government passing down law & shit, now she is the one needing government assistance like unemployment and probably the same EBT card she got fired over. If she would have stayed in her lane she wouldn’t be a burden on the American public. See people what you get when you think you are more than all that?

  96. Jeffrey Allender

    I think this article is a bit ridiculous in the fact that it seems to be making fun of the cashier for sticking up for what she believes in. That fact that she may be "poor" even though we don't know that for sure, doesn't make it any more different for denying the guy his smokes on food stamps. She was planning on quitting anyway. As far as the birthday cake, its FOOD so I wouldn't have a problem with that.

    I also used to work in the wonderful world of retail in my lifetime, and I have seem people on foodstamps who looked as if they needed it, and some that truly did NOT need it. I had a woman come in with fancy clothes, buy 400 dollars worth of groceries, some of her groceries being shrimp, filet minions, and lobster, pay with food stamps, and load them up into her Cadillac Escalade. It made me utterly sick to my stomach.

  97. Joe Keenan

    People, please read. The customer used SNAP to buy cigarettes. SNAP is a cash allowance with which you can buy anything. It was on the EBT card, but was not a food stamp purchase. 4th and 5th paragraphs of story. Poorly written so I can see why many glossed over this.

  98. Kathie Wilson

    No kidding. The SNAP program is administered by the Federal government, which specifically prohibits the purchase of tobacco products. There is no way NH's rules can legally differ from this proscription, and this story is utter bushwah.

  99. Paula Qualls Gurley

    I think what Linda McCall was saying is it should be for the necessities. Chips and dip have little nutritional values. I find it ridiculous that you can't buy toilet paper or bath soap with food stamps but you can send you 7 year old in to buy beef jerky and soft drinks at the convenience store. That is not necessity, that is blowing grocery money on crap.

  100. Ashley Sanford

    Even though she was suppose to do a job regardless of what the cashiers beliefs are, she refused service to a paying customer because of this. As wrong as it is food stamps should only be meant for FOOD ONLY. The tax payers should not have to pay for someones habit. I don't know how the government would allow food stamps to be used other than what their meant for.

  101. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Because the customer was a friend/family member.

  102. Gail Finnell

    "BTW, if Mom and Dad are so broke, you can buy a cake mix and frosting for a whole lot less than paying $15 for a store-made cake. I know because as a SAHM who didn't get food stamps I made plenty of birthday cakes at home. They were delicious." I was agreeing with you on your post till this part. Self Righteous much? Maybe this is the one thing that the child really wanted and the only thing they could truly do to make the kids birthday special. I try not to judge people who use SNAP because you never know what they are going through or have gone through till you walk in their shoes. I have had friends whose marriages break up/who lost a job/ etc that used SNAP to get by till they were in a position to not need it, so this last remark about "being so broke as to not buy a store cake" really made you sound less than human to put it nicely, kind of like Marie Antoinette.

  103. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Your view of the country, the Constitution and the world is simplistic and it sounds like your friend is as well. No, it does not sound like Utopia, it sounds like Lala-land.

  104. Ed G Power

    He's already stolen this country, that's why so many people are on food stamps! We've raised a generation that stomps the one good thing Kennedy said 'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!'

  105. Elisa Kraemer

    I think it is silly they are trying to compare food stamps to child support, and complaining about drug tests before being approved for food stamps. If you can get free money (for FOOD!), you have to stay off drugs. (If you get a drivers license, you have to pass a driving test-this is no different). Child support comes from one person, who took part in creating a life, and has nothing to do with getting approved money for those in need from the government. Why would a drug test be needed for a father/mother to help pay for things for his/her own child?
    Also-if a pharmacy can refuse to sell Plan B pill, due to their beliefs, why can't a cashier refuse to sell cigarettes due to her belief?

  106. Tom Holsomback

    John Mark Sappenfield EBT cards have a cash portion as well/ Walmart accepts EBT for Gasoline.

  107. Christine Gray Albers

    Excellent points!! Local news just reported over $33 million dollars of cash assistance/food stamp money was debited from ATM's in areas outside of the state! Places like Vegas and the Bahamas, shocking. How did they get the money to travel in the first place?

  108. Christine Gray Albers

    Oh, and that's just for Missouri alone.

  109. Aimee Boswell

    Kathie in California the cost of living is substanitally higher than it is in Oklahoma. I get MY information from the web and various news outlets, like this Minum wage in San Francisco is $10.24 an hour as of this year, just raised from $9.79 per hour which was raised to in 2011. But good luck findng a studio apartment for less than $1500 a month! THAT is why the minimum wage is so high and IS the highest in the nation. I live in the central valley where min wage is $8.50. Increasing minimum wage NEVER solves anything. Businesses have to make a profit otherwise they go out of business. If you have ever worked retail you know the corporate office doesn't live in the real world and cannot accept negative growth for the fact that less customers are coming in the store due to the fact that less customers have less money to spend. They want to meet last years goal and surpass it NO MATTER WHAT. So to keep their profits up they either 1. Hire less staff or 2. Increase prices. By hiring less staff, there are more people out of work to buy their products and two fold with increased prices those making minimum wage NOW have less money to spend on their products or bills etc….It is a vicious circle.

  110. Tracy Marie Wollman Torres

    I work at a food store foodstamps R NOT FOR CIGARETTES THEY R FOR FOOD, i hope somebody can inform her boss of thisn c who has the last laugh.

  111. Paula Qualls Gurley

    The Inquisitr doesn't employ journalists, they let any fool with a computer and an axe to grind post.

  112. Cathy Miller

    Hi John. I am not the only one that believes in the Prime Law being added as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Have you read the Prime Law? The only thing that is flawed is men/women. That is why we need to get the politicians OUT of Washington, D.C. Why do we vote for them, anyway? They ALWAYS over promise and under deliver. They NEVER DO what they say they are going to. Personally, I'm tired of giving them my hard earned pay via taxes so they can spend my money any way they see fit. I am also tired of LAZY PEOPLE looking for a handout from our big government. The programs for the so-called "SOCIAL GOOD" are not really doing any good at all! Also, young people nowadays are on their cell phones at their jobs texting and talking instead of doing their jobs properly. They think they are entitled to a paycheck when they are not doing anything but being LAZY and GOOFING OFF. I, for one, have HAD IT!!! There are TOO MANY AMERICANS without jobs right now, yet these big corporations continue to hire a lazy bunch of LOSERS! Then, older people that have a strong WORK ETHIC always have to pick up the slack! We all need to create our own jobs and get rid of big government. Why should one person control another? You all must ENJOY being CONTROLLED by the FDA, IRS, etc. NOT ME!!! AMERICANS NEED TO CHANGE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! WAKE UP, EVERYONE!!!

  113. Aimee Boswell

    I stand by my original statement and I agree with Paula. Not sure what plan ol' Cathy and her twit friend have for those "LAZY PEOPLE" once their "handout" is cut off. Starvation? Concentration/labor camps? Death? Imprisonment? What does she intend to do with the mentally handicapped who depend on disability and SSI? Death, concentration/labor camps. I make good money. I am an American and I am willing to part with some of my money to support my FELLOW AMERICANS to make this country great (again). Not ostracize and penalize those that cannot work for whatever reason. Cathy here and her dangerous friend….will begin a civil war between the greedy and the needy.

  114. Cathy Miller

    You know what, Aimee? Why don't you NOT KNOCK SOMETHING till you've tried it? I would very much now like to ask you to join me and my friend, Jill Reed, and everyone else that supports her and the Twelve Visions Party on our next conference call. The call takes place this Wednesday, July 4th, at 9PM Eastern Time, 6PM Pacific. If you want to ask questions after the speakers on the call are done talking, you can push *2 to raise your hand and ask all the questions you want. They will be more than happy to answer them. The number for the call is 1-949-333-4806 and the ID number is 256015#. I'll hear you on the call as well. Are you willing to go on there and participate? Or would you rather let the ruling class rule over you and everyone else in America for the rest of our lives? Either way, we are continuing to MOVE FORWARD, with or without you. We are going to make this entire country and the world a better place to live in. We need CHANGE…for the betterment of all our brothers and sisters on planet Earth. Join us, won't you?

  115. Cathy Miller

    Hi Aimee. The message before says the call starts at 9PM Eastern Time, 6PM Pacific. It actually starts at 8PM Eastern Time, 5PM Pacific. Just thought I would let you know. Hope to hear you and others who read this on the call. COME ONE, COME ALL!!! Have a good day tomorrow!

  116. Aimee Boswell

    Kathie Wilson The cost of living is much higher in California than it is in Oklahoma. I get my info from various media outlets like this Minimum wage in SF is $10.24 per hour as of this year in San Francisco, California. I do not envy it because I would pay about $1500 per month for a studio apartment. Here in the central valley it is about $8.50.

  117. Elisa Kraemer

    Yeah, its crazy. People who really need the help dont get what they need, or it takes longer then it should because of people abusing it!

  118. Jacob R. Green

    The EBT cash portion was intended for non food cash expenses the government doesn't have any restrictions on what people do with this money.

  119. Patricia Lombardo Iannuzzo

    I still maintain if one can afford to buy cigarettes with ANY portion of their government handout (or their trust fund or paycheck, or any other form of income, for that matter) they can also afford to buy their own food!

  120. Paula Qualls Gurley

    The writer brought up the cake. I don't have a problem with a cake (but keep it reasonable) I do have a problem when I see a basket full of heat and eat, soda, cookies, no unprocessed fruit & veggies……. I am saying that if people are truly hungry….they will buy real food………….not crap. I don't mind paying for real food……I do object to crap. If you want us to think these people are soooooo deperate, then stop making excuse for them blowing tax payers money.

  121. Paula Qualls Gurley

    The writer brought up the cake. I don't have a problem with a cake (but keep it reasonable) I do have a problem when I see a basket full of heat and eat, soda, cookies, no unprocessed fruit & veggies……. I am saying that if people are truly hungry….they will buy real food………….not crap. I don't mind paying for real food……I do object to crap. If you want us to think these people are soooooo deperate, then stop making excuse for them blowing tax payers money.

  122. Kathie Wilson

    Paula Qualls Gurley once that money is allocated, it belongs to the person using it. One of the things which irks me most about the SNAP program, is the way everyone who isn't on it seems to think the money still belongs to us instead of the recipient. As long as she follows the guidelines, she can spend it on what ever she wants: it's hers now, and you don't see her telling you what to buy at the grocery store, or offering snide opinions on your purchases.

  123. Kathie Wilson

    I agreed with you all the way to your last sentence. We don't get to pick which WMD's the Defense Department commissions – why should we get to exercise control over our fellow citizens' cash purchases either? Individual rights to make choices, for good or ill, are the foundation of this country. What are you, some kinda fascist?

  124. Gail Finnell

    I wasn't making excuses for them, just saying perhaps you should be less judgemental about others. BTW as Kathie said once the money is allocated it is theirs do with as they wish. Plus a good majority of those on SNAP contrary to popular belief, pay taxes! SO in essence it was their money to begin with. Now if you want to start legislating what people can and cannot buy with SNAP – then perhaps the government can start telling everyone how much they can make, where they live, where they are allowed to go on vacation, what clothes they wear etc. Geeesh.

  125. Gail Finnell

    I wasn't making excuses for them, just saying perhaps you should be less judgemental about others. BTW as Kathie said once the money is allocated it is theirs do with as they wish. Plus a good majority of those on SNAP contrary to popular belief, pay taxes! SO in essence it was their money to begin with. Now if you want to start legislating what people can and cannot buy with SNAP – then perhaps the government can start telling everyone how much they can make, where they live, where they are allowed to go on vacation, what clothes they wear etc. Geeesh.

  126. Chris Claggett

    No I am not a fascist of any kind. I think that anyone that is on state assistance, such as I am, should not be afforded the luxury of buying cigarettes or beer with the money the state and tax payers are providing to me to pay my bills. In Oregon they even tell you that you are not suppose to take the money out as cash and buy tobacco or alcohol products. If you want to purchase those items, find another source of income other than the funds that are suppose to be helping you meet your basic necessities. There are certain food items that you cannot purchase with food stamp funds, so there should be no reason to limit items that can be purchased with cash funds. I would never say that they can not get them through other legal means. If your getting state cash funds and you want to smoke, go donate your blood, find a safe gig on craigslist or anything else you can for a few bucks.

  127. Michelle Cooke Burkdoll

    Working in grocery I know for a fact that a lot of people sell their food stamps for drug. Being not so Rick myself and being told I didn't qualify when my husband a meager 10 bucks an hour having just given birth

  128. Sean Collins

    If you're going to report issues… at least get the facts straight. She didn't refuse to allow "food stamps" to be spent on cigarettes. Yes, it was EBT, but it was the cash portion of it, which has no regulations on how it's to be spent. You can walk up to an ATM and withdraw off that portion of the benefit card. Does that make it "right"? I don't think so. Does it make it legal for her to impose her own beliefs upon how the cash can be spent? Absolutely no. Were I her employer, she wouldn't have lost her job the first time, but would have if she continued doing so after a reprimand.

  129. Tyler Henne

    a $5 pack of cigarettes is nowhere near the cost of groceries. Like the guy above said, there is a cash portion of EBT. It's THEIR business what they spend that cash on. If it's a pack of smokes, who's to say no? But comparing a $5 pack of smokes to food which can add up to the hundreds easily, is just plain dumb.

  130. Tyler Henne

    If you're worried about the necessities, get Welfare. Food Stamps, it's in the name…FOOD stamps. Not toilet paper stamps. I see where you're coming from, but like I said, get Welfare for the necessities. Food stamps is for FOOD, regardless of nutrition value. The only reason they don't change these laws is because they see how much money they make off of it. Why would they stop letting people abuse the system, when the Government is making profit. They don't care as long as the money is rolling in.

  131. Tyler Henne

    If you're worried about the necessities, get Welfare. Food Stamps, it's in the name…FOOD stamps. Not toilet paper stamps. I see where you're coming from, but like I said, get Welfare for the necessities. Food stamps is for FOOD, regardless of nutrition value. The only reason they don't change these laws is because they see how much money they make off of it. Why would they stop letting people abuse the system, when the Government is making profit. They don't care as long as the money is rolling in.

  132. Tonya Wright

    I work at a local store, it is unreal the amount of junk that is bought with food stamps. Chips, dips, soda's, enegry drinks, candy.. I think the program needs to be revitalized for food. I see all sorts of people of all ages using food stamps. The older generation uses it the best buying food, real food that is healthy for them, the younger generation buys junk pure junk and in the same order they pay cash for their beer. Or the reak with ciggerate odor. Hello, I feel that if they can afford to drink beer or smoke, then they can afford their food. I do beleive that their are alot of kids who may not eat without this program, and we americans need to help our on neighbors. No child or eldery person should go hungry but their parents should be trying to better them self at the same time. I think if you are on food stamps that person and any one else who is on your case should be drug tested and any child who is not in school or adult as long as they are healthy need to be in some kind of learning program or doing volunteer work to help out, not just lay around and watch tv all day, Except for the eldery. Our country is hurting for jobs, but yet Mcdonalds up the street is all the time hiring. It may not be the job we want or pay what we would like, but it is a job.

  133. Linda McCall

    John, for your information. I was on food stamps back in June when you commented on this. So there you go sherlock. And you need toilet paper if your gonna eat food. Unless you use leaves hahah. Now I have a part time job and It's a right to work state. I sure could use food stamps, but they say I make to much. Yet the electric bill keeps going up. Don't know how they expect people to live on tat wage. I would rather have full time. Anyway I still will go with my my original statement. Oh you could also use tree bark lolol

  134. Ashley Marie

    People on food stamps shouldn't be allowed to buy cigaretts or junk food. IE, No chips, Ice cream, soda, steak, candy. Steak is not junk, but for people like me who are not on assistance cannot afford steak why should they be able to buy it on our tax dime?

  135. Elizabeth Nolan

    because the person who posted theis was misinforming, there is a cash side on the ebt card as wall as food 2 seperate parts u can buy whatever you want with the cash part toilet papper cigaretts and yes even alcohal. it is supoed to be considered like any other debit card you would they tell you at the register run it as food, same card different accounts
    this is on the cash side and you run the ebt as debit. if there useing the food stamp side you

  136. Elizabeth Nolan

    sorry everyone its a true atory and if you knew anythin about the ebt program there is a cash side on the same card that you can purchace whatever you want with, includin alcohal and cigaretts. i work for the company that the girl got fired from and deal with this every day. and to say theres only a few that do this is livin in a dream world. IT happens all day every day. i can verify the the majority are buying cigaretts. name brand buy the way,alcohal, and they but the mixes for the alcohal with the food side of the card. sometimes there are 70 80 dollar transactions on this stuff. 20 dollars worth of snacks to o with it…..gee i could live for a month with what there wasteing of our tax dollars,

  137. Elizabeth Nolan

    Chris Claggett I agree with u 100 percent this has nothing to do with the government controling anything, People obviously want to take advantage of assistance, and cant be trusted to make the correct choices,leavin some people who could really apreciate the extra help and use it wisely without.
    Idont know about you but i only let people take advantage of me for so long than im done with them. we need to reform.

  138. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Thank you, Elizabeth. I know just being in the grocery store and seeing my tax dollars going on junk food makes me see red, I imagine seeing it everyday is atrocious. Feeding those who are hungry is a whole different proposition than paying for someone's cigarettes and alcohol. As for Kathie Wilson and Gail Finnell……..if they don't want the government to tell them what to do, they need to find someone else to sign their paychecks. I love how those who llive on welfare think no one is entitled to have an opinion on what they spend their money on, but they sure expect us to keep going to work so they can get that money………out of MY paycheck.

  139. Gail Finnell

    Paula Qualls Gurley As for Kathie Wilson and Gail Finnell……..if they don't want the government to tell them what to do, they need to find someone else to sign their paychecks – the government does not sign my paycheck! My husband works to support all four of us Randy @ Rock Creek signs his paycheck NOT THE GOVERNMENT. I love how all those who have not had the unfortunate chance to have used these programs all harp about what the money gets spent on, well dear keep complaining! BTW I pray that you never loose your source of income or you will have to endure the stares of people like you, who think that they are better than you JUST because of a stupid card. I never said you were not entitled to your opinion, just that you sound like a hypocrite. You should be more concerned that your tax dollars are being wasted to pay for a study on the mating issues of fruit flies than on what someone is putting in their grocery cart. But hey if it makes you feel superior go right ahead appearantly you need it.

  140. Elizabeth Nolan

    how do you know theyve never recieved benifits, i have and was responsible i didnt throw it up in the cashiers face and everyone around me that i was taking advantage of a system that was meant to help people temporarily, there are a few and i mean a few who arent but most think its fun and laugh about it hey lets go spend our free money, i hear hey its free get what you want, people need to learn to be humble and have a little humility. and stop being so damn self-centered. there are people who are really hurting out there.

  141. Gail Finnell

    Elizabeth Nolan people need to learn to be humble and have a little humility. and stop being so damn self-centered. there are people who are really hurting out there. – Exactly my point. Why are we so concerned about what others are buying if we are to be humble and not self centered? I never said that you did not have experience, I was refering to Paula Qualls Gurley. Just like the old saying……don't let a few rotten apples spoil the barrel. Those that act like idiots are the ones that make it hard for those who appreciate the assistance and understand its meaning. Just like there are those that are for lack of a better description "jealous" that they work and pay their way and have to complain about what the others are putting in their grocery carts. It is a double edged sword.

  142. Kathie Wilson

    The government doesn't sign my paycheck either, as I'm self-employed. Taxes on my income are higher than those on wages. And I still feel that the recipients of assistance programs should be accorded the same respect as everyone else. If she's not looking in your grocery cart, why are you looking in hers? THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY – individual decision making is best left to the individual. Or does that sentiment only apply when YOU are the individual in question??

  143. Paula Qualls Gurley

    There are many out there who are really hurting, and then there are those who think they are owed something because they breathe. There is no shame in needing help, but there should be some from those who think that government money is free money. It's not free to me! When my kids were small, we struggled to feed our kids and pay our bills. We did without and we made do. Why am I so concerned? Because I am still not rich, and I can think of things my family could use with that money. I now have 3 kids raising families….and there are things they need……….and I don't mean cigarettes and junk food.

  144. Gail Finnell

    Paula Qualls Gurley Why am I so concerned? Because I am still not rich, and I can think of things my family could use with that money. I now have 3 kids raising families….and there are things they need……….and I don't mean cigarettes and junk food. —— Try again

  145. Kathie Wilson

    I don't think we should be drug testing those applying for assistance either – those laws end up costing more to administer than is saved, since so few of the applicants test positive, but EVERYBODY has to be tested. Not to mention the fact that we're not drug testing elected officials, who are the recipients of more taxpayer dollars than welfare moms, especially when one figures in their health and retirement plans. And certainly not to mention the fact that drug testing completely and utterly violates the 5th Constitutional Amendment. (How d'ya like me now, Elizabeth?) :)

  146. Kathie Wilson

    No, really it's just a lie. The small government types want the government to control how the cash is spent in addition to the food dollars. Small government my kiester.

  147. Kathie Wilson

    These are the same folks who want to shrink government to the size of a vaginal speculum. Oops, I said 'vagina'. Guess I won't be allowed to talk to Congress now…..

  148. Savings Mumma

    If there wasnt help like for myself and my son we would be starving ive spent three months trying to get a job with no success this world sucks right now! I know first hand be careful of what you say im grateful and very lucky to get help from the government id be homeless and starving without them.

  149. Elizabeth Nolan

    Bryan Kuhn well i guess there is a gathering of stupidity because the cigaretts were bought with the cash side of the ebt card . so yes get the facts go read the article in the it you can read for yourself the whole story. i work for this company and we recieved all kinds of notices in this situation. the store is correct, they had the rihght to fire her LEGALLY we have to allow people buy whatever they want with the cash side of ebt,,, not the food stamp side, how ever as is done night after night.. they come in the store and buy alcohol and cigs on the money side. spending sometimes 70 + on that.. than they buy theyre mixer, juice milk, and soda on the food side.. smerking like there getting away with something. and they are. perfectly legal…. morraly wrong…very arrogant annoying and frankly quite sickening.

  150. Elizabeth Nolan

    Layla Dow what they do is under the table jobs or o to the salvation army and food kitchens for food..and paper products, all y need to recieve help from them in maine and new hampshire is an ebt card and you can get boxes of groceries.. and the town will pay your lights and rent. they tell them they lost the money.or someone stole there rent. these people are alot of the reason theres not more for those who need it.

  151. Elizabeth Nolan

    what does that have to do wit the conversation, i could care less if the program was controled the way it was in the when it was developed. thanwe wouldnt have to worry about drugs because the fedral money would go directly to what it was intended.

  152. Kathie Wilson

    What it has to do with, is all the bashing of folks accepting temporary assistance. I'm heartily sick of it – and damn glad that assistance is still available. (Which it likely won't be, if Romney is elected.) As for the program, it's been expanded to include cash PRECISELY because toilet paper and toothpaste can't be purchased with food stamps, and some of us realize that it's hard to get a job if your teeth are gone, and your butt stinks. It's called 'investing in the future'. I have no problem with helping folks who have hit a bump in their personal road, receiving some of my tax dollars in an effort to maintain employability. None. If a small percentage, and it IS a small percentage, of that money is spent in ways I personally wouldn't spend it, well, that's what is known as 'freedom of choice'. I don't have a problem with that either.

  153. Kathie Wilson

    Patricia Lombardo Iannuzzo once it leaves your hands, and lands in theirs, it IS their money. Can you imagine what it would be like if your employer decided what you should spend your paycheck on? Remember the "company store"? It's a free country, and I'd like to see it remain one. JMO

  154. Paula Qualls Gurley

    So does testing those who work constitute bashing? I think to accuse those of us who oppose using our tax dollars to buy cigarettes and alcohol of hating poor people is a smokescreen. We have an obligation to feed those who need help, I have NO obligation to pay for luxuries that are health hazard. Many if not most people pay more for health insurance if they smoke, but now we must pay for someone else's cigarettes and healthcare? If Romney is elected, maybe Joe will be able to find a job to pay for his bad habits. If not, he needs to drop them.

  155. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Actually I am a Ron Paul supporter, but he is too moderate for the political climate. Romney won't do away with public assistance, but I do hope he will continue with the welfare reforms put in place by Bill Clinton………and help those that truly are in need.

  156. Lisa Edgett

    No s…. And people are riding this argument…even with ebt cash u can't..

  157. Stephanie Vaughan

    Layla Dow: Food stamps are SUPPLEMENTAL NOT TO PAY FOR ALL FOOD! If they NEEDED more? THEY WOULD GET MORE.It's based on your INCOME! My husband and I don't pay taxes to feed an entire family of four all month! Help them when IN NEED? YES MAM..OTHERWISE? NO.GET A FREAKING JOB IF YOU WANT TO EAT!

  158. Colette Mazlack

    You have to be damn broke to get any benefits, really, really broke. Yes, it would be nice if she wasn't a smoker, but I'd smoke too just for stress! I think this PARTICULAR state allowed cigs to be bought with Food Stamp money (kinda weird). Other states don't. If you are *lucky* enough to qualify for other assistance that money is also put on your card to buy things you need-lucky as you have to be almost homeless to get it. Cig addiction is very hard to break & betting that Nicorite gum is NOT covered…I can't buy vitimans or supplements, but I can get Bags & bags of M&M's..The employee deserved to get fired, otherwise the store might have faced a lawsuit. Her job is to take money/cards for products. The ONLY thing she is asked to do and she refused to do her job. Maybe she'd already pissed them off, hence the firing and not a *write-up*.

  159. Araceli Villalobos

    I have food stamps I use free coupons from the local newspaper I walk 1.5 miles to and from walgreens for example they had a sale 49 cent tuna the store closest to me had them for 68 cents not everyone on food stamps missuses them. I have lost 8 pounds from all the walking I do. There is too much judging going around.

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