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Joey Feek Plays With Daughter And Out Is Of Bed, A Christmas Miracle?

Joey Feek is out of bed and playing with her daughter. The sudden burst of energy has led many to call the actions of the 40-year-old country singer a Christmas miracle. Feek was all smiles in photos shared on Facebook by her husband and fellow singer, Rory Feek, on Friday. The Christian singer has cervical cancer and submitted to hospice care in recent weeks.

Joey Feek and her 22-month-old daughter, Indiana (Indy) were playing with educational photo cards on the floor of Feek’s bedroom in the now viral photos.The singer has not had the energy to get out of bed since November 29, according to a previous social media post by Rory. She was diagnosed with an “aggressive case” of cervical caner last year. The cancer returned after undergoing treatment to fight the illness earlier this year. In October, the couple announced that the disease was terminal and Joey decided to end all further treatments.

In the photo update about Joey’s condition on Facebook, her husband added a caption which read, “It’s 60 and sunny outside today and even brighter inside.. Joey’s out of bed teaching signs to Indy on the floor.”

In spite of a grim prognosis by her doctors, Joey Feek has tried to keep a positive outlook and has been determined to the cervical cancer trying to ravage her body. Last week the Christian country music singer lifted when she and her extended family celebrated Christmas a little early in her hometown, People magazine reports.

After being award a Grammy nomination for best country duo or group performance, Rory shared the couples’ thoughts about the honor, “God is so good. Thank you, thank you!”

Feek started appearing on stage when she was just 6-years-old. During a talent show, Joey belted out Dolly Parton’s classic hit, “Coat of Many Colors.” She moved to Nashville to embark upon a country music singing career in 1998. Although she signed a music contract with Sony records to release her fist album just two years later, the compilation was never released due to “industry problems.”

In 2004, Feek recorded her second country music album, Strong Enough to Cry. That album also never made it to store shelves, but did become available for digital download in 2007, Hollywood Life reports. Things began to turn around professionally for Joey when she auditioned for the Rory Feek CMT music competition entitled Can You Duet. The two ultimately fell in love, got married, and signed a deal to release their first album, The Life of a Song.

The Life of a Song hit the No. 1 spot on country music charts and earned the Joey+Rory duo an Academy of Country Music Award in 2010. The couple created and starred in the Joey+Rory Show, a half-hour variety show offering, two years after their debut album.

Last week Rory, 50, told fans that doctors have been able to keep Joey’s pain under control and that her spirits have been high recently even though she was now confined to bed.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post authored by Rory to share news of Joey’s daily progress with friends and fans.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that [Joey] doesn’t look me and her family in the eye and say, ‘I’m gonna beat this,’ or, ‘I’m getting better, I believe that. And she asks me if I believe it, and I do. I choose to.”

During an interview after she decided to stop her treatment for cervical cancer, Joey Feek had this to say about her outlook on the ongoing battle with the disease and the terminal diagnosis.

“God decided for me that my job of singing for people down here is my legacy, and he needs me singing up there. That’s how I look at it,” Joey Feed said shortly after deciding to stop treatments for the terminal cervical cancer, ABC News reports.

Indy Feek, a happy and healthy baby, was born at home. Not long after the birth of their daughter, she underwent chromosomal testing which confirmed that Indiana has Downs Syndrome. The couple was understandably shocked by the news at first, but quickly said that they wouldn’t change a thing with their daughter, noting that she is progressing wonderfully and love every moment they get to spend with her, Taste of Country reports. The couple noted equal joy when referencing the character and family time spent with Rory’s daughters from a previous marriage, Hopie and Heidi.

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