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‘The Canyons’ Director Bret Easton Ellis Says James Deen’s Rape Allegations Is ‘A Ridiculous Witch Hunt’

Adult film star James Deen has been accused of rape by a total of 10 women over the last month. Now, the writer of Deen’s first mainstream film The Canyons, is coming out in support of Deen, who has vehemently denied all of the accusations by the women that are all involved in the adult entertainment industry.

It started when Deen’s ex girlfriend, Stoya, who aired her frustrations about Deen’s supporters on Twitter, revealing a pretty powerful rape statement.

Immediately, the internet, or at least Twitter, banded with Stoya in support. Following the November 28 tweet, more women including Tori Lux, Amber Rayne, and Kora Peters accused Deen of rape.

Stay explained the tweet to The Jason Ellis Show.

“At some point he became revered as, like, a feminist by all these feminist blogs. And it angered me! Where are they getting this from? There are a lot of men in porn who truly love women, and they’re funny and they’re interesting and they’re good people. Why did the world latch on to him?”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Bret Easton Ellis defended James Deen. The adult film star has a huge image to protect as he’s almost known as a “wholesome” figure in the adult entertainment industry, who was trying to break out into other acting projects.

He’s arguably the most mainstream face of adult films since Jenna Jameson, and certainly the most accessible via social media accounts. In addition to all of this, Deen “championed” for women to be treated equally to men in the adult film world. He was even known as “the Ryan Gosling of porn.”

Of these rape allegations, Bret Easton Ellis calls it nothing more than a “ridiculous witch hunt.”

“This whole thing is a ridiculous witch hunt. Most of the people in James’ close circle know that this is a wild distortion, a lie on Stoya’s part. And when this evidence comes out with texts and emails, it’s going to prove everyone who is #solidaritywithstoya to be ashamed of themselves. So I think that’s part of the problem.”

Ellis then continued by saying that this is all a part of Stoya’s plan to blackmail the adult film star. The writer says that she’s unstable and that this was an abusive relationship they were in. As far as evidence, Ellis said that James Deen has texts by Stoya that proves she threatened him with rape claims.

“The very fact that on the day that James buys a house with his girlfriend, she tweets this, what do you think? Is that enough?”

It didn’t take long for James Deen to deny several rape allegations. As the Inquisitr reported, Deen spoke to The Daily Beast about the allegations and said, “I am completely baffled” by Stoya’s claims.

Deen’s theory on why she sent out the tweet matches with Bret Easton Ellis’ “proof” that Deen didn’t rape her.

“The reason Stoya made this claim could be as simple as her finding out that my current girlfriend and I are moving in together. We have mutual friends, one of our friends notified Stoya of this information.”

Deen also went on to say that he respected limits while filming with several adult stars, including Tori Lux, who claimed that she was assaulted.

What do you think about the claims against James Deen?

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