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Fast And Furious Updates – Will The Scandal Be Obama’s Watergate?

The Congressional committee vote to place U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt late last week over the refusal to deliver all the documents requested in the Fast and Furious investigation is expected to move to a full House vote by Wednesday. The eleventh-hour assertion of executive privilege by President Barack Obama turned the investigation into the government sanctioned “gun-walking” into Mexico which led to the death of U.S. Border Control agent Brian Terry into a political football. President Obama’s increased involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal led political pundits to make comparisons to former President Richard Nixon’s downfall – Watergate.

Eric Holder’s fate hangs in the balance unless a compromise is reached between the U.S. Department of Justice and Congress before a contempt vote is called. The “what did you known” and “when did you know it” style questions of members of the Obama administration ironically fell on the same week as the fortieth anniversary of Watergate.

The Latest Fast and Furious Developments

The White House has denied Congress the right to interview a former National Security Department staff who communicated with the Bill Newell, the ATF Special Agent in charge of the Fast and Furious operation, according to the Washington Times. Newell testified before Congress in July 2011 that he was a “longtime friend” of National Security Kevin O’Reilly. Congressional investigators have attempted to interview O’Reilly repeatedly during the past year about the “tactics and objectives” used during Fast and Furious and with whom he shared his knowledge about the operation.

During a press conference after President Obama asserted executive power over sharing Fast and Furious documents late last week White House Press Secretary stumbled at the microphone unable to initially remember the name of slain border control agent Brian Terry, according to video excerpts republished by the Washington Times.

The National Border Patrol Council, the union organization which represents border control agents, joined forced with Republican leaders and called for the resignation Eric Holder. The border control union represents more than 2,000 agents, the El Paso Times reports.

The parents of slain border control agent Brian Terry spoke out about the Fast and Furious hearing for the first time on the Sean Hannity show. Josephine and Kent Terry emphatically stated they wanted answers and justice for their son. According to Hannity show interview excerpts, the Terry family has met with “nothing but obstruction” from the White House about the Fast and Furious investigation into their son’s death. The Terry’s launched the Brian Terry Foundation last week to honor their son and bring awareness to the “deadly and flawed” Fast and Furious operation.