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L.A. Lakers fans riot outside the Staples Center


L.A. Lakers fans celebrated their NBA championship victory Sunday night (June 14) by rioting outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Eyewitness reports said that the police officers at the scene were being belted with rocks and bottles. There are also reports of fans starting fires, although it isn’t clear at this stage whether those fires included buildings or vehicles. One unconfirmed report says that at least one police vehicle has been set on fire.

Live footage at 9:15pm local time from a local television station clearly shows rioters attacking signs and shop fronts. Police control of the area at this time would appear to be limited, with vehicle traffic having to turn away as they approach the rioters.

More when we have it.

9:30pm PDT Update: Twitter users near the scene are warning people to stay away from the Staples Center Riot area and surrounding streets, describing the scene as chaos. More reports of fires being lit.

9:33pm PDT: just grabbed this shot from a live video feed showing rioters attacking a taxi. Immediately after this shot was taken, other vehicles were surrounded and attacked.

lakers-riot9:38pm PDT: strong police presence now outside the center, but rioters are in other streets. More passing cars being attacked.

lakers-riot29:40pm PDT: unconfirmed report that the Staples Center is on fire. There were fire brigade vehicles earlier, perhaps confirming the report.

9:42pm PDT: reports that police have declared the riot an “unlawful gathering.” TV footage shows rioters dispersing. Some attacks now happening West of the Harbor (110) Freeway

9:47pm PDT: fires still being lit

lakers-riot-fires9:50pm PDT: reports of two arrests, police claim to have the area under control. Live helicopter footage still shows people in the area though. This shot was taken earlier….

lakers-riot-police-car9:55pm PDT: looks completely under control (shot taken at 9:54pm from a live feed)

lakers-riot-110pm PDT: the “under control” crowd is currently trashing a bus under the 110


More updates in 30 minutes. Rioters have moved past the 110 and are attacking more vehicles, including a TV van.

10:35pm PDT: less rioters on the ground, but attacks continuing, including a Robeks Juice outlet. A lot more police in the area, rioters run when police arrive.

10:40pm PDT: AP, some local outlets now calling it a riot (many local sites called this “celebrating.”) We know that two police vehicles have been damaged, no reports of injuries yet.

10:45pm PDT: live video is following a number of people who don’t seem to be doing much. People on Twitter are still saying there is activity in the area. Worst may be over.

10:50pm PDT: still a few scattered groups, although they seem to be more behaved…least they aren’t stopping traffic. Debris on the road seems to be an issue per this shot (the white bits on the road)

lakers-riot-debris11:02 pm PDT: Riot police spotted, and a mass of police cars in the area….. now they’re charging down the street, not sure at what though.

riot-police-lakers11:10pm PDT: more police action. They seem to be corralling rioters more than anything. Related: this shot from Twitter shows the shoe store trashed by the rioters

lakers-riot-shoe-store11:25pm PDT: we’ve lost our live video feeds. Twitter updates from the area have dropped off. It may not be completely over, but we’re probably going to call it a night for updates. If there is anything new, we’ll update as it becomes available.

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52 Responses to “L.A. Lakers fans riot outside the Staples Center”

  1. Shaylo

    Omg…what idiots! Makes me MORE thankful I moved out of California!

  2. eric

    Excellent job of keeping us updated. This is unbelievable! Any sign of Kobe in the midst of the rioters?

  3. Rex

    Gee, do you think race has anything with these Lakers riots? Character and dignity will out, yes? Now is that a PC comment? But is it a legitimate question? Is that racial profiling? Is there a correlation between living in the ghetto and intelligence, race, character?

  4. ed

    Wait, I thought these rioters were all disaffected youth who felt left out of the process. Wasn't all this supposed to end when Joebama got into office?

  5. The Gent 210

    Wow they really know how to celebrate….. Glad I ain't a Faker Fan, I mean Laker Fan.. Because out of my 4 championship celebrations in San Antonio not one riot!! Yep not one! GO SPURS GO!!

  6. WTF

    To Morons in LA: You riot when you lose not when you win. Why trash your own town and the center where your teams plays? Sore winners?

  7. JC

    Somebody shoot those idiots and take them out of the gene pool. Please. Since when does a good happy event mean destroying other people's property. Where's my ammo… Hurry people before those idiots go home and make babies.

  8. youareadouche

    everyone that commented on this is pretty much a total douche…esp. that racial profiling guy/gal….

  9. lalaland

    Celebrating the Lakers' victory in Los Angeles is “looting and rioting, arson and menecing vehicles, destroying traffic signs and poles, and bashing parked car windows. GO LAKERS

  10. yoq

    This is nothing. Look at the hooligans in Europe. Count ourselves lucky.

  11. youareadouche

    shooting everyone is a much better solution to the “rioting” get a grip. people will say anything on the internet…

  12. Effra

    They're upset because they're waiting for President Teleprompter to give them all gub'mint jobs.

  13. lalaland

    This is a brief tease at what's gonna happen when the g'ment checks stop flowing. We're the Government, and we're here to help you.

    “looting and rioting, arson and menecing vehicles, destroying traffic signs and poles, and bashing parked car windows and police cars, cleaning out a grocery store and breaking the doors, looting a shoestore..”

    Can't wait to see this surveillance video of the brilliance and creativity of a rioting mob. GO LAKERS

  14. jake

    i think you are guilty of sensationalism here, it was not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. be careful, this kind of irresponsibility could actually make things worse, just like the news to add fuel to the fire.
    please try to be more responsible.

  15. Daniel Lopez

    I'm lucky that i am not anywhere near Downtown LA. LA is full of latin gansters. Ghetto LA!

  16. Mike

    Rioters should be shot on site. Freakin criminal bastards.

  17. Raul

    That shoe store they broke into is the store that i buy my shoes in their shoes are rare they will prob go out of business awww

  18. Rex

    You sound soooo articulate –what were you doing during your school daze, shooting hoops and jerking off?

  19. Rex

    You are absolutely correct, lalaland. They are the takers, created by government giveaways and mush brain, wimpy teachers, welfare workers, lapsed parents, a naive and disinterested public, the ignorance all enhanced by that caricaturing of America known as Disneyland and Hollywood, ultimate spawners of the ghetto and thugs. When you reflect on it, almost all professional sports are now dominated by thugs and supported by entertainment addicted liberals who allow their own children to adopt the lifestyle of these welfare criminal thugs and illegal immigrants. It's time for America to clean its own house and get rid of the garbage and debris.

  20. con

    Hooligans in Europe beat up on rival fans, not inocent people passing by in their cars.

  21. randy

    Yeah, most sports fans are liberals….give me a break. You need to get out of your house more…although I guess that would put you at risk from all the thugs, illegal immigrants, and liberals running around wreaking havoc on the streets. These rioters are scumbags, most likely the results of bad parenting, but hey, that's their right! If people want to raise their kids with no morals, to not care about school, who is the gubb'mint to step in and try to help things?

  22. you do know...

    …the majority of welfare recipients are white….right?

  23. Tony

    Effra, you flipping racist idiot!!! The majority of the rioters were Mexican, not Black

  24. Ltrain

    You said it! Go SPURS Go!!….. The lakers and fans alike have no class at all.

  25. Ltrain

    “Gub'mint jobs” LMFAO!!!! thats the funniest sh*t i have seen all day.

  26. Joe

    San Antonio is a very different environment from LA i know because I've lived in both. Texas is more family oriented but in LA you have to deal with ridiculous laws, crooked cops, never ending taxes, etc etc…and people are tired of it and the Lakers winning is the only way to get everyone together show that we the people have the power and are not afraid of our government and wont let them control us and what we want to do. Your lucky you have it easy in Texas the homes are cheaper and nicer. You don't have to deal with ridiculous taxes. If your born out here your almost guaranteed a hard life. and Lakers are the best so stop all your hating just because your team hasnt won so many championships

  27. Pudden N. Tang

    Bull sh*t! I was born and raised in LA and these “people” are low life mexicans who are for the most part children of illegals. They have low moral character or civility. They are ignorant, loutish and thuggish, and the majority of the population in LA now (most of the state for that matter). They have turned a once great city into a cesspool. They are the reason I left California and they can rot with their s^^t-hole city.

  28. WorldWideWankster

    For real! Every angry person on the internet who doesn't have the voice or the balls to do anything in real life likes to talk about shooting people when they get online. Why dont they quit it? Any can be a killer on the world wide web. hahahahaha!!! LMAO @ LAMOs

  29. WorldWideWankster

    NOpe. It will end when 'JoeMama' quits making and raising racist losers like YOU!!

  30. WorldWideWankster

    OK Sgt. Slaughter… hahahahahah!!!! If your parents had followed the same principle, then we wouldn't have to read your stupid opinions on reacting to violence with more extreme violence. Go play duck hunt or something…

  31. WorldWideWankster

    Your right that rioting at the very place you went to support your team is idiotic. However America's “gene pool” is also tainted by idiots who think shooting everyone you dont like is a 'real' solution. Why dont you take your own advice and put a bullet in YOUR head? If your such a genius problem solver, then why can't you find your ammo? If your such a killer then why are you typing online and not out killing? I hope your not at home making babies either…

  32. Tomas

    Seriously! Come on, where's the civility in these comments. The people did indeed need to be shot… not dead, but rather shot in the leg so they couldn't destroy anyone else's property (unless they were REALLY determined to continue to kick in a store window). Eye for an eye, basically. Someone slashes your tires, bangs in you windshield, and starts to tip your car over… while you're f*cking in it… well, I believe you have every right to temporarily take away their current mode of transportation as well.

  33. DS

    another stupid justification by an uneducated fool. Good job JOE!

  34. roomerchavez

    You are a true dickhead…You probably moved back to your KKK camp somwhere in Mississippi and probably sleeping with you sister… Educate yourself just a little more please…

    P.S. A proud lowlife Mexican who is proud to be the son of immigrants…

  35. Anonymous

    L.A.P.D. took 10 times as long as they should have with getting control of it. When they had a riot in Huntington Beach some years back they got it under control with a water tank and bigger cops! quick. I was there. And HB cops are better paid then most L.A. cops so they get better cops. L.A.P.D. hires just about anybody that wants to be a cop and these type of situations show what a lousy police force they are under pressure. All they really know how to do is write tickets. And of course with that joke of a mayor they got it will never get any better.

  36. Anonymous

    I agree with JC except that he doesn’t know where his ammo is. they probably stole it

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