Bill Shephard Sells Army Medal to Survive

Vet Sells Army Medal On eBay To Make Money For His Family

Army vet Bill Shephard was in desperate need of money after returning home from Iraq unable to find a job, so he did what he needed to do in order to survive, he put his Army medal on eBay.

According to Shephard in an interview with MyFox Washington

“When I saw the amount that was posted on eBay, when I saw that it was $2,000, it was just, it was overwhelming.”

Shephard who has a wife and three young kids says at one point he was standing under a bridge with a sign that read “will work for food”

The Army vet had tried to find work the old fashion way, earning college credit, applying for tons of jobs and even reaching out to Veteran organization, yet two-and-a-half years later the Army vet couldn’t find work.

Shephard tells Fox Philadelphia

“I’ve tried until the point where I started my own business and went door to door because, at a certain point, you can’t sit around and wait for somebody to call you. You have to get active and make some money.”

It turns out the medal selling business is vibrant even in a slow economy. The medal has raised more than $5000 and Bill Shephard says he’ll use that money to buy a new lawn mower and trailer to expand his landscaping business.

After the medal was listed Shephard not only received bids, he received calls and emails offering assistance.

In the meantime Bill’s sergeant has called the selling of the medal a slap in the face to his fellow soldiers and the Army.