Trader Joe Mugshot after attacking girlfriend

‘Swamp People’ Star ‘Trapper Joe’ Arrested, Assaulted Girlfriend With Lit Cigarette

“Swamp People” star Trapper Joe, real name Noces Joseph LaFont Jr. was arrested early Wednesday morning after he allegedly attacked and burned his girlfriend with a lit cigarette and then punched her in the chest with a closed fit.

Noces was arrested for assault and battery and booked at a local police station in Orange County, Florida.

In the police report a witness says Trapper Joe and his girlfriend were arguing outside of the Buena Vista Hotel and Spa just after midnight. The report says both Trapper Joe and his girlfriend appeared to be very drunk at the time of the attack.

According to the witness Trapper Joe punched his girlfriend in the check and then began to shake her hard and repeatedly.

In the official report Trapper Joe’s girlfriend said he received a call on his cell phone and she wanted to know who was calling, as she reached for the phone Noces tried to burn her with his lit cigarette which led to the further altercation.

Joe told police that the accusations levied against him are false but he was arrested anyways and taken to a nearby police station where he was book into custody following witness testimony of the event that transpired.

Reps for Swamp People and Trader Joe are not making any comments at this time.’

The original arrest report was obtained by TMZ and not other information has been provided at this time.

It has been a rough year for the stars of Swamp People, in May show regular Mitchell Guist died after falling out of his boat.