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Bullying Videos of School Bus Monitor Go Viral [Video]

Greece Athena Middle School

COMMENTARY | Two videos of a New York school bus monitor being bullied by middle school students have gone viral. The incidents are under investigation by both the school and local law enforcement officers, according to The Blaze. The lengthy videos are difficult to watch for several reasons. Bullying education is apparently not successfully altering the behavior of public school students if the disgusting videos are any indication.

The obnoxious remarks by the middle school students “bully” the school bus monitor about her weight, discuss rape, what it would feel like to push a knife through her stomach and make disparaging comments about her hair and her face. The behavior of the youngsters beg one to question how they were raised and what type of foul language and taunting is permissible in their own homes. Have parenting norms gone so awry that children have no fear of repercussion for such horrific behavior from mom and dad?

Administrators at Greece Athena Middle School in Rochester obviously felt it was worth spending taxpayer funds on a school bus monitor for a reason. A quick glimpse of the bus surveillance tape or a conversation with driver would have alerted the school principal to how out-of-control the situation was on the bus.

According to WHEC-TV News school bus monitor Karen Huff Klein has worked for the district for more than 20 years. Klein surely deserves sympathy for the verbal torture she endured for what is probably a very small paycheck, but she obviously cannot perform the duties of a school bus monitor. The videos clearly illustrate that the majority of the middle school students on the bus do not respect Klein nor does she have any control over their actions. The school bus driver is never heard or seen on the videos, noting the driver’s inability to help control the bus or aid a co-worker being poked and crowded by a group of students.

Although the wretched and bullying behavior of the middle school students should rest squarely upon their own little shoulders, the school is at fault as well. A staff performance review or random bus surveillance tape viewing should be occurred and would have detected what is likely an ongoing problem which endangers both the beleaguered bus monitor and the students as well. District spokeswoman Laurel Heiden stated the school’s “bullying response and prevention team” was activated and students identified in the videos will be disciplined, The Blaze reports.

Caution – The bullying videos contain foul language.

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19 Responses to “Bullying Videos of School Bus Monitor Go Viral [Video]”

  1. Lauren Durston Wightman

    These parents should be disgusted with how horrible thier shit children are. I cried when I saw this. I would never ever, ever be able to treat an innocent old woman like this. WOW I'm in shock. Disgusting.

  2. Debby M Anne

    There was a time that kids were scared of their parents and because of that fear they behaved! Thank you to our government and children’s aide for creating these monsters! As we as parents can’t put the fear of God in our children anymore!

  3. Laura M Capriotti

    OMG! I hope the kids that threaten to stab her with a knife is kick out of school and arrested! Then punish all the students in involved to the full extent! Parents of these kids should be ASHAMED of their kids behavior! As a teacher I sorry that this poor woman had to endure this, but I am so glad that everyone can finally see what teachers and staff go through on a daily basis. This is what happens when you take away all of the control from the schools, teachers and staff! Keep it up and see more to come!

  4. Mike Hill

    If we did this in the 70's we'd have a tanned ass and a whole summer grounded. Spanking worked, bring it back!

  5. Jennifer Short

    The government is not to blame, the parents are. You cant beat the hell out of kids anymore because of the government laws (is that a bad thing??) but the parents are still capable of molding their children's behavior and holding them responsible for their choices. Those boys should thank their lucky stars they aren't my kids because their summer would be history and education on humanity, compassion, kindness and respect for all would be their summer.

  6. Karen Lee

    I'm surprised this incident occured with students from a performing arts high school. Artists of all kinds, performing or visual are usually more sensitive human beings.

  7. Jovana Aguilar Lupian

    Seriously these kids need to learn a lesson! I am so upset watching this!! They better send these kids to boot camp or something drastic. & I can't believe no one in the bus told these kids anything!

  8. Anonymous

    First off, let me state that I am totally disgusted by these kids and their actions. I do believe that they need to be thrown in jail for this incident. Take away all their freedoms and put them into the general population of a jail for at least 30 days! They will either end up going the straight and narrow route……or continuing upon the path that they are already headed on anyway.

    However, with that being said, I do have to admit that I agree with the comments made in the above mentioned article. This bus monitor, as well as the bus driver, are NOT qualified to be in their respective positions! By the bus monitor not reporting these children and having them deal with the consequences, she is showing that she serves no purpose on this bus other than to collect a paycheque. In addition, the bus driver should have pulled the bus over and tossed these wanna-be thug hooligans off on their asses on the side of the road!

  9. Pat Sullivan

    Those boy's need about a thousand hours at a community service, held back a grade, the dog that One referred to must be take away. Just to name a few.

  10. Lee Conroy

    Each one of these kids needs to be removed from expelled from that particular school, expelled from the use of school transportation, and have misdemeanor charges of harassment and death threats brought against them all. Once we stop treating these kids like they are angels and start really holding them accountable they will actually start to learn something. Obviously what we are doing to this point hasn't worked.

  11. Rebecca Debarba

    I completely agree!! I was disgusted by those kids behavior…. And would have marched Colin in front of the media to apologize. We as parents need to hold our children accountable… Did you want my opinion?! Because I certainly have one!!! ;))) xo

  12. Dana Young

    This is so disgusting to watch. This poor lady omg i pray these horrible disgusting children get in serious legal trouble

  13. Tim Barham

    That is so mean what they did to her those kids should be taken out of school for a long time they must not be thanking with there heads dont they know that could have been there grandma or someone eles and for the bus driver u cant till me she or he didnt here or see anything cause u can i know this cause i am a school bus driver and she or should have pulled the bus over and taken care of it insted of sitting on your ass Bus Driver from columbus ohio

  14. Becky Jo Williams Smith

    Several people should be disciplined from this video starting wuth the bus driver if they were aware what was going on. The tstudents should not only be removed from the bus but have to perform community service assisting senior citizens. That is horrible bus drivers and monitors are there to ensure the safety and well being while transportingng them not to be abused or tormented d. Parents need to start teaching childten respect for theur elders and ajd authority figures. These kids could distract the drive and if the wrecked who would be to blame.

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