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Megan Fox has freaky thumbs


Would you still hit it? New photos of Megan Fox show the Transformers actress might not be so perfect after all, because she has rather odd thumbs.

The promotional shot above shows that Fox has what some sites are describing as a “toe thumb.” The odd thing about the whole Megan Fox toe thumbs story though is that it hasn’t been noticed before, but then again maybe she hasn’t posed with her thumb that close to her face either.

Experts say that the short fat thumb thing is inherited, and no, she hasn’t had her big toe removed and surgically placed there.

Update: here’s the Megan Fox thumbs gif :-)


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91 Responses to “Megan Fox has freaky thumbs”

  1. Steve

    Long ago, it was believed that this trait was linked to criminal behavior.

  2. Bob

    OMG, Who's the idiot who noticed the thumb in the first place? I could never take my eyes off her beautiful face.

  3. mahvishu

    its evil i tells ya eeevvvilllllllll!! id put her thumbs in my ears so i would not have to hear her speak. actually i'd only want to look at the back of her head anyway!


  4. Jane

    If looking like Megan Fox meant I had to have a toe-thumb…..bring it on!!! It's just god's way of leveling the playing field a tad….thanks god.

  5. Rob

    Gross. No way i'm getting near her with toes on her hands. I'm too good looking for her anyways. I get way hotter girls than her.

  6. alex<3

    i have the same thumb and i truly don't think they are that bad like everyone at my school says that they are cute and that they love them
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  7. RP

    Geeze, what's the big deal? Like she's the only person on the planet with toe thumbs? I have them too, and if I may say so, I like mine better

  8. NormalThumbs

    yeah well of course, what else are you going to say about your genetic imperfections?

    and let me guess, if you had to chose between regular thumbs and toe-thumbs, you'd chose toe-thumbs because they're better!

  9. Derp.

    Anything wrong on a pic is going to get noticed eventually,and i am pretty sure atleast one gay guy was looking.

  10. Derp.

    You're missing the point,when famous people have stuff like this people notice.

  11. james1234

    are you serious? way hotter girls than her don't exist. you're full of shit. come down to earth and look in the mirror. just because your mom told you that you were handsome doesn't mean that you are.

  12. Mike P

    i would rather hook up with a half decent chick with sexy hands. none of that scary movie shit for me.

  13. Kelsey

    She's not the hottest girl ever…where there's good, there's always better!

  14. fred123412

    who the fuck cares. If megan fox came up to you and said lets fuck, are you really going to turn that shit down because of her thumb? Jesus christ, I'd suck on that thumb to have the chance to dry hump her leg

  15. solder

    sup bitches suck a male race horses dick or that sweet ass toe thumb. what the fuck is that shit. ah well I'd do her.

  16. Inez

    How are people JUST noticing this?!?! It disgusted me all through the first Transformers when I watched it the day it came out. Also, in the first Transformers, they screw things up – one second she has painted nails, the next, there's no polish on them. But her toe-thumbs have grossed me out for the last couple of years, easy…

  17. Name

    megan fox is a stuck up cunt, and you're all retarded.

  18. meganfoxismygirl

    shes the hottest girl in the universe genius how could you get hotter girls

  19. JustinBanton

    i dont give a fuck about her thumb toes and shit the girl is sexy as hell thumbs and all

  20. Justin

    I thought she was ugly / skanky before the toe thumbs, now I have even more reason not to like her, lol.


    The media has no clue if those stubby thumbs aka “toe thumbs” are genetic inherit or the cause of too much thumb sucking during her still short life… who cares? The girl is absolutely gorgeous and has a sassy attitude – those thumbs are just one little imperfection in a hot package!
    More details:

  22. Christine

    I have the same thumbs, they are called “Racket thumbs” and they are inherited. My mom and grandma both have them. They look like short little toes, but I love them! It is true that it was beleived if you had these you had “murder in your heart” weird oldwives tale.

  23. Julia

    Omg I hav her thumbs too!!! I’m 13 and I always get made fun of At skool but now I feel better that Megan fox has theM to! I hav never met anyone with my thumbs before!!!

  24. shobz

    she’s my cousin and don’t ever say that again!@!@@@@!##!@!#

  25. Kaitlin Groen

    umm its not freaky! I have it too..that's like me saying your thumbs r weird! they are not toe thumbs they are awesome thumbs.

  26. Toni Golden

    Remember…if you have nothing nice to say or comment…don't say anything at all…be nice to each other..we are all special in our own one one is promised a tomorrow♥♥.

  27. Desiree Norris

    Rudeasses my thumb is like that too..don't hate..

  28. Payton Thesing

    I like it=) it makes her seem more like a real person instead of just another pretty face in a magazine.

  29. Annmarie Hunt

    I have the exact same thumbs! been ripped off all my life and its so good to finally see someone else with them and someone famous too. don't rip her off, she cant help it and proberly doesn't care.

  30. Annie Calero García

    there goes the saying "nobodyz perfect" I noticed from the first movie, but she is beautiful… but beauty doesn't last forever… its just sad how we have lost sight of wat really matters. there r millions of people on earth, but all the attention goes to the people wit fame n money, we have beautiful people near us n we dnt even notice or giv a shiiz bout them, so what she iz sexy, ive met famous people and most of them r stuck up n have big ass problems. love those dat will love u bk and even if they dnt have good looks (i dnt, but I have a lovely fam) love them for who they r not looks or $$$$$.

  31. Daniel Moved Away

    I have extremely deformed hands from being double-jointed and popping knuckles and such. Apparently people are so jealous of Megan Fox that they must find a "deformity" in her. Her thumbs look fine to me. So they are shaped slightly different than average. Who gives a shit. I'd still hit that shit.

  32. William Reaper Isaac

    Im not alone. I have it too and People comment on my thumbs all the Time.

  33. Nathan Schmitz

    if your going to over look some as hot as her for her thumbs your stupid or blind.

  34. Natalie Rodriguez

    Omg!:D now I'm not as embarrased and I was. everyone always makes fun of my f*cked up thummbs but now I know that Megan Fox has it I'm not as embarrased yayyy!

  35. Alex Castanza

    omg me too! it sucks :( my brother makes fun of me and calls me "stubby thumbs"! it's horrible!

  36. James Stark

    you're in denial cause that shit is gross. There are reports she actually had her big toe attached to her thumbs.

  37. Pamela Richerson

    It's only people who aren't happy with themselves who say mean things. While your wasting your time saying mean things meagan fox is getting paid cause she a wasting time talking about you.

  38. Pamela Richerson

    It's only people who aren't happy with themselves who say mean things. While your wasting your time saying mean things meagan fox is getting paid cause she a wasting time talking about you.

  39. Karen Medina

    That's really mean, everyone has different thumbs its no different to say that u have ugly thums

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