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Massachusetts Sex Ed Bill Criticized For Teaching 11-Year-Old Students About Anal Sex With Planned Parenthood Material

A Massachusetts sex education bill is under fire for allegedly allowing 11-year-old students to be taught about anal sex while partaking in controversial role playing games. The Massachusetts Family Institute is vocally standing up against the House Bill 448, entitled “An Act Relative to Healthy Youth.” The bill requires that all schools in Massachusetts align their sexual health curriculum with the Massachusetts Health Education Frameworks standards. However, it is this aligning with the standards that has the family organization worried as they point out that one approved course teaches 11-year-old students about anal and oral sex.

The Massachusetts Family Institute is fighting the House Bill 448. The group claims that the new bill will allow for age inappropriate material to be taught to young students in the public school system. The House Bill 448, also known as “An Act Relative to Healthy Youth,” is designed to ensure that sexual health curriculum is aligned to specific standards put into place by the state’s Health Education Frameworks. However, concerns are boiling over with many parents and conservative groups as some of the subject matter in the coursework is revealed.

One of the group’s biggest concerns is the fact that Planned Parenthood has already produced a course that is approved by the Department of Education for the purpose of sexual education. In fact, it seems that the MA Department of Education and Planned Parenthood are already working together to promote “Get Real,” the new curriculum designed by the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, a course that is approved for use under the new bill.

The family institute brought some of the materials offered in the “Get Real” course to a hearing regarding the House Bill 228 so that legislators could read some of the material that was deemed age appropriate and medically accurate in the series. It was pointed out that anal and oral sex was a topic of discussion for sixth graders, students that are roughly 11-years-old. One flash card answer read off by the institute during the hearing stated “Have vaginal, oral or anal sex.” The group then asked the legislators if they thought that anal sex was a topic that should be discussed with 11-year-old students.

Furthering the discourse regarding the Planned Parenthood “Get Real” course, a chart on “protection methods” seems to advocate the use of “non-microwavable saran wrap” as an effective means of protecting ones self during oral sex. Again, the chart mentions anal sex and discusses using the saran wrap during oral sex over the anus or vagina.

Planned Parenthood Get Real
Copy of the protections method chart discussing saran wrap in the Planned Parenthood sex ed workbook. (Image via Massachusetts Family Institute)

The Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts website prominently features the “Get Real” program and offers a table of contents that discloses the subjects discussed in the program at each grade level. The Grade 7 workbook has a subject on “sexual identity” which asks students to visualize what they find attractive and to “examine myths” regarding sexual identity.

“In this lesson on sexual identity, students use a visualization to explore characteristics of attraction and what it feels like to be attracted to someone. Then they review definitions of various terms related to sexual identity and examine myths and facts about sexual orientation.”

The contraceptives section, which includes the saran wrap dental dam, also goes over hormonal contraceptive methods along with “different forms of emergency contraception.” EAG News reports that the Planned Parenthood program is graphic in many excerpts and provided some examples of text that may not be appropriate for the 11-year-old students.

“Brittany’s girlfriend wants to have oral sex with her. Brittany really likes her girlfriend, and her friends say that having oral sex will bring them closer together.”

It also “discusses the use of an internal condom that is inserted into the anus.” The section tells students that the internal condom is meant to act as a barrier, but warns that it may slip out of place during vaginal or anal intercourse. It also warns that it may be difficult to insert.

What do you think about the Planned Parenthood “Get Real” program? Is the content described age-appropriate or is it too graphic for many students who may not be engaging in sexual acts at such a young age?

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