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Police shoot dead a chihuahua, but only after tasing it first


Police in Blue Ash, Ohio have shot dead a Chihuahua cross dog, but only after first tasing it.

5 year old Jack was the pet of the Bullock family, who bought the dog several years ago for their now 12 year old son. While the Bullock’s were out, Jack got out, and that’s where the police became involved.

If tasing and shooting a small 5 pound dog isn’t bad enough, the way the family found out about it was worse again. On returning home, they found three bullets and blood splattered over their front porch, along with a note to call the police about their dog.

To keep this is perspective, we’re talking about a chihuahua here with zero history of violence, who lived in a home with a 12 year old child and a 5 year old, and despite coming to the attention of police for getting out, was shot none the less on the front porch of the home it lived in.

Scott Bullock told local media that he couldn’t understand why they didn’t call the SPCA. “They didn’t make that phone call other than to come scoop the dog off the porch after they shot him. Two grown men that can’t gather up a five-pound dog – and they’re trained police officers – sounds ridiculous to me.”

The police officers claim that the dog bit them, and the local police department claim that the officers handled the situation according to department policy.

Only in America.

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49 Responses to “Police shoot dead a chihuahua, but only after tasing it first”

  1. Nd Luc

    Yep only in America where you can't tell if the law is protecting you or not

  2. Susan

    Couple of 'heros' here. It seems anything goes.How crass and cruel, for the dog and the family.

  3. Susan

    You got that right! What were they doing in the yard anyway?

  4. Jones McF

    So let me get this staight? 2 Police Officers shoot dead a small dog? Was this dog in any way realted to the Rabbit ” with great nashin' teeth!” in Monty Python's Holy Grail? If so I might understand… but i am guessing rabbits ” with great nashin teeth!” dont breed with Chihuahua cross dogs.

    I am also guessing Blue Ash Ohio Police Dpt have crime down to 0% if they shoot a small dog 3 times after tasering it, imagine what they would do to say a small child riding a bike (with trainign wheel) the wrong way up the street?

  5. james bricknell

    America this is an absolute disgrace SHAME on your whole nation . Do you really wonder why you have an image problem all around the world . WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

  6. fedupwithcrims

    Bring them to Australia where real scum walk the streets…. We need a cull here!!!!

  7. Lassiter

    Their 'department policy' is rather disturbing, this is ridiculous.

  8. Bill

    Good and well done to the police.

    A little nippy Jack-Russel; they are the worst little dogs and will defend their territory.

    Like all things, if you want to keep it, keep it locked at your place, if it gets out to harm someone then accept the consequences.

    Have you seen the teeth and felt the bight of a Jack Rusell X? Have you ever been bitten by a little pussy cat?

    If you haven't been bitten shut-up and stop winging.

    They also have rabbies in the USA so to protect passer by's the police are obligated to shoot that dumb dog.

    You do-gooders would prefer a vicios little dog to bite a small child.

    Well done police; stick to your guns and don't worry about the people who have no knowledge of how nasty these balls of anger can be.

  9. kathy

    thats the same cops that arrestted a 100 year old lady for taking a kids ball and put her in jail. goobers

  10. Enforcer McForskin

    Typical pigs. Nothing more than deputized thugs with little or no common sense.
    the idea that they * think* they protect the citizenry is a joke.
    Many are corrupt and many more have serious psychological issues.
    The Bullock family should consider suing these pigs. Not for the money — to send a msg. Maybe they can use the money they will no-doubt win to put up a 30'x60' billboard across from the police station with their dead dog's face on it….saying something like –“thank you local police dept for your care and sensativity.

  11. Leroy Jones

    I wonder if all the Animal Rights Activist will get together over this one just like they did over Michael Vick. Somehow I doubt it!

  12. Mike

    a taser can bring down a 200 pound man, yet can not stop a 3 pound dog? How can a 3 pound dog take 2 bullets to kill it? even with a 9MM slug its a big bullet for a small dog. why not call animal control? if the dog truly bit the man why wasnt it taken and tested for rabies (pretty much standard)? sounds like cruelty to animals to me. this needs to be investigated.

  13. Cop Killer

    If that had been my dog, those cops would have been filled with AK rounds. I hope that those mentally ill lunatics get doused with kerosene and then set on fire. I'd like to watch them burn slowly.

  14. Laurel

    Are you kidding me what the F____ !!!! you not get to shoot enough A–hole on the job they have to take out frustrations on a defenseless LITTLE dog —– put them under a jail somewhere With Micheal Vick for a roommate
    they have no right there not protecting an serving ANYBODY —-

  15. tommy

    what would they do to a pit bull?nuke it,W.M.D.?sheriff joe aripiao?send'em to no.korea?get him a job @chrysler?i could go on…

  16. susie

    Bill, it is whining not winging……this is a sad day in the united states…

  17. Sarah

    Per the reports from the Blue Ash Police and the SPCA…it was a 20 lb mix breed, dog had been running loose and had bitten a jogger (was the reason the police were there), homeowners were not at home and the yard was not fenced. The officers attempted to use the noose/pole, they were going to take the dog back to the station and contain it until the SPCA unit could pick it up (Keep in mind, with the budget problems in Hamilton Co, the SPCA is closed during night hours and the weekend/holidays). The officer that was bit suffered several nasty wounds (can go to and see them) and the ER doc had to remove a tooth from one of the wounds. Now, does it really matter the size? If a dog is running loose, attacking people, the officers are unable to contain it, and one is bitten (by the way, they shot it while it was attached to the officer's hand, it would not release until the final shot that was fatal) should the officers had just walked away? oh well…it's on it's porch now? Gosh, hope no one else gets bit? As a long time pet owner, if it had been my dog I would have shot it myself.

  18. Sarah

    Well, hey….next time the officers should just say “sorry …couldn't catch it…” Hope the little dog doesn't bite anyone else!! Like maybe someone's kid? You all are missing the point…the dog was viscious, had attacked and bit one person already (and they weren't doing a THING to it!). The officers did everything they could to get it contained, the SPCA WAS CALLED and WOULD NOT come out until the dog was contained. They did everything they could when the dog LEAPED towards the officer and LATCHED on to him before shooting it!!

    When did we stop caring about people? Some of your comments are cold and callous. I say shame on anyone that wishes harm towards another person, whether YOU think they did wrong or not.

  19. lll

    They should've called dog catchers before shooting it… That would've been the responsible thing to do. : / Not KILLING it…

  20. Kathy

    The rabies test performed on dogs requires a sample of brain tissue, and always results in the dog's death.

    I don't know enough about the situation to pass judgment (and I doubt any of us do, as this does not seem to be an impartial article), but simply catching the dog and taking a harmless blood sample is not enough to rule out rabies.

  21. Gal


    AS AN AMERICAN I am ashamed. Additionally, IF YOU HAVE BEEN KEEPING UP with POLICE BRUTALITY HERE IN THE STATES… you will know it is on the rise big time with many deaths being chalked up to the so called FINEST of the FINE.

    I am sick of it all. I really am. WRONG IS WRONG!

  22. Lady J

    I stand by Gal's comment about being ashamed of incidents like this.
    There's no excuse and if I could apologize for my country, I would.
    Please know that many Americans feel as much in danger from changes occurring inside our borders as from outside. Martial law is closer to being implemented.
    Many of us are awake. Our leaders treat us like mushrooms (always in the dark).

  23. Gal

    wow Lady J… someone who reads and researches…. THANK YOU!

  24. desposy

    no its just its just shame on the two police offerciers fro bringing a bad name to their profesion

  25. Cop Killer

    Bill is obviously a deranged dog-hating lunatic. Man up, you disgusting pussy. Since when were little Jack Russels, let alone kittens for that matter, ever capable of inflicting severe injuries on anyone? And before you condemn a dog, which by your own admission, was merely defending its territory against the intrusion of strange tresspassers, I would advise you to see to it that your retarded kids refrain from tresspassing onto people's private property. If you don't want them to get mauled by dogs, keep you filthy spawn in a cage where they belong. As for those cops, I hope someone douses them with kerosene and then sets them on fire. It would be fun to watch them burn slolwy.

  26. Gal


    I read that and sent an email about that too. I just wish I had come across that story before I had this one. It sure makes a difference in how this story progresses.

    In my opinion it is clear that the police department is experiencing some serious apathy toward those they are meant to serve. It is clear in my opinion that the Police Departments across America are doing everything right to create an “US and THEM” situation.

    I cannot open a paper, turn on the TV, surf the web without coming across POLICE BRUTALITY stories, videos, tasing deaths, tasings, police beating someone up, etc.

    It is getting out of hand and it is worrisome.

  27. Calculate900

    It's heartless bastards like you who are the scourge of our country. Anyone with a heart would agree that those police should face whatever consequences are thrown their way.

  28. Christina Bussmann

    Fair is fair. It is NOT departmental policy to shoot and kill an animal. They have animal control officers available to control these animals. If a civilian had done this, they would be prosecuted. The officers should receive double the sentence simply for being stupid.

  29. Scott Hyland

    I think it's a psychological operations action. Much more often, we're seeing stories of this… cops killing pets. How else do you instill fear and anguish?

  30. Robin Wyatt

    The only reason the shot this little dog is because they are sick demented bastards who belong in the very hottest part of hell. May their families be cursed with the worst type of cancer in every family members.

  31. Kevin Landis

    They are gun happy thugs, period. They should be fired and not be allowed to have a weapon again and should face charges.

  32. Jill Thurow

    Where was the officer bit, and where was it treated? Where's the report?

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