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Man calls a prostitute – his own daughter shows up


According to BBC an Israeli couple are preparing to divorce after the man called a prostitute to his hotel room only to find out that she was his daughter. The turmoil started a few months ago when the father/businessman from Haifa was sent to a course in Eilat.

The man took advantage of the situation to summon a call girl to his hotel room on his first night there. If you aren’t into very very embarressing moments, then don’t read on.

As he opened the door to his room I can only imagine the horror and surprise in both the man’s and prostitute’s eyes. The call girl turns out to be his own daughter.

The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reports that the father began feeling chest pains which may have been a mild heart attack. The man quickly ended his stay and returned to his wife to tell the truth about what happened.

She is now tracking down her daughter and will help her find a more suitable job. She hasn’t forgiving her husband though and she wishes to divorce him.

Urban myth or not. I don’t know. What do you think? This story is on BBC and what the BBC says is always right…

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16 Responses to “Man calls a prostitute – his own daughter shows up”

  1. Eli Gromon

    You should at least link back to the original article, if not put quotes around what you wrote. This is a very childish thing to do…your post is essentially the BBC article slightly reworded. Is that how you guys do business? Lift other people's work and then don't link back to the original story for fear of getting caught?

  2. reneemyrenee

    I never worried too much about that because I always told my dad and my brothers where I was dancing when I was younger and then once I matured, I moved to Florida where they never go.


    I was dancing in a bar and was on the third and final song of my set and “the Love Of My Life” from my 7th grade, which I still was a older teen,WHAT DO YOU KNOW…… It was, “OUR SONG” and as I dropped my drawers…… He walked through the door.


    The end of all hope that he would ever be in my life again. You guys, it is ok for you to play…… but not for us gals…;(

  3. Timothy Spall

    Suranne‑Jones‑008.jpgKGB WANTED

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