Ohio Dad Admits To Killing Infant By Slamming Her Into The Floor

An Ohio dad has been charged with aggravated murder after he reportedly admitting to killing his three-month-old infant daughter. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 35-year-old James Phillips could face the death penalty if he is convicted of the crime he has admitted to committing.

The details surrounding this violent incident are shocking, due to the fact that the admitted killer is the biological father of the infant — someone who was expected to nurture the baby, and not bring her harm. The Ohio dad’s behavior was discovered by authorities after they were called to the home on reports of an infant who was not breathing. When they arrived to the home inhabited by the baby and her family, they found that a neighbor was performing CPR on her. The three-month-old infant was immediately rushed to a hospital for emergency medical attention. Unfortunately, her skull had several fractures which rendered it impossible for her to breathe on her own. She succumbed to her injuries and died a short time later.

Fox 19 News reports that James Phillips was indicted after he admitted to losing his temper with the nearly newborn infant. His arrest came after authorities interrogated him at the scene where his daughter’s injuries occurred. He admitted to police that he slammed her down on the floor on her back when her mother left to go to the store. He did not reportedly offer a specific reason for why he did this, but the father of the slain infant did appear to be agitated by the baby. He was charged with aggravated murder, which was a charge that upgraded from an initial charge of child endangerment and assault. Once the infant died, his charges were upgraded. Now he faces the potential of the death penalty for what he has admitted to doing.

Meanwhile, there are two other children associated with this family, who have been removed from the home and placed with family members. At this time it’s not known if the mother of the children has regained custody of the kids, but she has not been charged with any crimes associated with the death of her three-month-old daughter. The Ohio dad is currently being held in jail on bond in the amount of $4 million.

Sadly, this is far from the first time a father has admitted to killing his own child. Earlier this year, a man named Randy Janzen left a bizarre and heartbreaking confession on social media before taking his life. He reportedly admitted to murdering his wife and his daughter. His reasoning for killing his daughter, Emily, was to “free her” from her lifelong struggle with migraine headaches. While his confession appeared to be out of “mercy,” there are plenty of fathers who have admitted to committing grisly acts of murder for reasons that make even less sense than that.

Justin Michael Chisum admitted to killing his daughter. Courtesy of Lubbock Police Department
Justin Michael Chisum admitted to killing his daughter. Courtesy of Lubbock Police Department

This year a Texas father confessed to murdering his own four-year-old daughter (named Kylee Forrest). The father of the slain child, 29-year-old Justin Michael Chisum, was arrested after the child’s body was spotted in his home, dead on his living room floor. He was arrested after he was found naked away from the home where he reportedly killed the four-year-old child. Her cause of death was never publicized, but authorities did confirm that some kind of blunt force trauma ended the child’s life.

Also this year, a 30-year-old man named Matthew Warner was sentenced to 50-years of imprisonment after he reportedly raped his 19-day-old daughter to death. He was once charged with oral copulation or sexual penetration of a child under 10-years-old, torture, assault on a child causing death, and other associated crimes. He later entered a plea of guilty to avoid conviction of some of those charges, but was ultimately convicted of killing the baby.

Do you think James Phillips deserves the death penalty for slamming his infant daughter into the ground?

[Photo: Mount Healthy Police mugshot]