Baby Daddy Star Jean-Luc Bilodeau burned

Jean-Luc Bilodeau: ‘Baby Daddy’ Star Badly Burned After Halloween Costume Catches Fire

Jean-Luc Bilodeau, the star of ABC Family’s hit show Baby Daddy, is recovering from burns after his Halloween costume caught fire.

Bilodeau was at a Halloween party, thrown by his co-star Tahj Mowry, on Saturday night. He was dressed in an alpaca costume that consisted of a Lycra suit with cotton balls glued onto it, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, Bilodeau suffered the burns to his extremities after he backed into a flaming tiki torch. Jean-Luc is currently being treated at a local hospital, and the doctors say he is in good spirits and has been receiving visits from his castmates.

“‘Baby Daddy’ star, Jean-Luc Bilodeau was in an accident Saturday night at his co-star, Tahj Mowry’s home for a Halloween party. At the party, Jean-Luc’s costume caught on fire when he got too close to an open flame and he suffered burns to his legs and arms,” Bilodeau’s rep said in a statement, according to Variety.

“From what we understand, it was no one’s fault and this was merely a freak accident. Per his doctor, he is expected to make a full recovery,” his rep continued. “While this accident is extremely unfortunate, it serves as a reminder that Halloween costumes and Halloween make-up can be extremely dangerous and flammable. Please exercise precautions this season and be mindful of what you are putting on your body and face.”

Due to the incident, production ofBaby Daddy has been scrapped for the week, Deadline reports. The series had already scheduled a hiatus for next week.

“Jean-Luc Bilodeau suffered a non-life-threatening injury on Saturday night,” ABC Family told Deadline. “He is expected to make a full recovery. The Baby Daddy production schedule is being rearranged to accommodate him.”

Bilodeau stars on the show as a single guy in his 20s living the bachelor life. Everything is going fine until one of his ex-girlfriends leaves a baby girl on his doorstep. Along with Bilodeau and Mowry, the cast also includes Derek Theler, Melissa Peterman, and Chelsea Kane.

Production on the fifth season of the series started on August 17. Baby Daddy was picked up for an additional 10 episodes earlier this year, and it will premier on Freeform, the new moniker for ABC Family, on February 3, 2016.

ABC Family announced that it would be changing its name last week. Starting in January 2016, the Disney-owned television network will be known to viewers as Freeform. The network is desperately trying to target younger viewers, and they feel the name change will help to accomplish that.

As Deadline reports, this will mark the first time in 27 years that the word “family” will not appear in the network’s name. The network was originally launched in 1977 by Pat Robertson and was named CBN Family Channel in 1988. Even through various owners, the channel always kept the word “family” in its name, The Family Channel, Fox Family, and then ABC Family.

“We wanted to harmonize our content and out brand,” ABC Family President Tom Ascheim said. “By achieving that harmony, we would be much better positioned to keep our core viewers and add new viewers.”

“The Freeform brand will be very much nestled in the Disney ethos — full of optimism and imagination,” Nigel Cox-Hagan, ABCF’s SVP Marketing, Creative and Branding, said. “The network considered some 3000 names, with Freeform standing out in testing, Ascheim added. “Freeform evokes the spirit and adventure of our audience.”

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