’20/20’: Leah Remini Interview—-‘She’s A Loud Mouth Reject,’ Scientology Members Believe

20/20s latest ABC episode will air an exclusive interview with actress Leah Remini. And from the looks of the 20/20 sneak peak, her words are explosive. Leah Remini, the once devoted celeb member of The Church of Scientology, is now their fiercest critic. As Inquisitr reported to you earlier this week, Remini also drags actor Tom Cruise into the conversation by stating that her criticism of him has everything to do with criticizing the Church of Scientology. In order to find out what Leah Remini would say to Tom Cruise if she had the chance, you’ll have to tune in on Friday night at 10/9 central. ABC’s 20/20 is a news magazine show that has been bringing you the latest in compelling stories since 1978. First designed to compete with fellow-channel CBS’s 60 Minutes, 20/20 has continued to appeal to the general public with topical interest stories that keep viewers coming back weekly.

Celebrity actress Leah Remini has been on several shows talking about the Church of Scientology. [Image via Twitter]

“I don’t think people know the amount of dedication it takes to be in this organization. It was every day, three and a half hours minimum, seven days a week usually. As time goes on, you start to lose touch with the real world. The mindset becomes us against them.”

Critics of Leah Remini say she is a loud-mouthed woman who is spewing lies and hate against the church because she didn’t fit in and was on the cusp of being booted out. Others say she’s appearing on 20/20 and other shows to to increase the sales for her book and boost her celebrity career. Whatever you believe, Leah Remini isn’t the only one to come out with some less than flattering details about the sinister sect. A few documentary shows have attempted to reveal the truth about Scientology, citing organizational intimidation, fear tactics, sabotage, and even death among the church’s tactics to keep their secrets hidden.

The Church of Scientology’s spokesperson, Karin Pouw, had this to say, according to People.

“It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt by rewriting her history with it.() including omitting that she was participating in a program to remain a Scientologist by her own choice, as she was on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses.”

The Church of Scientology was founded in the early 1950s and boasts a membership of 10 million followers. Its practices, which are based on the teachings of Ron Hubbard, have been have been heavily criticized since it came into existence. Also, members should know going in that the Scientology church is not tolerant of those who question its doctrine and practices. One particular aspect of the Scientology religion that stands out is their insistence on getting rid of behaviors that are seen as destructive. Anyone who desires to improve and move up to the next level will have to shell out money, and lots of it, to participate in their mind cleansing sessions, often referred to as “audits.”

Murders have also been associated with the eccentric cult-like religion. One cult leader that was said to have had some dealings in Scientology was the infamous Charles Manson, the man responsible to the Tate-LaBianca murders in California in the late 1960s. In the 1980s, a young man named James Mooney killed his own mother. His sister stated that shortly after his affiliation with Scientology, he began talking crazy. Another case involves Frank Vikovic, a mentally-disturbed Scientology member who was responsible for the fatal shooting of eight people in what was called the Queen Street Killings. And the rumors about the scandals don’t stop there — there are several other deaths that have occurred that were rumored to be the result of members threatening to go public with damaging information. One excellent resource for more reading is the book The Church of Fear: Inside The Weird World Of Scientology, by John Sweeny. Leah Remini’s book about the church is also a scathing tell-all, entitled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

Leah Remini tells all in her new book and the 20/20 ABC episode. [Image via Twitter]
Set your clocks to be right in front of the TV on Friday to hear Leah Remini for yourself on ABC 20/20 Friday. Our coverage of some past 20/20 episodes include the cases of Ethan Couch and Jenelle Potter.

20/20 ABC Interview with former Scientologist Leah Remini

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