Jimmy Fallon Elicits True Confessions From Seth Rogen And Steve Wozniak, Sending An Audience Member Into Early Labor

Jimmy Fallon reprised his “True Confessions” game this week, where Seth Rogen and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took turns making a full confession to a random “crime,” with the other players then having to interrogate them to determine if they were telling the truth.

Jimmy Fallon’s choice to pair Seth Rogen and Steve Wozniak was an interesting one, as, according to Entertainment Weekly, Seth Rogen will be portraying the Apple co-founder in the upcoming film Steve Jobs.

Jimmy Fallon last played this game with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with hilarious results, Entertainment Weekly reported.

And it seems that it was Jimmy Fallon’s previous experience with the “True Confessions” game that gave him the upper hand over Rogen and Wozniak this time around. After each contestant makes their confession, the other two players have one minute to ask questions to help them to determine whether or not the first contestant was telling the truth. Jimmy Fallon let his experience show by asking questions such as the song that was playing at the time of the alleged incident.

When it was Steve Wozniak’s turn, his claim was that he and Steve Jobs were once robbed at gunpoint outside a pizza parlor.

Jimmy Fallon’s clever line of questioning led him to question the pizza that had been ordered that night, which Wozniak claimed was a pepperoni pizza. As Business Insider reported, Jimmy Fallon, knowing that Steve Jobs was a strict vegan, immediately disbelieved this crucial fact.

Wozniak was quick to reply, though, saying that Steve Jobs Was not always the person that he was known to be towards the end of his too-short life.

“In those days. This is Steve Zero. Before Apple.”

Wozniak’s seemingly wild story continued, with the Apple co-founder claiming that he was in a Dodge Dart with Steve Jobs when the would-be assailant approached them with a gun. Apparently, the robber intended to steal Wozniak’s cell phone, but, as the story goes, the robber didn’t know how to use that particular brand of phone, so he gave Wozniak and Jobs his name and telephone number so that they could follow up with him and tell him how to use it.

The story is so obviously a lie (what would-be criminal voluntarily gives the name and telephone number to the victim of their crime?), and Seth Rogen understandably called Wozniak out on his lie.

The crazy part of this tale is that Steve Wozniak was actually telling the truth. In fact, as Business Insider reported, he had previously told the same story to Dan Lyons in an interview back in 2011.

“This was in a pizza parlor in Sunnyvale. Two guys looked like they might be interested [in buying a blue box]. We took them back to a pay phone and made a call to Chicago for them. They were enamoured and wanted the blue box, but they had no money. We got out to the car and they show up with a gun and stick it in Steve’s face. We gave them the blue box. But they didn’t know how to use it. They gave us a phone number to call so we could tell them how to use it. I came up with this idea of telling them a method that would get them caught by the police, or one that would get them billed. We didn’t do it. But, boy, it would have been funny.”

As WTHR reported, Wozniak had an interesting (and true) story to tell before the “True Confessions” game began.

Wozniak had brought a guest with him during the show’s taping, who had been watching in the audience. Wozniak had mentioned his guest to Jimmy Fallon prior to the taping of the show and noted that his friend was due to have a baby in three weeks. As it turned out, things moved a little more quickly than Wozniak’s friend had anticipated.

“You know the girl we were talking about that you signed the baby book for? Her water broke and she had to leave.”

Jimmy Fallon was shocked by the news, to say the least.

“You told me before the show, you said she’s three weeks out and you said… don’t make her laugh too hard.”

Jimmy Fallon’s brand of humor can do strange things to people: Perhaps it can even induce early labor!

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Official Youtube Channel]