Pine-sol Releases Brilliant Marketing Campaign, Strikes Fear Into The Hearts Cleaners Everywhere [VIDEO]

There’s not much that’s funnier than scaring the bejesus out of some poor unsuspecting person when they least expect it, and apparently Pine-Sol feels the exact same way.

In a recently released YouTube video by the household cleaner, Pine-sol has decided that it might be an effective tactic to actually scare people into using their multi-purpose cleaning solution.

Luring in gullible Pine-sol testers, the brand invited new product users in to tryout the cleaner and judge the products effectiveness by cleaning certain areas of the house. They were told Pine-Sol was documenting how men between the ages of 25-35 use their product to clean messes.

In what seems like a fairly predictable product commercial, users are then asked if they recognize the product spokeswoman for the brand.

As soon as they begin to utter their response spokeswoman Diane Amos comes busting through a large poster on the wall in a ‘Kool-Aid Man’ type fashion shouting Pine-sol’s catch phrase, giving heart attacks to the testers in the meantime.

Spokeswoman for the Clorox owned detergent, Diane Amos has been their longtime representative, appearing in commercials since the early 1990s. Recognizable by her long hair and her loving motherly attitude, Amos is known for her catch phrase “That’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby!”

Released just yesterday, the Pine-sol prank YouTube video already has over 60,000 views and is expected to climb rapidly as the word spreads about this hilariously planned video.

What would you do if the Pine-sol lady jumped out of your cabinet yelling, “That’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby!”?