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Meri Brown’s Voicemails To Online Suitor Revealed Showing ‘Sister Wives’ Star is Unhappy

Fans of Sister Wives were shocked yesterday when news came out that Meri Brown was having an online relationship with someone and ended up getting catfished by this person. Meri thought that she was getting to know an amazing man named Sam, but it turned out that was not the case. It is still unknown why a woman who says she is happily married would be doing this in the first place. Meri spoke out yesterday and apologized, saying that the Brown family is sticking by her through it all.

In Touch Weekly shared that there is even more coming out now about Meri Brown’s online relationship. There was a lot more to it and voicemails have actually been released that Meri left to this person she thought was Sam. These voicemails reveal that Meri Brown is obviously not as happy as she likes to make it sound on the show. These were left for the person Meri believed was Sam.

Meri Brown
Meri Brown with Paedon

In one of these very personal voicemails, Meri Brown talks about Kody Brown in a shocking way.

“I wasn’t, I wasn’t comparing you in anyway — you know what, guess what? If I were to compare you, you would win on all counts. You win on all f–king levels. Now I’m pi–ed. You don’t think that — you don’t think that you’d be out? You don’t think that I think that you’re taller, better looking. Better looking, anyway. Kinder, sweeter, you care about me. You want me. You say that you’re willing to fight for me, you say all these things about love and affection and passion. So yeah, if I were to compare you, you win all the time.”

After this, Meri Brown goes on to explain that she was not comparing them. It is obvious that Meri has feelings for the person she thought was Sam. Now, everyone is wondering if this could have something to do with why Meri Brown actually divorced Kody and if it wasn’t all just so that he could adopt Robyn Brown’s children like the show made it sound. Meri even talks on this voicemail about how she is fighting for the person she thinks is Sam.

Another voicemail shared on In Touch’s YouTube channel reveals Meri Brown saying “I love you” over and over again. This is not the type of thing that a married woman would normally be saying to another man. Meri Brown really doesn’t sound like someone who wants to be married to Kody Brown. Even though Meri and Kody are divorced on paper, the couple has shared all along that they are still married spiritually. Meri says that she doesn’t have any plans to leave the Brown family, but now that her only daughter has moved out, Meri doesn’t have any reason that she has to stick around. She is very close to the other children though, and could be just making it work for them.

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It actually turns out that Meri Brown thought she was talking to a man named Sam and it was really a woman. The woman was lying to Meri the entire time, and it is obvious that Meri fell for every single bit of it and really had strong feelings for this person. Meri Brown may never really explain what was going on with Sam now that it is all over.

Don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. It will be really shocking if Meri Brown shares any of this on the show. Fans were actually shocked to hear Meri admitting to being catfished after the rumors had been flying for months that there was something going on.

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