Killer Spider In India

Poisonous Spiders Invade Town, Kill Two People

Villagers in the Indian town of Sadiya are fighting for their lives against a swarm of deadly spiders (not pictured) that have already claimed the lives of two people in the town.

According to the The Times of India the species of the spider is still unknown and they began showing up on May 8 during a Hindu festival.

Residents are calling the creatures “alien” spiders because their origin is not yet known.

The Hindustan Times reveals that the deaths involved an unidentified school aged boy and resident Purnakanta Buragohain

In the meantime local hospitals have been overwhelmed by people who have been suffering from spider bites.

To help fend off the spiders and hopefully prevent further deaths a team of scientists arrived in the town on May 22. While the scientists have not yet identified the species of spider they say it compares to the tarantula but could be an entirely new species all together.

Villagers are warned that the spider is “highly aggressive” and will leap onto anything that comes to close to it. In some cases victims say the spider will “latch on” after biting.

Researchers are analyzing the spiders venom to determine its level of poison.

Spider swarms are rare but not unheard of, typically spiders take to higher ground after a flood which pushes them towards higher, dry ground.

According to The Hindustan Times “the town of Sadiya, located in the Assam region, is also home to a leading Maoist community.”

Does this arachnid based invasion of an entire town freak you out?