Emma Watson

Emma Watson Calls Out Hollywood’s Misogynists With Truth Bomb

British actress Emma Watson is the latest Hollywood star to criticize rampant sexism in the movie business. The 25-year-old Harry Potter actress says that she has been subjected to gender inequality. Emma claims that women are just as guilty as men when it comes to discriminating against other women.

Emma Watson

In her role as a UN goodwill ambassador for women’s issues, Watson launched the #HeForShe campaign that won widespread support for celebrity “A-listers” around the world. In a speech launching the high-profile social media campaign, Emma called on men to recognize that the fight for gender equality is as much their fight as it is for women. During her speech Watson invited men to join the fight against inequality.

“[M]en – I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too.”

It seems that Watson’s fight for equality is far from over. According to the Express Emma has told the Guardian that she has been discriminated against. Emma produced some telling figures to highlight what she sees as inequality in the movie business. Emma claims that she had been “treated so incredibly differently” from many of her male co-stars. Watson highlighted apparent inequality in movie directing and producing roles. These are, of course, roles that should be totally gender neutral, but Watson’s experience indicates that the roles are overwhelmingly filled by men.

“I have experienced sexism in that I have been directed by male directors 17 times and only twice by women.

“Of the producers I’ve worked with 13 have been male and only one has been a woman.”

Emma Watson

According to the Mirror Watson feels that she has been “incredibly lucky” because she has been strong enough to stand up and fight against that inequality. Emma says that she has “always insisted on being treated equally and has generally won that equality.” Watson claims that women in the movie business are often “incredibly prejudiced against each other.”

“The men at the top often find it difficult to relate to a lot of the problems women face, and therefore we aren’t taken very seriously. Yet, women are just as guilty of discriminating against women.”

Watson also claims that when things do go wrong “in the workplace, the support network is not brilliant.” According to Cosmopolitan, Watson recognizes that gender inequality reaches far beyond Hollywood. Emma highlights her work for the UN as an example.

“I think my work with the UN has probably made me even more aware of the problems. I went out for a work dinner recently. It was 7 men… and me.”

The Guardian reports that Watson recognizes that some progress is being made, and she praised a couple of the directors she has worked with for their support.

“Some of the best feminists I have encountered are men, like Steve Chbosky who directed me in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and director James Ponsoldt who I am working with at the moment [on The Circle].”

Watson’s comments have not won universal approval. News Australia report that some Twitter users are “frustrated” by Watson’s approach claiming that her views come from a privileged white viewpoint and that Emma’s feminism needs male approval.

Other Twitter users even went so far as to claim that Watson is not even feminist.

What do Inquisitr readers think? Is Emma Watson right about sexism in the movie industry?

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