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Chris Soules Reaches Out To Witney Carson After ‘DWTS’: ‘Loved Your Dance Tonight’

Chris Soules is no longer on Dancing With The Stars or The Bachelor, but he wants to keep some connections alive. Soules has been distancing himself a little from the Bachelor franchise, and he hasn’t reached out to Chris Harrison. In addition, he hasn’t addressed his breakup from Whitney Bischoff. And while you may not see Soules on the show anymore, he is trying to keep his connections alive with the Dancing With The Stars crew.

It appears that Chris Soules is watching this current season of the show and he is cheering on his former dance partner, Witney Carson. Of course, Witney and Chris went far on the show, and he was one of the most-improved dancers last year. And it sounds like Soules would return to the show in a heartbeat if he had the chance.

According to a new tweet,Chris Soules is now showing his support to his former dance partner and co-star, Witney. And it sounds like he wants to take credit for her awesome scores this season.

“Loved your dance tonight! Choreography was off the chain. My advise from last week must have really helped #vote,” Chris Soules tweeted to Carson, and another fan agreed with Chris, adding, That routine was adorable! Whitney you have the most entertaining choreography.”

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Of course, Soules and Witney had quite the bond when they were competing on the show together. When Chris joined the show, he was engaged to Whitney Bischoff, as the two had just wrapped up The Bachelor. Bischoff tried to support him throughout his time on the show, but weeks later, the couple split up. And at the time, there were plenty of rumors that Chris was hooking up with Carson and his comments about their sexual tension didn’t help.


These days, Carson is dancing with Carlos PenaVegas, and things are going great. Clearly, Carlos has some interesting moves, and Witney isn’t starting completely over from scratch as she did with Soules. Carlos is, of course, married, and his wife is also competing on the show. She is partnered with Mark Ballas. In other words, there are no reports that Witney is hooking up with her dance partner.

And maybe it’s because she is now dating a new man. This summer, she was spotted with a new man, and it isn’t Chris Soules. Chris is back on the farm and staying away from Los Angeles. But Witney showed up to the 67th Emmy Award Nominees for Outstanding Choreography Cocktail Reception and she brought her boyfriend, Carson McAllister. And she was joined by Julianne and Derek Hough at the reception. It sounds like her boyfriend is accepted in the Dancing With The Stars community.

No word on how Chris Soules feels about Witney’s new relationship. Chances are that it wouldn’t work out because she doesn’t want to live on the farm in Arlington, Iowa, and one can imagine that Chris doesn’t want to give up his farmer life and move to Los Angeles. Even if there was a spark between them, things simply wouldn’t work out. Instead, she has found someone who can support her dancing life and career. But Soules has yet to find a wife who wants to live on the farm with him.

And his current reality television career won’t help him find a wife. Chris Soules is currently competing on Worst Cooks In America and he is showing that he truly doesn’t know how to cook. Surely, this isn’t something that will attract all the ladies.

What do you think of Chris Soules reacting out to Witney Carson after Dancing With The Stars?

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