Eddie Vedder and Beyonce teamed up for a duet.

Eddie Vedder, Beyoncé Rock Out With Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Katie Holmes & Suri At Global Citizen [Video]

Eddie Vedder and Beyoncé dared to take on comparisons to Bob Marley by teaming up for the musical legend’s “The Redemption Song.” Eddie, known for Pearl Jam, appeared with Beyoncé at the Global Citizen Festival, and Vedder both played a guitar and sang with Beyoncé, reported Variety.

As Eddie sang with Beyoncé, a Nelson Mandela video was displayed, providing the audience with Mandela’s views on poverty. And it was not just Vedder who sang with Beyonce.

Musician Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs on stage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival to end extreme poverty by 2030 in Central Park.
Musician Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs on stage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival to end extreme poverty by 2030 in Central Park.

Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé also teamed up for “Drunk In Love.” Her appearance followed her set with Jay-Z at the 2014 Global Citizen Fest, when the husband and wife charmed the audience with “Holy Grail” and “Young Forever.”

Ariana Grande also wowed at the Global Citizen Fest this year along with Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vice President Joe Biden.

But it seemed to be the theme of duets, with Eddie Vedder and Beyoncé leading the way, that earned the most applause, reported Rolling Stone.

There was Coldplay with Ariana, Common with Sting, and Chris Martin and Sheeran among the surprise duos. Not since 1995, however, had Pearl Jam covered “Redemption Song” live, which made Eddie’s and Beyoncé’s duet all the more moving.

In all, Pearl Jam provided the audience with 12 songs, ending with Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

But it was not just musical legends who charmed the audience. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise joined together on stage, as well, at the Global Citizen Festival, reported Us Weekly.

How did Tom Cruise’s ex-wife and his daughter end up there? Suri has not been seen much in public recently following the divorce of Katie and Tom. However, the 9-year-old joined Holmes before thousands when her mother was hosting.

The 36-year-old actress was attired in black, while she dressed Suri in a cute white and pink dress with a matching pink bow in her tresses. Katie told Suri to wave when she appeared on stage. Tom’s daughter has not been at such a highly attended occasion since the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards.

With all the excitement going on, however, the purpose of the Global Citizen Festival was not lost, reported Entertainment Weekly.

The event was designed to promote global development, which was the reason for politicians joining the stars and singers. Topics covered ranged from climate change to education for girls. But as Chris Martin emphasized, the festival focused on uniting those with shared the same passion for these causes.

“As you know, Global Citizen Festival is all about bringing together people with the same interests,” said Chris. “We could just be ourselves as English band Coldplay or we could cross generations with someone younger and much more good-looking, which we can all agree we need. So I asked Apple who would be best and after weeks of deliberation, this was the young singer she decided on.”

Ariana Grande rocks out.
Recording artist Ariana Grande rocks out.

That introduction led to Ariana Grande’s union with the group for “Just a Little Bit of My Heart.” And Martin couldn’t resist teasing Ariana, telling her that he had planned to wear her outfit.

Back to focusing on the purpose of the festival rather than fashion, Hugh Jackman and Stephen Colbert in their roles as emcees discussed the global goals that also include poverty. For the goal of climate change, Leonardo DiCaprio used his platform as an activist for environmental causes to discuss his concerns.

“Right now Europe is paralyzed trying to absorb the influx of over a million Syrian refugees,” said the actor. “But more than a billion people, most of them in Asia, currently live in low-lying coastal regions. What will happen when they become sea-level refugees? We need to take the steps to address this all-too-human disaster together. We are running out of time.”

[Photos by Theo Wargo / Getty Images for Global Citizen; Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images for iHeartMedia]