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Bath Salts Drug Blamed For Cannibal Attack in Florida, Authorities Crack Down

bath salts drug

The bath salts drug craze has been blamed for the violent, zombie-like attack in Florida during which one man had most of his face chewed off, and the face-eating man was shot dead after a first shot failed to subdue his violent and gory behavior.

Almost immediately, the bath salts drug was suspect in the case, but like much of the panic around the bath salts drug, not much is known about why authorities came to such a conclusion. The bath salts drug is a mystery to those outside the loop, but law enforcement officials say that the mixture packaged as the spa staple is a ruse, a mixture of mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone actually intended for users to snort.

And the bath salts drug, which is sold over the counter, does not show up on tests- being as toxicology tests do not come back for several weeks, it is unclear why in the absence of tests or any evidence they have revealed that police have cited bath salts as a possible factor in the Florida cannibal attack.

WPTV spoke to local lawmakers about the supposed bath salts drug problem, and Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo said that while the jurisdiction is cracking down on fake pot, not much is known about bath salts:

“The cities are deeply involved [in banning sythetic drugs] because the state can’t seem to get on top of it.”

Rudy Eugene Face Eater

“We see cities jumping in to handle it, because the state isn’t. Otherwise people die and people’s faces get chewed off. This is the next horizon in the war on drugs and we need to gear up and deal with it.”

Experts have compared the impervious-to-restraint effects of the bath salts drug to PCP or angel dust.

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6 Responses to “Bath Salts Drug Blamed For Cannibal Attack in Florida, Authorities Crack Down”

  1. Ngtrsf Rewqt

    really this is bullshit. mdpv, and mephedrone have been illegal since September. they have no anesthetic effect that would cause this, nor do they have the over exertion effect that creates the illusion of "super human strength". pcp does, and because of its unique neuro-chemistry causes a disproportionate number of psychotic breaks. if a person already had a mental disorder, then got addicted to pcp for a long time, and then did a huge dose, then this could happen. the fact that there are no toxicology reports yet shows that we don't even know that the person was on drugs. the only "bath salts" that could potentially cause this sort of thing is 3-moe-pcp and 4-meo-pcp. to my knowledge, which is based on anecdotal reports from websites like erowid and bluelight you have to order those chemicals from the internet. the picture of the bath salt container is huge. recreational bath salts get sold over the counter in 1 gram bags at the most, not giant jars.

    it is telling that we can't accept that a person is that crazy without being on drugs. We even speculate what drugs they were on, and poorly. there are no blood results yet, and no witnesses saying they saw the man take drugs. therefore until the blood results come back we have to assume that the person was just crazy at this point.

  2. Anonymous

    Don't worry, the governor^X^X^X^X^X^X^X^X mayor of New York is doing something. Soon we'll have the option to buy more than one drink in a theater if we don't like having a lock (on the soda jerk BIGGIE).

  3. Anonymous

    There's nothing like some good quality face in the morn.

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