Skincare Guru To The Stars May Be Victim of False Arrest: The Rise And Fall Of Dawn DaLuise

Skincare guru and former esthetician to the stars, Dawn DaLuise, just can’t seem to shake her legal woes. First she was on the receiving end of legal trouble when she was accused of soliciting the murder of a skincare competitor. Then in a bizarre turn of events, the skincare guru found herself on the other end of the legal spectrum when she was the victim of a stalking and rape plot. Can this story get more bizarre?

According to People magazine, the former skincare guru-to-the-stars was acquitted back in January, during her murder-for-hire trial. She was accused of soliciting the murder of competitor, Gabriel Suarez. Fortunately for DaLuise, it took the jury only 40 minutes to deliberate and come back with a verdict: not guilty.

“The miscarriage of justice is insane and overwhelming,” said DaLuise. “My life is decimated. [Authorities] shot first and asked questions later.”

Unfortunately for the skincare guru, the nightmare story doesn’t end there. A man who was behind a string of high profile burglaries in Hollywood, was arrested on Tuesday for stalking and hiring a man to rape her. According to the LA Times, Nicholas Prugo and accomplice Edward Feinstein were arrested in a scheme to stalk DaLuise and hire someone to rape the skincare guru. Feinstein was previously arrested for stalking her in 2014, but was released. They carried out their plot by posting ads online, attempting to get someone to go to DaLuise’s house and assault her.

Although it appears that DaLuise’s legal and personal safety troubles may be behind her, she can’t seem to catch a break. She recently told People magazine that she’s also facing a cancer diagnosis.

To add insult to injury, her once thriving skincare and esthetician business, with clients such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan, is now dead in the water.

Hollywood is well known as the land of ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ Promising new techniques in skincare have replaced DaLuise’s booming business amidst her legal woes. Earlier this year, UFC fighter Elias Theodorou made a special appearance at a media event in Beverly Hills to tout his support for a new skincare technology called Venus Viva. Is this the next big thing in skincare for the jetset and Hollywood A-list? Only time will tell, but it sounds promising.

As for DaLuise, it seems she may be the unfortunate victim of a complex failure of the justice system. She states that shortly after Suarez, a skincare business competitor, moved his business to her neighborhood, her tires were slashed and people began showing up at her house for free sex services, which were the result of a fake Craigslist ad someone took out. Although she contacted the police for help, it ended up working against her.

Instead of helping her, authorities supposedly arrested her for taking out a hit on Suarez.

DaLuise has spoken out against what she believes to be wrongful incarceration by stating, “I’m a mother. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to [speak out] so there aren’t other victims. There’s no reason why it has to happen to other people.”

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Dawn DaLuise during her cancer treatments.

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