Shannon Beador Parties With Sonja Morgan And Her 22-Year-Old BF Till 3 A.M., Sonja Thanks Her Tooth For Falling Out
Sonja Morgan

Shannon Beador Parties With Sonja Morgan And Her 22-Year-Old BF Till 3 A.M., Sonja Thanks Her Tooth For Falling Out

Shannon Beador had quite the time out in New York City after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night. Who did she party with? With none other than The Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan. The two had so much fun that they were out until 3 a.m.

On Tuesday morning, Shannon, who currently stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County, stopped by Facebook’s MediaCentral, where she did a Rapid Fire Q&A session. Prior to starting the game, Shannon warned that she may not be able to answer as many questions as she would like because she was out very late with Sonja.

“I’m Shannon Beador and we’re gonna see how many rapid fire I can answer in 60 seconds but let’s be clear, that I was out until 3 a.m. with Sonja Morgan last night, so we’re gonna go as quick as we can.”

Shannon apparently not only partied with Sonja but also Sonja’s new, much-younger boyfriend. In response to the question of what was the last thing to make her laugh, Shannon said seeing Sonja’s 22-year-old boyfriend.

“Maybe last night, seeing Sonja Morgan’s 22-year-old boyfriend.”

Last week, Radar Online reported that Sonja, who has a history of dating very young men, is now dating a 22-year-old model and landscaper by the name of Tommy Maksanty. According to the website, Sonja met Tommy during New York Fashion Week, where he walked in several shows and she had a show for her fashion line.

During New York Fashion Week, Tommy posted a photo of himself with Sonja.


Sonja Morgan’s new man may or may not have already seen her losing a tooth. Sonja actually appeared on Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live show featuring Shannon Beador and former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi. Host Andy Cohen mentioned that Sonja recently won the Real Housewives Awards for the category “Most LOL-Worthy,” for a scene in which her tooth fell out after ripping a button off a man’s shirt with her teeth during a party.

Sonja immediately launched into a speech in which she thanked her tooth for falling out, which has happened more than once while filming the show. During her speech, she confirmed that her tooth has never fallen out while having sex.

“I want to thank my tooth for falling out all the time. I have a bone implant, I’m waiting to receive… No, a bone graft [and] I’m waiting to receive the implant. And I just want you to know I really want to thank the tooth for falling out all the time. It has never fallen out in the act of lovemaking… The bar is low — I will use the prosthetic tooth for anything.”

While Shannon Beador had a great time with Sonja Morgan, it’s likely that Gretchen Rossi didn’t join in on the fun. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon and Gretchen clashed while on Watch What Happens Live over Tamra Judge. Gretchen warned Shannon that Tamra is not a good person and is the biggest pot-stirrer of them all, while Shannon maintained that Tamra has changed.

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