Meghan McCain: Republicans Treat Me Like A Freak For Having Moderate Views

Meghan McCain, celebrity daughter of Senator John McCain spoke out against the flak she is getting form fellow Republicans about a column she penned Sunday for the Daily Beast.

McCain watched as the Party she has called home for years went absolutely crazy over her comments that the popularity of Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart were not a good thing. She also took to Twitter to tell her followers that she has received tons of vicious attacks about her weight, her looks and her family. She said that many Republicans treat her like a “Freak” for her moderate and unorthodox views.

Writing for the Daily Beast Meghan McCain said,

“You would think that by now, having gone through a presidential election with my father in 2008, I would be numb to this kind of name-calling. But I’m not. It hurts, it rattles me, it (understandably) concerns my mother, and it keeps me up at night. When people don’t like my politics, I am happy to have a political discussion with them. But when they don’t like my politics and call me fat and say I should die, what’s left to say?”

McCain has been the victim of an intense smear campaign which often devolves into insults about her weight or appearance. She has been targeted by Glen Beck and Laura Ingraham repeatedly. She has admitted in her recent articles that she has had to see a therapist over the constant media criticism she has received over her body.

Meghan McCain is the author of Dirty Sexy Politics and is an outspoken advocate for sex education and gay rights, much to the chagrin of the Republican Party which she still refers to as her home.