Portwood heads off to prison... for keeps

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood CHOOSES Five-Year Jail Stint

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood is headed to prison to serve her five years. Again. But this time it’s for keeps. No more second chances for the troubled reality starlet.

Let us track the (lack of) progress of Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood. In January, she was handed a five-year prison sentence for drug possession. She was arrested several more times after that, and was given numerous chances to stop acting like a brat and straighten herself out. After it looked like redemption wasn’t going to stick, the courts came down hard on Portwood for various contempt of court charges. But then, the judge had a change of heart, and gave her one last chance to finish her court appointed drug program in order to avoid jail time. Let the record now show that the 22-year-old Anderson, Indiana native willingly chose a five-year prison sentence over her drug rehabilitation program.

Let that sink in.

According to TMZ, it went like this. Portwood appeared in court Thursday and admitted to the judge that she hasn’t stayed off drugs since starting her rehabilitation program. She also admitted that she doesn’t plan on avoiding drugs in the future. She called herself a “bad girl”, and that she wanted out of the drug program she hates so much ASAP. Her lawyer, shocked by her admittance, merely shook his head as she confessed.

Amber Portwood mugshot (2012)

She’s currently in Madison County jail, where she’ll wait for her sentencing.

Fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans sounded off on the matter, attempting to comfort Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, tweeting: “@ItsGaryTime dont stress it Gary about amber. No offense but that was ambers choice not wanting to get clean and she could of done it. I did”

Portwood’s brother Shawn told E!Online that it’s the system’s problem, saying, “the system failed her, and that’s all I can say.”

“She does not deserve to be [in jail] or anything that has happened to her,” he added. “She is there because of who she is.”

If she behaves, Portwood might get out sooner than five years. Either way, we’re guessing this is the last we’ll be hearing about Portwood for a while.