Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Trolls The GOP Debate On Twitter

Bernie Sanders described the GOP debate on CNN as “too painful,” admitting that he wasn’t able to watch it all the way through. The Democratic presidential hopeful was only able to watch two-and-half out of three hours. But during that time, Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to sarcastically share his pain.

According to the Washington Post, Sanders watched the debate from one of his campaign offices in Washington, with a staffer acting as Twitter scribe for his reactions to the back and forth under the hashtag #DebateWithBernie. In comments reported by The Hill, Sanders told CNN the next day that he felt that the candidates had avoided speaking about any issue that might be important to the American people.

“It is really remarkable how they avoided the major issues facing the American people.”

Sanders’ Twitter musings made him one of the most successful participants in the debate, with his posts garnering thousands of re-tweets and favorites as the debate wore on. Bernie Sanders took issue with the Republicans for what he saw as their failure to address key issues like climate change. When Senator Marco Rubio made a joke about his compulsive water drinking in a now notorious State of the Union address, Sanders was quick to jump on it.

Sanders also vented his frustration at what he saw as the superficial nature of the debate, complaining that issues were not being dealt with in a meaningful way.

On the issues of poverty and equality, Sanders was characteristically scathing.

The somewhat-awkward discussion of foreign policy, made even more uncomfortable by Jeb Bush’s presence on stage, inspired Bernie to wax sarcastic.

Overall, Sanders expressed frustration at the Republicans’ dogged focus on what are seen as popular issues for the conservative base.

Towards the two-and-a-half hour mark, Bernie Sanders was clearly showing signs of impatience. Here are a few tweets that show the 74-year-old Vermont Senator throwing up his hands and walking away.

[Picture via Getty Images/Alex Wong]