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66 year old woman in England pregnant


Doctors have announced that a 66 year old woman in England in pregnant.

Elizabeth Adeney will become the oldest woman in Britain to give birth when she delivers next month, after becoming pregnant by IVF.

“It doesn’t interest me that I’m going to be the oldest mum in the country,” she told local media. “I’m amazed that the fact I am having a baby at all is interesting to anyone.”

Experts have unsurprisingly condemned the pregnancy, saying that besides the risks of giving birth at 66, motherhood at this age has serious moral implications.

Adeney will be in her 80’s when her child goes through their teenage years.

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11 Responses to “66 year old woman in England pregnant”

  1. Scavenger

    Of course she will be in her 80's, I mean, geez! What's 66 + teen age again?

  2. david lee sheldon

    how wonderful so very happy for you i know a lot of young people who have died and there kids do just find .hope you have a loving family to help you if you need grandmother was 48 when she had my uncle and she always said it made her young again and gave her something more to live for.god bless you and the baby david lee sheldon

  3. ladylynx

    My parents were in their late 40's when I was born. Although I'm glad they had me :-), there were many disadvantages. Although my parents were finally stable, by the time I was old enough to start going places and doing things that most parents participate in, they were often too tired or had begun to have health problems. Both of my parents died when I was fairly young. I feel like I was robbed of my parents very early in my life and so are my children who never knew them at all.

    I congratulate this lady and wish her well, but I wish people would carefully consider the child/children before making a decision like this. The child will live with the consequences of this decision for their entire life. I read that she is hiring a full-time, live in nanny. I think that's good, but a nanny can not take the place of a mother.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. digitalsheila

    I see no reason for age to be a problem. A person in their 20's could give birth and then die from either natural causes or an accident. A person in their 20's could be emotionally unstable, and be abusive to a child. They could be poor. I see no reason that any of those factors would be any less a problem than being older. If this is the first time this women has been pregnant, then mother nature will see to it the child has a long long life. It has been found that the way to extend human life, is for the female to wait late into life to first get pregnant. This resets the time clock on the child. Mother nature thinks that the child must be 66 years old to first reproduce, thus, longer life.

  5. sondra66

    What about this – it's already happening. People make the decisions they make. Condemning them isn't going to help. The fact is that there are more “moral implications”, “selfishness”, and likelihood of “ruining the child's life” probable from heartless comments, judgments and condemnations. I'd ask you to think about that deeply, but people who condemn others simply don't think deeply – and that – right there – is the biggest issue we face. This woman will do what we all do – muddle through this imperfect life as well as she is able and so will her child. Tolerance and acceptance, practiced regularly by more and more people would provide for a wonderful world for all children, no matter what they are born into, or what happens to their parents. So what if we asked ourselves (instead of aiming at others) “am *I* doing and thinking things that will make this world good for everyone?”

  6. asa

    “Experts have unsurprisingly condemned the pregnancy…” … “motherhood at this age has serious moral implications.” – Experts are more and more acting as a bunch of cretins… moral implications? WTF? … look around people… isn’t society morally stretched enough to stop and condemn an old lady having a kid? Oh for f sakes!!! Chill out and focus on the real issues not this, one single isolated case of moral whatever questionability does not eclipse the other major and more truly frightful going on in the world… really now!

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