Adrian Grenier faces a social media firestorm.

Adrian Grenier Gets Social Media Backlash After Sharing 9/11 Twin Towers Tribute With Criticized Caption [Video]

Adrian Grenier is facing a social media firestorm. The controversy began when Adrian shared an image of the Twin Towers in memory of 9/11 – but it’s not so much the graphic as the caption beneath it that has caused problems for Grenier.

Known for his role in Entourage, Adrian now is becoming infamous as a result of his post on Instagram. And Grenier is getting slammed even after deleting that image, reported People.

The graphic that got Adrian in trouble shows the Twin Towers, but it’s the message below the image that has Grenier experiencing a backlash.

“R.I.P the 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11. R.I.P the 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis who died during the U.S. invasion for something they didn’t do,” reads Grenier’s messages.

Adam Grenier received a negative response to this graphic.
Adrian Grenier received a negative response to this graphic, which he subsequently deleted.

The graphic garnered responses, ranging from “classless” to disrespectful. Some warned Adrian, who stars on Entourage, that they would boycott his future work. And one person pointed out the distinction between free speech and being insensitive.

“Shame @adriangrenier posting this kind of thing on any day, much less this one. Free speech, not insensitivity.”

As a result, Grenier deleted that graphic and put up others.

“In challenging moments and times of mourning, we must seek perspectives to help us find peace within our choices forward. #911,” he posted for an image of Ground Zero.

Adrian did not comment on the social media backlash.

And Grenier isn’t alone in getting a negative response to attempts to pay tribute to 9/11.

Melissa Joan Hart also found herself the center of controversy after first complaining about the lack of media coverage and then offering free shipping from her clothing line on that day, reported MSN.

The actress began garnering attention by comparing the media’s coverage of the Kardashians, which she described as 24/7, to September 11, saying that the networks should dedicate their reports to 9/11 on that day.

Then, after taking that stance, Melissa promised free shipping from her clothing line King Of Harts for those who put in the code 911. Following accusations that she had exploited the anniversary of September 11 to make money, Hart apologized on Twitter.

“I hope those that know what I stand for know that I never meant to have the attention turn to me today. I was merely venting,” wrote the actress.

The next day, Melissa took to Facebook to detail her regret for what she had done and try to explain the reasoning behind it.

“I want to apologize for yesterday’s free shipping post. It was meant to be my small way to give something back. I wanted to cover the shipping charges as a heartfelt gesture, not an exploit of 9/11,” she clarified. “I see now how it was interpreted and viewed as being in bad taste. I apologize. It was a mistake.”

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